Caleb Hyles has more than One Million Subscribers
Caleb Hyles is a Musician
Caleb Hyles focuses on Anime
Caleb Hyles is from the United States
Caleb Hyles is male
Caleb Hyles created their account in 2009
Caleb Hyles is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Caleb Hyles (born: October 14, 1991 (1991-10-14) [age 29]) is an American YouTuber who resides in Worth, Texas. He is well known for his covers, or specifically his male cover of "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen". His YouTube channel consists of covers, usually derived from Disney songs, Broadway musicals, Anime, Metal and Steven Universe.

He is known to appear in collaborations with other music-related channels, often with creators like Jonathan Young, Malinda Kathleen Reese, Will Ryan (DAGames), Fandroid Music and Brian Hull.


  • He graduated from Auburn University.[1]
  • His mother made him go to children's choir at church, which is how he started singing. He was told he sang well and decided to keep singing.
  • On YouTube, he started off with a gag channel called Crazybros with his brother, where he put up videos of him singing and doing fandubs of his favorite anime, Tora Dora.
  • He has released four albums individually, and is also in a band called “From the Dark”.
  • His vocals are featured in "Don't Tattle On Me", a song based off the Tattletail survival horror game by The Living Tombstone.
  • He also was a featured singer on the RWBY soundtrack, singing the song "Hero" in the seventh volume of the show.


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