Call Me Kevin has more than One Million Subscribers
Call Me Kevin is a Musician
Call Me Kevin creates skits and sketch videos
Call Me Kevin plays video games
Call Me Kevin is from Ireland
Call Me Kevin is male
Call Me Kevin created their account in 2016
Call Me Kevin is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey there friends, how's it going, my name is Kevin...

―CallMeKevin's intro

Kevin O'Reilly (born: November 10, 1993 (1993-11-10) [age 27]), better known online as Call Me Kevin, is an Irish YouTuber who does variety gaming videos. He currently resides in Cork, Ireland.


Kevin was born on November 10, 1993, and currently lives in Cork, Ireland. He also previously lived in Middleton, Ireland, and once lived in Scotland for a year.

In his Draw My Life video, Kevin described his childhood as him "doing what [he] does now, except [he] talked less". He mentioned having a sister, who he looked "oddly similar" to in his childhood years. He explained how he was vomiting blood at one point, which caused him to miss a lot of school. While dealing with his stomach issues, he also experienced pain in his ear canal, noting that loud noises would upset him. These two problems combined meant that he missed almost a year of school. Kevin moved to high school eventually, and described himself as a "B to C student", adding that he didn't really apply much effort into his work. Following some exams during his third year, his stomach problems amplified and became much worse, causing him to miss more time from school.

During his absence from school, he played a lot of Xbox and discovered the gameplay side of YouTube around 2008, when gameplay channels weren't as common as they are these days. He bought a capture card and created his first YouTube video on the channel called "zXNoRegretzzXz", which has since been renamed "The Old CallMeKevin Channel". He recalled the video being a simple clip of a trickshot in a game like Call of Duty. He moved on to making skits and eventually received an offer from Machinima to make videos for them, which he accepted. The promise of payment for his videos caused Kevin's parents to think he was being scammed, though he got his way after he apparently whined quite a bit. During his time making videos for Machinima, he created the "How to Annoy" series, which gave him a lot of money and recognition online, even in the present day.

After considerable time away from school, Kevin tried to go back, though his stomach issues persisted and he had to go home that same day. Doctors eventually discovered that Kevin had ulcers forming in his stomach due to stress and anxiety, which was the chief cause of the pain. After talking to his parents, he decided for the sake of his health to drop out of school in 2009 when he was 16. He moved to Scotland when he was 18 and lived there for a year, which he described as "an unhappy year" because he became a shut-in and didn't socialize much. He returned to Ireland, after which his work ethic fell apart and he quit YouTube for a period of time.

During his hiatus from YouTube, Kevin became the owner of a retail store called CeX, a company that specializes in second-hand electronic goods, and owned it for about 3 years. In 2016, Kevin was hit by a vehicle after seeing Batman vs Superman at the local cinema. His awkward landing after being struck caused injuries and ailments that affect him to this day. He returned to work after the accident, but found his injuries were preventing his ability to do his job. The increased staff costs at the shop to compensate for Kevin's inability to work, his medical bills, and the assailant not admitting fault for the accident led to the shop not being profitable for himself. He came to the decision to sell the store, since his injuries were causing problems at work and he had opted not to get surgery for his shoulder upon receiving conflicting advice about the pros and cons of surgery.

Kevin returned to YouTube for fun in late 2016 with his new channel, "CallMeKevin", bringing over almost 8,000 subscribers from his old channel. He experienced slow growth on his channel for a while (for example, he'd get 30 subs one day and 6 subs the next), though his channel skyrocketed after an Ouya video he made went viral. He soon began doing YouTube full time, as he is now and hit a million subscribers in 2017. This led to him getting recommended by YouTube and his growth on the platform becoming more steady. In March 2019, Kevin hit 2 million subscribers, a substantial number.

As of 2020, Kevin is dating Twitch streamer Anna Rudolf (known online as anna_chess).[1]

Jim Pickens

Jim Pickens, otherwise known as the Dear Leader, Our Lord, and Saviour, or even Jim Reaper is a character that has frequently appeared throughout Kevin's YouTube career. Jim first appeared on Kevin's old YouTube channel during the series 'Adventures in San Andreas' beginning on the 14th of August, 2011 (a series that is now private). However, he is most well known for being featured in his sims series. The name Jim Pickens is a play on slim pickings 

Jim is a notorious serial killer, going as far as opening a restaurant and serving poisonous pufferfish to satisfy his bloodlust. On a number of occasions, he has enslaved people in his basement for numerous different money-making schemes. He even became a vampire to quench his thirst for blood (and to grow garlic).

Grognak The Destroyer

Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney at Law, Esquire, M.D. (also known as Grognak the Destroyer, Serial Killer, and even Red Glasses Man) is another character that has frequently appeared throughout Kevin's videos.

The idea of the character comes from a comic book called Grognak the Barbarian. The comic would be gifted to the main protagonist of Fallout 3 on their 10th birthday in the intro. This was said by Call Me Kevin when he received the book in his Fallout 3 but it's 2018 video: "Yeah, the name 'Grognak' like came from uh- a meme thing that I saw online and actually got the name wrong on when I was remembering it and I guess I subconsciously remembered it from this game cause people pointed out afterward. I'm like 'Oh, there was a Grognak'." The comic can also be found on the kitchen table in the house of the Fallout 4 protagonist.

Grognak's favorite drinks are "big ones".

Grognak The Destroyer suffers from Amnosia, which is like amnesia but not medically recognized. Any kind of drugs (the street name for illegal narcotics) help cure Amnosia.

Grognak is known to be a communist. As shown by them talking about communism and listening to the USSR National Anthem on their headphones, and also looking like Vladimir Putin.

Grognak is believed to be Chinese.

Grognak is an attorney who charges as much as they can get away with and has been known to represent both sides of a case.

They have been known for going on rampages and stomping villages and being good friends with Jesus.

Grognak has no confirmed gender and apparently even they themselves don't know.

Grognak has a thing for buses and prefers red buses. They are even strong enough to push a bus.

Grognak (species) are famous for their ability to stomp villages, but can't break bulletproof glass.

Grognak was in the band Jim and the Jimettes which was formed by Jim Pickens They were also a part of the "15th Street Gang" which was formed by Jim Pickens to distribute cocaine.

While it is unlikely and unconfirmed, there is a small possibility Grognak is Jim's only fear as Grognak pranked and abused him when he was a teen in the Sims 2 but it's 2018 video.


  • "The mariachi band is calling in an airstrike!"
  • "I hate soup."


  • Kevin doesn't know how to spell "Spaghetti."
  • Kevin can play the ukulele and once sang  Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash on a server in Sea of Thieves.
  • Kevin has stated that he dislikes soup.
  • Kevin does not like movies very much and is not into Star Wars.[2]
  • Kevin has recently limited the use of the word feck for some reason. He probably wants to avoid YouTube registering it as profanity and thus, reserves the use for special occasions. He has also been using the word "sugar" more often instead of "shit".
  • His parents were actually very supportive of him and his career choices despite what Kevin says.
  • He wrote critically acclaimed CrappyPasta "The Supermarket Monster."
  • In some of his videos, he brings up the fact that he is a Roman Catholic Christian.
  • He is 100% Irish

Subscriber Milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: August 9, 2018
  • 2 million subscribers: July 18, 2019



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