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Callum Adams, better known online as Callums Corner, or Tic tac head, is a British vlogger, which became an internet meme in 2016 after he published an angry video threatening people who said his head looked like a tic-tac. He currently has over 269,000 subscribers.

His most popular video is "MY HEAD DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A SODDING TIC TAC. A FINAL WARNING" that was posted on July 20, 2016.  On October 22, 2016 he uploaded a video titled "My head does look like a sodding tic tac. You win, I give up" where he admits that his head looks like a sodding tic tac. Callum created a channel called "Tic Talks" on November 16, 2016, shortly after his video admitting.

Callum is described by many as an “Alpha Male” because of his extreme height of 6ft5 (1.96m) His most dangerous move is the spinning elbow which can KILL any person he hits with it. His first kill he got with the move was on a nonce who tried to molest him when he was 13, bet he won’t be noncing anymore! Callum is also known for having extremely big and sexy biceps as described by many even his own mother (hence the giggling) as girls tend to giggle when they can’t handle your alphaness.

Another dangerous move from Callum is the tin of beans where he throws the tin of beans at your head or wacks you across the head with it. This move can kill multiple people at once!

Callum also once uploaded a video helping Beta males defend themselves against other men including alphas which further proves his Alphamaleness! Memeulous is now considered an alpha male because of Callum!

Callum can also withstand more pain than a woman which was proved when he uploaded the video titled “Can I stand more pain than a woman, (getting my legs waxed)” which he ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED!

He has not only ended noncery with a music video titled “NO NONCESENSE” but has also left KSI, Joe Weller, JMX, True Geordie and Greg Paul shivering in their skins and in tears after challenging them to a fight saying that they’ll know TRUE FEAR when they look into his eyes. He reportedly saved 69 people from hairy nonces. His cousins name is Aoife. (Which he also left in tears after making a video on him)

His most popular song is “I eat meat”. Its about how vegans pollute The World. He also politely asks them to stop killing all the plant. The song was so powerful it ENDED Veganism entirely without even trying just because people wanted to be as ALPHA as Callum! Its been rumored that he supports Blackburn. He is decended from the great Yung-Moa of China and Ann Solmhein of Scandinavia. Callum also became King of the North without ever entering the north once just by simply threatening the previous King of the North (True Geordie) causing him to back down and hand Callum his title!

He also ended his job in the most Alpha way possible by scaring his manager away through voicemail! Because of this Callum has been getting much more boom boom until he brought some dodgy mercy from memeulous and had to break up with his girlfriend in an alpha way!

Just remember that there is no point trying to fight Callum as he will OUT ALPHA YOU IN AN INSTANT!!!

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