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Lucy (born: July 28, 1998 (1998-07-28) [age 21]) better known online as CandyEvie or Luvie, is an English YouTuber who posts a variety of Pokémon videos on her first channel, and mainly storytime animations on her second channel. She began her career by uploading shiny encounter captures but later transitioned to Pokémon trivia videos.

She is also a talented artist, which quickly escalated into animation on her second channel.


Her first known online appearances were on her Twitch account where she broadcasted live streams of herself attempting to encounter and capture shiny Pokémon for her collection. None of the streams were saved to her Twitch channel, so there's likely not much record of them on the internet.


Lucy's first YouTube channel was created on October 25, 2012, but she didn't upload her first video until February 17, 2013. She recorded an encounter with a shiny Poliwag in her copy of Pokémon SoulSilver and claimed that she had missed the opportunity to stream it on her Twitch channel, but wanted to share it with her followers nonetheless. Ten months later on December 20, 2013, she uploaded a second video of an encounter with a shiny Koffing in an unspecified Pokémon game. On the same day, she uploaded a shiny encounter with an Eevee in SoulSilver, and after that, her shiny encounter uploads became much more consistent.

Over time, her upload content became more diverse, as she expanded to Pokémon card openings, gathering a bit more attention from her YouTube audience.

Rising to Popularity

On December 27, 2014, Lucy uploaded a playthrough of the fan-made Pokémon ROM, Hypno's Lullaby to YouTube, which brought a huge rush of popularity to her channel and gave her a large boost of subscribers, bringing her more popular among the other Pokémon YouTubers. Since her channel was based around shiny Pokémon at the time, she later decided to make a video titled Top 10 Shiny Pokémon, which also received quite a lot of attention. Because she was fond of making that type of video, she uploaded a second top ten video titled Top 10 Easter Eggs in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

After she got more into regularly making Pokémon trivia videos—similar to her Top 10 videos—she was able to organize her video uploads into a few different series, consisting of her trivia videos, Pokémon card openings, and unlicensed Pokémon game playthroughs. From then on, she began to stop uploading shiny encounter captures.


In 2017, Lucy created a new channel to upload her gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon without spamming them on her main channel, thus directing attention away from her trivia content. During the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2018, the Luvie channel began to change to more of an art-based channel once she unlisted her Sun and Moon videos and uploaded a couple of speed-art videos. This is when she first showed off her art skills to her viewers, although she later unlisted her speed-art videos soon after, deciding that a DeviantArt account would be a better place for an art portfolio. On July 13, 2018, she surprised her viewers by uploading her first animation, titled My Nightmare Nintendo DS Repair which was completely different from her other content, and accumulated over a million views in less than a month, causing a massive surge of interest to stimulate her channel.

That August, she uploaded a new animation onto the channel called Summers & Heat in the UK, where she stated how surprised she was at the view count of the last video, and mentioned that she was going to continue uploading animations to Luvie while managing CandyEvie like she did before.

Recognized by the Pokémon Company

By Autumn 2018, Lucy had gained enough attention in both of her channels to be recognized by the Pokémon Company itself, which sponsored a couple of her videos and sent her a collection of merchandise at one point in that year. The biggest case of recognition was in Autumn 2018 when they personally invited her and three other English Pokétubers to their headquarters to playtest their newest game releasing in November of 2018: Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. This was announced in a tweet by Nintendo UK, which posted a collection of quotes made by the four PokéTubers to explain in someone else's words what to expect before buying the games. She stayed in touch with them after the post featuring her was published.

Channel Improvements

In 2019, Lucy addressed the difficulty of managing two channels in an update video. She explained the difficulty of her career with the changes of YouTube's guidelines, her videos getting demonetized for no reason, and that she was opening a Patreon account to get some extra support in case her channels got completely demonetized. It was around this time that she also began streaming shiny encounters on her Twitch account again, giving her a backup account to turn to if something happened to her YouTube channels, and she soon became a member of the Twitch Partner Program. She created an account for Instagram at that time as well. With new viewers constantly finding her videos, she decided that the older thumbnails should be updated with her newer, more refurbished art style to attract attention to her channel, so in early 2020, she drew different thumbnail edits for about ten of her videos, then returning to her regular uploads.


Shiny Pokémon Hunting

Shiny Pokémon encounters were the first videos Lucy uploaded, and though the videos didn't get as many views as her trivia videos, they are part of the reason she achieved a high number of subscribers. She stopped uploading these onto YouTube and streaming them on Twitch in 2016, except for about one every year—however, after the release of Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee in November 2018, she began streaming shiny encounters from that game on her old Twitch account again.

Lucky Dip Sunday (Discontinued)

In August 2015, Lucy uploaded the first video in a weekly series titled 'Lucky Dip Sunday,' in which she would open a selected item sent to her by one of her fans—mostly Pokémon cards, but sometimes interesting bootleg items. This series went on for about four years until she stopped uploading them because they were interrupting her progress on her main videos. Despite not recording and uploading them to YouTube, she still gratefully opens gifts her viewers send to her.

Pokémon Playthroughs

Lucy doesn't upload captures of either official or fan-made Pokémon games as much as other Pokétubers tend to, although there are some times where she has. She played through quite a few unofficial Pokémon games back in her earlier days of YouTube, but she has stopped posting those videos. She had a brief series of Sun and Moon uploads on her channel 'Luvie,' but those videos are now unlisted.

On her recently refurbished Twitch channel, Lucy streamed a playthrough of her first time playing Pokémon Crystal in early 2020, and after the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, she streamed that on her Twitch channel too. It's unlikely that this series will be discontinued anytime soon.

Pokémon Trivia

This is Lucy's name for her collection of Top 10 videos, Easter eggs in Pokémon games, differences in separate Pokémon game versions, anime errors, and odd glitches or bootlegs. She also covers lesser-known Pokémon games and unreleased items in this series. After her channel schedule smoothed out in 2020, trivia videos became the most dominant series.

She also did two trivia videos on the RPG game Undertale, another favorite game of Lucy's.

Speed-art (Discontinued)

For a few months, Lucy's Luvie channel was centered around a few speed-art videos, but before she uploaded her animations she unlisted all speed-arts and began posting her art on her DeviantArt portfolio in its place.


Lucy's animation is a major part of her YouTube activity. She mostly posts storytime animations, apart from a few exceptions. Her animations are only uploaded to her Luvie account, where she strictly uploads animations and nothing else. This has taken Lucy into a whole new group of YouTubers since her animations have averaged even more views than her Pokémon videos.


  • Her favorite anime is Madoka Magica.
  • She has a cat named Jenny, who appears in some of her videos.
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