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Cantabile is the older sister of Tats, from Tats TopVideos. On her channel, she posts the music that appears in Tats' channel, if some of the fans requests it. Cantabile has never actually narrated any of his videos, but has helped with voice work for the Top 3 Tats Cities. She has never shown herself on video before, because she is believed to be camera shy. Like Tats, and Yoshiko, she was born half asian and half english.

Cantabile has her own YouTube channel, (which Tats  gave her, for she removed her Tats3D Channel) which is used for uploading music in the Top Lists. Tats stated she wanted to give her sister some fame, and said she was getting tired from all the same frequent questions regarding music, so she devised a new way to tackle the problem.

Cantabile lives in Toronto Canada, and is known to speak more Chinese than Japanese.


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