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CaptainSauce has more than One Million Subscribers
CaptainSauce has more than One Billion Views
CaptainSauce plays video games
CaptainSauce is from Canada
CaptainSauce is male
CaptainSauce created their account in 2014
CaptainSauce is a Content Creator on YouTube

What's up, guys, and welcome (back) to [name of game].

―CaptainSauce's intro

CaptainSauce, also known simply as Cap or Sauce, is a Canadian YouTuber who is known for his improvised, comedic commentary provided over a wide variety of indie games. He is also recognized for having a superhero avatar — the mascot of his channel, which is a humanoid with a tomato head wearing a green and yellow superhero outfit, sporting a red "S" at the center.


Though CaptainSauce’s channel was created in 2014, his first video was posted in 2015. He spent those beginning months learning how-to video and audio edit. While he's always focused on a mix of one-shot indie games and longer sequential series, his choice of games has changed over the years. As his channel grew, Cap began to provide improvised commentary as he recorded to make his videos funnier, which is widely received positively.

Initially, he would make series on survival games such a Stranded Deep, Subnautica, The Forest, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Conan Exiles. He eventually moved away from these games as he found the off-camera grind to produce videos of sufficient quality was too demanding.

He has always had a passion for flash games which is shown in his videos on The Visitor, Riddle School, Jacksmith, and Insaniquarium.

He later bought an HTC Vive and made multi-video series playing games such as Gorn, Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Please Don't Touch Anything, Budget Cuts 1 and 2, Virtual Virtual Reality, Floor Plan, Superhot and I Expect You To Die. It was around this time that his channel experienced its largest growth. He's currently on hiatus from making VR content due to an eye condition and back problems.

While expanding into VR content he also bought a tablet and began playing mobile games such as Battle Cats, Hidden My Game By Mom, Burrito Bison, Brain Out, and Life is a Game. He continues to make mobile game-related content but now uses an emulator.

Some of his most viewed PC game series are Hello Neighbor, Kindergarten 1+2, and The Sims 4. Lately, Cap has focuses mainly on PC indie games such as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), Paint the Town Red, Deer Simulator, Barn Finders, Draw A Stickman Epic, Kill It With Fire, Raft, and The Henry Stickmin collection.

Cap also did a couple of mini-series including Mobile Rip-Offs, which was a series that had Cap download and play various rip-offs of popular games at the time such as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or Hello Neighbor, and 3 random games, in which Cap downloads 3 random games and plays them. Most of the 3 random games videos follow a theme such as Siren Head or dating sharks.

Sponsorship Turkey

In May of 2019 Cap debuted a new character, Sponsorship Turkey. While having done various sponsored videos and ad-reads as himself in the past, Sponsorship Turkey was meant to bring an entertaining twist to advertising. He typically appears unannounced, argues with Cap then forces him to disappear before comically delivering the ad-read, with a stereotypical New York accent. Sponsorship Turkey was well received by fans and is an ongoing meme.

Fluffles (Paint the Town Red)

Fluffles is a character from the game Paint the Town Red created and named by CaptainSauce. Fluffles is a naked character who is a man that is often found in bathrooms or restaurants as a source of 'human meat', and appears often in the games maps. The community of Paint the Town Red now uses him as both a reference to Cap and some what as an inside joke within the community. Cap later states in a video that he believes that Fluffles is used and referenced so much within the game and community that he is more famous and well-known then Cap himself.

Fluffles first appeared in the video MEAT FACTORY MELTDOWN - Best User Made Levels - Paint the Town Red (which is one of Cap's most viewed video at 4 million views), and last appeared in the video My Christmas Beach Vacation Got WEIRD - Paint the Town Red.

Good Game Button

The Good Game button (GG button), was a button that CaptainSauce would play at the end of his videos while swinging his head towards the camera. It was a blue button with two white letter Gs. When activated, a man in a distorted voice can be heard saying "good game". It was widely accepted by fans until Cap stopped using it in September of 2019. Ever since Cap stopped playing the good game button in his outros, fans have been asking profusely for it to return, but Cap later states in a tweet that he stopped doing because it hurt his neck and head when he swings his head to the camera and that he had to stop doing it. He also compared it to Jacksepticeye's green hair, saying that they are both just old things and they have both moved on from them.

Personal Life

Not much is known of CaptainSauce's personal life as he wants his name and other personal details to be private. What is known is that he loves to collect and read comic books, particularly Marvel, as well as post pictures and videos of his dog, Zeke. It is also known that Cap has a full-time job outside of youtube. As of Oct. of 2021, he is still with his partner of 12 years, professional photographer Chelsey Lawrence.

  • Rumors have been spread around that his real name is "Greg O'Brien", but this is not true and was was confirmed a mistake by the "People Also Asked" section on Google.

Notable Quotes

  • "Fluffles!" - CaptainSauce's nickname for a singular naked man in Paint The Town Red
  • "Batman says we don't need to be afraid of people like you!" - CaptainSauce in various videos
  • "Fire ze cat cannon!" - CaptainSauce in various videos on the game Battle Cats
  • "Waaaoooooww" - CaptainSauce in various videos, often said when reacting to the ridiculousness of the games he's playing
  • "I'm Canadian." - CaptainSauce occasionally mentioning his nationality in various videos
  • "You can go ahead and suck a fart out of my ass!" - CaptainSauce in various videos
  • "Don't take that out of context!" - CaptainSauce telling his audience to not misunderstand his jokes
  • "Get your mind outta the gutter!" - CaptainSauce in various videos
  • "What do you mean?!" - CaptainSauce when he's confused about the game or surprised
  • "Go figure." - CaptainSauce in various videos
  • "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." - CaptainSauce whenever he's frustrated at a game, especially when he gets tricked by the game
  • "HE JUDAS'ED ME!" - CaptainSauce when a character betrays him in a game
  • "I'll take it." - CaptainSauce whenever he is satisfied with his results, especially ones that are unusual
  • "There we go. That's the (good) stuff." - CaptainSauce whenever things go according to plan
  • "YEEESSSSSS!!!!" - CaptainSauce whenever he succeeds at a game or a level
  • "I think I want to just go with a bunch of chariots, because you guys know me, I, uh, pray at the Church of the Wobbly Horse over there, and the Wobbly Horse cannot be defeated." - CaptainSauce in one of his old TABS videos
  • "You got the turning radius of a Buick. Come on dude, get in there." - CaptainSauce in an old TABS video
  • "NO, SNUFFY!! He got run over like a raccoon!" - CaptainSauce when he failed a level in TABS using a mammoth unit which he calls Snuffy (The 3 Most Difficult Challenges - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS))
  • "Who's been naughty? Who's been nice? Who's never gonna be found under the ice?" - CaptainSauce playing TABS with his custom Santa unit (Santa Claws Sees You When You're Sleeping - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS))
  • "I was making a Predator joke when I said it went invisible!" - CaptainSauce noticing an invisible spider in Kill It With Fire
  • "I think we're goo–OH WE WERE SO CLOSE!" - CaptainSauce laughing hysterically when he crashed his spaceship after trying to fly through the Earth in Solar Smash
  • "Okay, you know what..." - CaptainSauce in various videos
  • "I think that's gonna be it for (this episode of) [name of game]..." - CaptainSauce during his outro
  • "Thank you guys/Thanks so much for watching this video! I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time!" - CaptainSauce's outro
  • "GEE GEE!!!!" - CaptainSauce's old outro with his Good Game (GG) Button, accompanied by him dunking his head into his facecam
  • "I can use my underpants rockets in the cake wall." - A quote from one of his series Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
  • "Now, I'm no ____ biologist, but..." - A newer quote from various videos
  • "What are you willing to bet..." - A quote from various videos


  • A few notable running gags in CaptainSauce's videos are him comparing objects to the size of a golden retriever, referencing area codes, having a tendency of breaking a game he is playing, comparing his computer to a PowerPoint slideshow when it loses fps, or getting "Judas'ed" (betrayed).
  • Cap sometimes records with a group of YouTubers known as the Salt Bois, which consist of MattShea, BestAtNothing (aka BAN), and Girbeagly.
  • Whenever Cap does something funny in a game he's playing or when he is reacting to the game's humor, he would laugh really hard and sometimes cry, as he would describe.
  • In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), Cap has a tendency to use the Halfling — his most hated unit — as a crash test dummy when trying out new units or as cannon fodder. In addition, he likes the horse and the mammoth units to the point where he refers to them as "Wobbly Horses" and "Snuffy" (named after Snuffleupagus), respectively.
    • Due to their recognition, Cap nicknamed an in-game building dedicated to the horse units, which he calls "The Church of the Wobbly Horse". This went on to become running gag within his TABS Let's Plays.
    • Cap had one of his TABS videos demonitized once for "being discriminatory towards a minority", alluding to the halfling units he uses.[1][2]