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Carley Besterman, better known online as CarlySinging is an American solo cover singing channel. Starting in 2008 on her previous channel 'CRBIluvsU', Carly has been making singing videos covering a wide variety of genres, from Musical Theater, to Pop, to Alternative Rock. In 2009, Carly created the channel CarlySinging and began to make videos there. Originally, she only made videos with her friend Melanie, but as they grew older, she started making them on her own as well. Melanie is only seen briefly in one video, CarlySinging Bloopers .


At the current age of 15, Carly continues to make singing videos from her home in Los Angeles, California. She has started to branch out more and more creatively, uploading song that accentuate different areas of her voice rather than stick to her comfort zone, as well as beginning to upload original songs, such as Victory March and Goodbye .


In late 2011 and early 2012 Carly started to show up a bit more on people's radars. Posting a video covering Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat. Civil Wars, she earned herself over 12,000 veiws in 6 months, her most popular video. She also gained a bit of popularity through the website YouNow, where during a live WheezyWaiter show she came on for a small segment as part of a game and made a Doctor Who reference, gaining her a couple amused fans from the watchers. Following the show, she decided to come back on, and ended up singing for the online crowds. That day, she reached third place in popularity on the side, but has not returned to it since.

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