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Carter Jonathan Sharer (born: October 23, 1993 (1993-10-23) [age 30]) is an American YouTube star.

Carter is the co-founder of the Sharer Clan, which featured his brother Stephen, his sister Grace, & his long-time friend Lizzy, who he films with her a lot and was by his side ever since he first started his YouTube Channel, where he introduced himself to the audience (formerly known as the Sharers).

Carter is also one-fourth of and CEO of Team Rar (formerly known as the Dream Team) — made up of himself, Lizzy Capri, Ryan Prunty and Stoves Kitchen aka Steven Chow who are all individual YouTube creators and who occasionally collaborate together to create content and Generate Revenue for their channels.

He has a second channel called Carters Life where he shows behind the scenes footage of his videos, vlogs and what happens in his everyday life, and a third Channel called Team RAR, where he posts challenges & DIY's with his team and breaking news on what's happening on one of their channels.

Personal life[]

Carter was born on October 23, 1993 in Oakton, VA. His father is a lawyer, while his mother is an artist who uses oil paints. Carter has appeared in his brother Stephen's video along with Lizzy Capri.

His parents were really supportive of him, providing everything Carter needed for his ideas.

Carter has two siblings who are Stephen Sharer, and Grace Sharer, both are content creators on YouTube. He also has three dogs who are Otter, Milli and Cooper, which have made an appearance in a Carter's life video along with his Mom and Dad.

Carter focuses on showcasing prank videos, stunts, comic videos as well as launching "last to leave" challenges online.

The YouTuber is known to be involved with another YouTuber, Lizzy Capri (Formerly Lizzy Sharer). The two met in 2012 but were initially just friends and only started dating after working together for a while. While the two haven’t revealed any serious engagement plans, they have adopted a pair of puppies together and named them Otter and Milli and they have done a couple of stunt videos together on each other’s channels. The couple broke up in 2019 and still remained friends through the years, still filming together.

Before fame[]

At age 11, he received a welder for his birthday and would become a self-trained welder. He even made his own engine powered devices including go-carts and hover craft. He graduated from Oakton High School in 2012, and later earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering. He was part of the varsity swim team at the school.


Carter launched his channel on September 24, 2009, but started vlogging and filming his first videos in 2017. His first video was entitled ‘My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer)’ in which he introduced himself to the audience, and introduced his brother and his friend Lizzy.

This was followed by a science experiment video titled ‘Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test’ in which Sharer and his brother exploded soda bottles by dropping them on ninja weapons. This video was a hit and was soon followed by more experiment videos. After a period of time, the YouTuber began to post general vlogs while simultaneously continuing with his experiment videos.

His channel’s popularity reached newer heights when the video ‘RC Car Drives on Pool’ came out. This video was posted on December 21, 2017 and featured Sharer driving his RC car into the pool. The vlog became an epic hit and managed to earn millions of views. Currently, it has over 12 million views (As of October 2018). Most of the videos which were posted after this one also managed to garner millions of views along with thousands of likes.

Carter has collaborated with Papa Jake and also attended a Lego Ninja contest along with Lizzy, Stephen and his sister Grace. Carter ended up getting a sponsor for his Lego video and also was awarded a Lego custom green Trophy and a Lego set. He has also been involved in the ongoing "Pond Monster" and Game Master Situation and was one of the YouTube Targets for the Project Zorgo doomsday event, which the fictional event ended up being terminated by YouTube for policy and security reasons.

Carter also used to vlog with his brother Stephen from 2017 until 2018. They were known as the Sharer Bros, back when Carter was living in the Sharer Fam House. They would also follow trends on the Internet such as Fidget Spinners and slime. Carter and his brother also attempted the "Roman Atwood" backflip challenge in 2016 & also traveled with his brother to places outside of his hometown in Virginia.

In late 2018, a month before Christmas, Carter announced to all his viewers and fans that he would be moving out of the Sharer Fam house forever, which was the house he used to vlog in. Before he moved to LA, Carter shared his old memories of living in the Sharer Fam house from the day he started his channel in 2017 until that day. In the video where he moved out of the Sharer Fam house, he got emotional and said that the Sharer Fam house was the house that his brother Stephen & his friend Liz created their YouTube channels.

In the video he also shared that he was gonna start a new chapter of his life, which was completely different & new to him from the life he had back at the Sharer Fam house. Though a lot of people were disappointed not seeing Stephen Sharer around, and fans still hope to this day that Carter should film with his brother Stephen again as it was before when he lived in Virginia.

As part of his success he later moved into a mansion in a big neighborhood in LA called Holmby Hills, which he calls the "Team RAR House" where he vlogs and does 24 hour challenges with his friends. Carter has been involved with his Lamborghini being spray-painted, which he suspected was perpetrated by two of his friends. And once his 1M car collection was stolen, which was a prank by one of his friends, which they made into a video.



  • Carter owns a lot of cars and has two Lamborghinis.
  • Carter met Lizzy when he was in High school, but didn't know her.
  • Carter Sharer is the founder of Team RAR & is also the Cofounder of the Sharer Clan aka The Sharer Bros.
  • Carter's net worth is 2.6 million dollars.
  • His height is 5ft and 10 in Tall and also weighs 70kg on average.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio and his eye color is blue compared to his brother.
  • Carter and the Sharer Clan used to work with Snapchat Star Shaun McBride.
  • Carter has two best friends who are Matt and Phil, whom have filmed videos with him.
  • In a Behind the Scenes "Share The Love" Music video it is revealed that Ryan was filming the shot but his name was not mentioned.
  • Carter has a big editing team.
  • Carter has made a Movie called Vlog: The Movie, which featured MrBeast and other Content Creators that he has filmed with.
  • Carter's net worth is 2.6 million dollars and is the richest Team RAR Member of the Group, with the second richest being Lizzy Capri
  • Carter is friends with famous TikToker Addison Rae.
  • Carter is single and is not married or engaged as of now.
  • Stove (aka Steven Chow) used to be part of his editing team but in 2019 left to pursue his career as a YouTuber. So did Carter's friend, Ryan Prunty.
  • Carter's most watched video has managed to gain more than fourteen million views which was a breathing challenge for a $10,000 award.
  • Carter and his brother Stephen have become quite seasoned stunt coordinators that many other YouTube and non-YouTube entertainers such as viewers or fans seek them out for pointers and advice.
  • Sharer is reluctant to pursue any professional career using his mechatronics degree because he enjoys his stunt and prank videos on his YouTube channel.
  • He is tall and thin. He is also into fitness which makes him healthy and lively.
  • On February 12, Sharer proposed to Lizzy Capri, which she accepted.