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What do you mean, "bro's built like a 1x1 lego piece"?! What even is a 1x1 lego piece?! (searches up 1x1 lego piece) Yep, you’re banned, have a good night.

―CaseOh answering to a viewer that insulted him during a live stream.

CaseOh (born: May 9, 1998 (1998-05-09) [age 26]),[2][3] formerly known online as randomsimplestuf35,[4] is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and TikToker known for streaming and playing a variety of games across his social media platforms. CaseOh gained significant attention starting in late 2022 through early 2023, which has continued to the present day.

Personal life

Early life

CaseOh was born in a modest town in Dallas County, Arkansas, by his parents (currently lives in Clarendon, AR near Stuttgart, AR). Raised in a Christian household alongside his two brothers[5][6] Growing up, Case developed a keen interest in video games[7] and basketball.[8] His passion for gaming led him to spend much of his leisure time immersed in titles like NBA 2K and Call of Duty, starting from the age of 14.

Career Beginnings

Before achieving viral fame on TikTok, CaseOh held a position as a maintenance worker and also engaged in lawn mowing. Prior to embarking on his streaming career, he assisted his brother in producing content for a firearms-related channel. His aversion to the prospect of a conventional 9-to-5 job prompted him to contemplate improving his physical fitness and potentially pursuing a military career.

Rise to Prominence

Upon his decision to pursue livestreaming, CaseOh encountered a pivotal moment when his debit card was declined at a Family Dollar store, just a week before commencing his streaming endeavors. During the car ride home, his mother encouraged him to explore his interest in livestreaming, noting that he already possessed the necessary equipment. Motivated by this encouragement and a deal made with his viewers to reach 5000 subscribers on Twitch, CaseOh made the bold choice to resign from his regular employment and commit to full-time streaming.

At the outset of his streaming career, CaseOh juggled two different jobs. His journey beyond Arkansas began with his participation in a podcast hosted by Jynxzi in Florida, marking his first venture outside his home state.

Currently, CaseOh resides independently in a trailer in Arkansas, although specific details regarding his living situation require citation.


Even though CaseOh gained great prominence for being made fun of constantly throughout his streams, he has later stated that he does not mind it at all and even went on to encourage it.[9] Further details about his personal life are limited.

Online Career


CaseOh established his YouTube channel on October 3, 2011, but did not publish his first video until September 2022, which featured gameplay from NBA 2k23. Shortly after, on September 11, 2022, he began his streaming career, just two days after posting his first TikTok video.[10] Initially focusing on NBA 2k23 content, CaseOh later diversified his channel with series on various games,[11] such as Five Nights At Freddy's, Roblox, Baldi's Basics and Granny.[12][13][14] Notably, he specializes in horror games, regularly uploading gameplay and highlights from his Twitch streams to his YouTube channel.[15]


Since launching his YouTube channel in September 2022, CaseOh has consistently streamed a variety of games on his Twitch channel, named "caseoh_". His streaming sessions often feature games chosen by his viewers, fostering an interactive and community-driven experience. Notably, CaseOh commenced his Twitch streaming activities shortly after uploading his inaugural YouTube video.

The rapid growth of his Twitch channel can be attributed to the viral spread of clips from his streams on TikTok. These short, engaging clips garnered significant attention on TikTok, contributing to the expansion of his audience and popularity across platforms.

He would often be called a "Low-income Twitch streamer," "Paycheck to paycheck," or "Scraping for nickels" by his fans on his Twitch chat and memes people made on him on Discord.[16] His fans would also make fake news stories about him. He got invited to the Twitch partner program on November 9, 2022.[6] He livestreams daily on Twitch.

When asked about his overall inspirations, Caseoh would mention Nadeshot.[17]


Case released his first TikTok video the same month he uploaded his first YouTube video. His TikTok videos usually show something happening to him or being made fun of and compared to unflattering fictional characters on his Twitch streams.[18][19] His Tiktok account would quickly explode and gain hundreds of thousands and millions of views and followers in just a few months. Fans also began making their own TikTok clip accounts on CaseOh. He has been banned various amounts of times on TikTok due to the games he's playing.

Awards & Nominations

Streamer Awards 2024

In January 2024, CaseOh was nominated for multiple awards for the 2024 Streamer Awards and won an award. He was nominated for Streamer of the Year, Variety Streamer, and Breakthrough Streamer.[20] CaseOh won the award for best variety streamer.[21]


Accusations of copying LosPollosTV

In December 2023, LosPollosTV, a prominent YouTuber and Twitch streamer, publicly accused CaseOh of imitating his content style and mannerisms during a Twitch stream. LosPollosTV expressed frustration over what he perceived as unfair circumstances, noting that despite his own extensive experience of streaming for 8-9 years, CaseOh had achieved significantly greater popularity. CaseOh did not issue a response to these allegations.[22]


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I have returned!
  • Thank you for being a light in a world of darkness!
  • "It's dookie time, Case. Now stop resisting and open up?" AAAAAAAAAHH-
  • Hammer me, please, hammer me! Hammer me! HAMMER ME!
  • "I'm not gonna eat (x), I'm not even hungry!"
  • What?! This is a moment in history! Take a picture!
  • I'm hungry.
  • What's that supposed to mean?
  • I'm about to take my drawers off.
  • Fist me!
  • Yeah, I'm about to cut the stream off.
  • Oh, I crapped myself again, you gotta be kidding me, a little bit got out. Oh no...
  • Imagine being the biggest living creature on the earth... "You don't have to imagine it sadly". Yup, you're banned.
  • I am not shaped like a ferris wheel!
  • You're disgusting!
  • You're canceled.
  • I'm shutting the stream off.
  • Alright. Thanks for the # dono. You're banned.
  • Get this guy banned!
  • Find this dude and get him banned on every platform.
  • Bro!
  • Find him!
  • Get this guy out of the Discord.
  • Why y'all saying "cap" already like I would lie? "He's definitely capping"? I'm literally not capping, why do y'all think I don't go to the gym?
  • "Does C.A.S.E. stand for Craves A Sandwich Every day?" Yeah, I'm about to cut the stream off. GET THIS DUDE OUT OF HERE!
  • What do I do here, chat?
  • Dookie on me, Ted!
  • I just dookied on myself!
  • Hear ye, hear ye!
  • This is your last day in the stream.
  • You are so banned, it isn't even funny!
  • Why did my actual dad just say that?
  • Shrimp Alfredo, AHHH!
  • They saw the flash!
  • I need y'all to lock in.
  • Yo Adam!
  • Dude, I'm not gonna eat you!
  • Hear me out...
  • B52, we got a runner!
  • B52 eastbound, heading towards the Burger King!
  • Ban him!
  • Dookie on me, Dolores!
  • Whoever created this, is banned on every social media platform that ever existed and ever will exist. I am going to be the first one on any new social media platform just to wait for you to get on there just so you can be banned as soon as it drops. GET EM OUTTA HERE!
  • Buddy, I'm not going to eat you!
  • Kitty!
  • I'm already skinny!
  • Chat, stop saying "of course"!
  • What? Nah I'm playin'.
  • I didn't eat the camera! Who just said "what did the facecam taste like"?! I DIDN'T EAT THE FACECAM!
  • Dude, I'm not licking nobody's toes!
  • It is what it is, cuh.
  • I just crapped on myself.
  • Yo, ban everybody that's saying (x).
  • Do not type (x).
  • What do you mean "bro takes up the whole graveyard"?
  • Good stream. (bangs desk)
  • What do you mean "we can tell"?! Shut up!
  • Okay ban the guy that said "based on a true story" by the way get that dude outta here
  • Proof that i'm skinny His character breaks the rope
  • "I'm locked in, give me a kiss."
  • Why do i look over this dude that said "is this real?" No it's not real.


  • Case claims that his nickname came from being called 'CaseOh' while growing up, dismissing the assumption that it came from the name of a Mexican dish 'queso'.[6]
  • He has a black cat named Jinx.[23]
  • He has another cat named Kitt-ee, Case often shows her off on stream.
  • His mother is in his Discord, where she would do announcements on his Discord and show love to him. His father also participates in his streams and jokes with other viewers.
  • He likes all kind of music, but really likes 40's and 50's music.
  • CaseOh can play the drums since childhood and used to perform in his local church.[24]
  • A running gag in his community is his obsession with Waffle House.
  • According to his mother on Discord, when asked what Case would've been named if he were a girl, she revealed that Case had an older sister who passed 8 months in. Her name was going to be Kayla.
  • He refuses to let his mother appear on stream to protect her from getting trolled or made fun of.
    • However, on his way to Jynxzi's house he streamed from his RV on TikTok, and let his mom say "hi" to the chat briefly.
  • Case doesn't like kids.
  • He is an uncle.
  • Case's mother really dislikes the weird or overweight jokes the community makes about him, and only tolerates them because Case thinks they're funny.
  • He owns an Ice Cream truck.
  • He reached 1 million subscribers on January 3, 2024.[25]
  • Back when he first started streaming, Case had a southern accent. When asked what happened to it, he claimed he stopped talking to people with the accent, which caused it to disappear.
  • Case is 6'2.
  • He participated in Jynxzi's first podcast.[26]
  • Case has a fear of flying on a plane, to the point he has missed out on some collaborations with other streamers/YouTubers due to his fear.


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