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Cat, known on YouTube as cat3394mc, is an American female Minecraft YouTuber who uploads a variety of content within the Minecraft community.

Cat has several series, including prison break, factions, hunger games, and mini-games. She does DIYs in a series called Crafty Goodies, which is sometimes uploaded on Saturdays. She quite frequently does videos with her friends, online ones and IRL ones, including Girl_In_A_Fez or Fezzy. Fezzy has been a friend of Cat's for several years, and has done quite a few series with Cat. Cat tries to build a community around her YouTube channel by replying to all the comments and tweets that are directed her way.

Cat's channel was created on December 23, 2012. Her first video is titled Minecraft Xtreme Server Review, she had a short series of server reviews. Eventually, the series stopped and no explanation was really given. She had inconsistent uploads for the first couple months of her channel, but as the summer approached she was able to upload every day.

Later in 2015, Cat quit her YouTube career. She gave no reason, and still, No-one knows what had happened to her. She could have just decided to quit YouTube, got her channel terminated, or possible Death.


  • Cat has stated in her videos, that she is blonde.
  • On her Instagram, she has shown pictures of her eyes and they seem to be blue-green.


  • Can I please have the cookie?
  • My dog loves to sing
  • Hey, my little cookie mobsters!

YouTube Schedule

Monday: Prison Break

Tuesday: Mini-Game

Wednesday: Prison Break

Thursday: Factions

Friday: Hunger Games

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