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Celmastaflex is a Vlogger
Celmastaflex is a Musician
Celmastaflex is from the United States
Celmastaflex is male
Celmastaflex created their account in 2006
Celmastaflex is a Content Creator on YouTube

Marcellus Long (birthday: April 24), better known online as celmastaflex, was an American YouTube musician who began uploading to his self-titled account in March, 2011. In a description of his old account, Marcellus wrote: “Back when I thought DSLR meant that it was time to see a doctor. I was just a kid with a webcam, a mic, and a dream.” Marcellus is a noted American pop musician & singer-songwriter.


After graduating from high school, Marcellus was accepted into Berklee College of Music; the world's top contemporary music institution. Long went on to released his single "The Price of Fame" on Interscope Digital Distribution. He has also performed at the Toyota Center as well as the Staples Center; which is known as the sports and entertainment center of the world.

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