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Cetniks03 is a Serbian YouTuber who records other Serbian rappers talking about random topics.

He is a Cetnik, which is a group of Serbian soldiers which fought in the World War ll against Yugoslavia, wanting Serbia to be a independent country. His profile picture is a logo of the Serbian leader of Cetniks named Dragoljub Draza Mihajlovic.


He talked about other Serbian rappers and their records. Some of the rappers were Ajs Nigrutin ,Sky Wikluh, and Timbe.

There were members of Bad Copy also mentioned, as well as Mirki Maus & Bvana from Prti Bee Gee. Sadly, a member of Prti Bee Gee named Moskri died from drug overdose. The video was focused on how these rappers made their music.

His most popular video is: Ajs Nigrutin - Drogiranti. Its an offical video of Ajs Nigrutin's song.

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