ChannelFrederator has more than One Million Subscribers
ChannelFrederator is an Animator
ChannelFrederator makes Educational Videos
ChannelFrederator is a Vlogger
ChannelFrederator is from the United States
ChannelFrederator created their account in 2007
ChannelFrederator is a Content Creator on YouTube

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ChannelFrederator is an American YouTube channel that focuses on conspiracies in cartoons, facts, and many other genres. It is managed by Frederator Networks who also owns the animation studio, Frederator Studios.


Tooned Up!

This is a series where the channel picks a cartoon-related topic and lists a number of things about that topic.

Cartoon Conspiracy

In this series, the channel takes a look at cartoon theories and how they hold up.

107 Facts

In this series, one of the channel lists 107 facts about various cartoons.

The Complete ___ Timeline

In this series, the channel explained the complete history of various animated series/movies.

Subscriber milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: April 9, 2016
  • 2 million subscribers: October 1, 2020