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तो जी हाँ दोस्तों, एक बारी फ़िर से आपका स्वागत है मेरे चैनल चपाती पर; मेरा नाम है पम्मी...
So yes guys, welcome back to my channel Chapati; my name is Pammi...

―Chapati Hindustani Gamer

Pammi, better known online as Chapati Hindustani Gamer (or just Chapati), is a Welsh gamer who usually posts PUBG and Minecraft videos on YouTube. He currently resides in Newport, Wales.


Pammi was born in Wales. He started his channel there, and formerly, it used to be a vlogging channel. But later on, it transformed into a gaming channel. He uploaded Let's Play videos on PUBG. He made his vlogging videos private and continued with gaming. According to him, he himself does not know why he named his channel "Chapati". He plays Minecraft with Hindustan Gamer Loggy and much more. He also plays GTA 5, GTA Online and Horror Games. He recently bought a new house next to his house in Newport. It is currently being renovated, and Pammi plans to staying there for all-nighters in the future.

He is most popularly known among the masses because of his unique and creative GTA 5 series. The most famous series on his channel is the Slender Man Series. After that comes the Zombie Series, and Slender Man 2.

Conflict With Raunax

Chapati and Mumbai Gamer Raunax, an Indian gaming YouTuber, were close friends and used to play GTA Online together. They had been doing so ever since they came in contact with each other. Pammi and Raunax both used to give each other tours of their properties and vehicles - including Choppers, Yachts, and Blimps.

Raunax bought a Yacht, whose price he claimed to be $19 million. However, Pammi insisted to his subscribers that a Yacht in GTA Online does not cost more than $10 million, which was correct, according to the GTA Wiki. However, Raunax was enraged by this act of Pammi, and as a result, decided to cut off all ties with Chapati. On March 15, 2018, Raunax uploaded a community post in which he wrote:

Bhool gaya jab 170 subscriber pe tha aur mei 6000 pe , mere paas aaya tha bheek mangta hua maine help ki thi, kisi ne help nahi ki thi. Kitni help ki maine end tak aur mere baare mei ulta bole jaa raha hei. Aaj pada hota kahi side mei agar maine help na ki hoti toh. Jis jisne help ki un sabko dhoka diya.
Forgot when he was in 170 subscribers and I was on 6000. He came to me begging; I helped - no one else helped. How much I had helped him, and now he's speaking against me. He would have been lying in a side if I were not to help. He betrayed those who helped.

Pammi made a video immediately following the incident and reacting to it, titled "My Last Video". He said that there would be no more uploads on the channel and that it would be closed down. However, he uploaded a video the next day itself, in which he apologised for the confusion he had caused among his viewers. Pammi continued uploading videos and eventually settled again, now collaborating with Hindustan Gamer Loggy.

Gaming History


Chapati started playing GTA 5 in the "role-play" genre at first, which included the fictional character Pogo Bander [Pogo Monkey]. He then switched to the main story-mode of GTA 5, uploading walkthroughs of missions. After that, he continued the series with online heists. The online heists has about 40 episodes. But after he completed the main game, he started many fictional series created by him, all involving Pogo. The first such series was named "Money", which was based roughly around his and Pogo's "online life". The series was an instant hit, which gave birth to the first series not involving any in-game story interactions- Slenderman, which was a completely fictional series, not touching any aspects involving the game story.

After that, the Zombies series came out, which again, had a prequel named Zombies 2; however, both of them had a fairly different story. There are some short series too, the most notable of them being the Tsunami series.


PUBG is one of the least popular series on the channel. Most videos are live-streams, but they do not get much views as compared to Minecraft and GTA 5. It has an average of only about 10,000 views as compared to 300,000 of GTA 5 and 850,000 of Minecraft.


There are two main playlists on the channel regarding Minecraft - "Minecraft Series" and "Minecraft Role Play". The latter is where he mainly plays online with Hindustan Gamer Loggy. But even in this series, there have been some minor fictional fights between Pammi and Loggy over someone who blew up Loggy's house. While Pammi roamed stray in the woods near Loggy's mansion and built a shelter out of mud, Loggy blew up his house with TNT, and Pammi retaliated again with a TNT shooter at Loggy's house, completely destroying the right wings on the first and ground floors.

Besides these, there are several other playlists like "Minecraft Fun", "Minecraft Skyblock" and "Skyblock 2". Loggy has playlists of the same videos on his channel, but the videos are from his perspective, of course.

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