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Jacob Seibers, better known online as Chibi Reviews (or Jacob C-Bears), is an American YouTube anime and manga reviewer. He reviews weekly and monthly manga chapters, as well as weekly anime episodes for each season, uploading sometimes many videos every single day, all vlogs. He's also dabbled in Let's Plays in the past as well. He has a group called the Chibit Community.


Personal life

Jacob Seibers is from Tampa, Florida. He and his family moved to Tennessee where he resides currently. His father, a Baxter, Texas resident, has a criminal record, which includes alcohol/drug-related motor vehicle crime, DUI and unlawful carrying of a weapon.


Jacob joined YouTube back in 2013 on an unknown channel, but it was suspended. He then created Chibi Reviews on December 7, 2013, and made YouTube his fulltime job in early to mid 2014, being partnered with Fullscreen. He's known for his theory crafting capabilities for the stories of certain series like Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Tokyo Ghoul, as well as many others. Jacob has a backup channel called Chibi Otaku in case his current channel ever gets suspended.


Chibi Reviews Patreon Introduction

Hello the name is Chibi and you might know me from YouTube as Chibi Reviews. If you pledge to me, it means you'll be supporting future content on my YouTube Channel. It will allow me to buy better equipment for higher quality videos. Also it will allow me to buy more series to review for all of you. I just want to say thank you for all the support my fellow Chibits.

Reward Goals

  • $5 or more per month
    • If you pledge $5:
      • You will get a shoutout on the weekly vlog.
  • $10 or more per month
    • If you pledge $10:
      • You will get a shoutout on the weekly vlog.
  • $15 or more per month
    • If you pledge $15:
      • You will get a shoutout on the weekly vlog.
      • You'll get information on what series I might review next besides seasonal.

Stretch Goals

  • $500 or more per month (NOT REACHED)
    • It allows me to continue doing what I love on YouTube and making content for you all.
  • $1,000 or more per month (NOT REACHED)
    • Allows me to put more money into equipment & continue doing YouTube.


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