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ChilledCow is a French music channel best known for its live streams. The channel's purpose is to promote underground lofi hip hop beatmakers.[1]


ChilledCow's channel focus is on lofi hip hop music but has also had jazzhop and chillhop featured.[2]

Lofi Hip Hop Radio

Lofi Hip Hop Radio is the name of ChilledCow's two music streams, Beats to Study/Relax to and Beats to Sleep/Chill to. They both play a constant stream of music and are available 24/7. The girl in the live streams is called the "Study Girl".


ChilledCow also has several mixes, containing around two hours of music. These include the full tracklist for the 2018 and 2019 Lofi Hip Hop Radio streams, as well as a short mix featuring "sad" lofi tracks.

Copyright Free Music

ChilledCow has a playlist of copyright-free music, primarily for other YouTubers to use in their videos.[3]


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