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Chilly Jimenez (born: Ladye Wanda Jimenez; September 28, 1995 (1995-09-28) [age 24]), formerly known online as SuperPeachLogan, was an American YouTube vlogger who was SuperMarioLogan's former fiancée and is Titototter's younger sister. Some of her other videos were behind the scenes of videos that were on Logan's channel.

On March 2017, she began a daily vlog series on her channel, known as "Chilly" (formerly SuperPeachLogan), which captures the daily lives of her and Logan.

In Logan's Draw My Life video, it was revealed that Logan actually broke up with Chilly once, but got back together after Logan got his life back on track. As of February 2020, they have broken up again; the circumstances of this second break-up are still hotly debated due to the amount of conflicting stories.

In late 2019, Chilly, Tito, and her sister Damaris tried to prove that Logan had cheated on her with Elaina. Logan ripped up Tito's Sonic plushes and Chilly didn't upload any YouTube videos for a long time. By the time 2020 came, she and Logan came out and said they broke up for good and that Chilly cheated on Logan with a divorced man with kids named Roy Gebhard. She is currently dating and living with a photographer named Mark Fowler. As of April 2020, her YouTube Channel remains inactive.


Blizzard is a dog who belongs to Chilly, and the partner of Snowball. He commonly appears in Chilly's vlogs on the Chilly's YouTube Channel. He commonly follows Chilly around the house when he is doing things, and he loves eating treats, chasing balls, and being with Snowball.

He made an appearance in the SML Video, The Burger!, when he was only a 7 month old puppy. In the video, he was part of Chompy's wish that also had Candy twerk for him.


Drama and break-up with Logan

Following 4 weeks of inactivity on her YouTube channel after the last video uploaded was on November 30, 2019, it was speculated that Logan and Chilly had broken up.

On December 15, 2019, Chilly's sister, Damaris Chapman, spoke out on both her Twitter and Instagram that Logan had cheated on Chilly with two prostitutes. She also said that Logan had told Tito not to tell Chilly of his adultery, but Tito told her, which led to Logan ripping all of Tito's plushes. Then, he angrily told both Chilly and Tito to get out of the house. However, these accusations proved to be all false.

Logan would confirm on his Instagram that he had been in a falling out with both Chilly and Tito for the past month, and it culminated with him ousting them from the house. Tito also confirmed on his Instagram as to why he snitched on Logan.

On February 3, 2020, Logan confirmed on his Instagram story that he and Chilly have been broken up for a month.

A week later, Lovell, one of Logan's friends, revealed on his Instagram that Chilly was actually the one that cheated on Logan, saying that she had been cheating on him for 3 years and that she was a gold digger, only staying with Logan for his wealth and fame and that she was buying a lot of expensive materials. He continued on, saying that she never loved Logan, and that they broke up sometime after New Years. During Super Bowl LIV, she went to the game with another man with tickets that Logan had paid for, which was revealed to be Chilly's new boyfriend named Roy Gebhard, who has kids from a previous marriage. Lovell also stated that Chilly didn't get along with the rest of the SML crew, having developed beef with them, and that Chilly confided in Lovell about her broken relationship with Logan when she asked him if she could buy some of his marijuana.

During an Instagram live-stream with Lovell on February 22, 2020, Logan revealed more details in regards to his break-up with Chilly and the fallout. Having found a new girlfriend shortly after the breakup, Logan told Chilly to get out of his house, but despite his mom changing the locks and taking all of Chilly's stuff out, she broke back into the house due to his address being on her driver's license and by using a locksmith to get back into the house. In addition to this, Logan also confirmed Chilly's infidelity, where he said that she brought numerous other guys with her back to his home to sleep with her. Logan knew of her infidelity due to his neighbors calling him about the whole ordeal. Logan also stated that he would sue Chilly over ownership of her channel due to royalty issues and that he's technically the owner of the channel due to it originally being called SuperPeachLogan.

Logan says that his brother Lance was edited out of all of the Chilly's vlogs due to her dislike of Lance. He added on to this, saying that Chilly disliked his family in general, not letting him contact or see them and instead forcing him to support her family over his own. Logan states that he helped Chilly and Tito in growing their channels, citing that his involvement in them were the only reason why people watched the videos on their channels. Logan then reiterates about wanting ownership back of Chilly's channel, but then makes a proposition: Chilly can keep the channel, but she must remove every video on the channel that involved him. Logan states that Chilly was in disbelief of him moving on from their relationship despite posting on Instagram of photos and stories of him and his new girlfriend in Hawaii. Logan states that his life with Chilly was a living hell due to her abusive behavior towards him and using him for her own personal gain (An example is how Logan couldn't do videos with Elaina due to Chilly placing cameras around the house and strictly telling him that he couldn't do videos with her). Chilly officially left Logan's house on Monday, February 24, 2020 and now he can finally move on from her for good, live a good life and leave behind the turbulent relationship he had with her.

Logan then says a couple of last things before leaving the live stream, confirming that Chilly had been cheating on him for over a year, in which he didn't believe Lovell at first telling him about Chilly's infidelity at the time, and that if he doesn't get back ownership of Chilly's channel, he'll start his own vlogging channel and show the SML crew in a more positive light, in stark contrast to Chilly's vlogs, in which the members of the SML crew were rarely seen in or mentioned in a good manner. Logan then summarizes the drama, stating that he was used by Chilly and her family for his wealth, and despite helping her and her family in growing their channels on YouTube, once they became power-hungry, they would use him for their own benefit. Logan concludes that his content won't change and that the format of his videos will remain the same, while expressing that he's never seen such ungrateful people in his life.


  • Chilly, her mom, Tito and JJ were the ones who helped write "cookies" on every sticky note for "Bowser Junior's Cookies".
  • She has two Siberian Huskies named Blizzard and Snow.
  • Chilly's favorite restaurant is McGuire's Irish Pub, though after eating there too much for the vlogs, she has lost the special taste.
  • According to several U.S Census documents, Chilly is of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Chilly's first name was Ladye and her former middle name was Wanda, until she legally changed her name from "Ladye Wanda Jimenez" to "Chilly Jimenez".
  • She called her fans "Chilly Peppers".
  • Chilly's Cameo can be found at ChillyJimenez. It's where fans of SuperMarioLogan can buy a message of any of the main cast saying whatever the fan requested. It started around March 2019, with their first video being to a fan called Jeffy. The video can be found here: It has over 55 reviews and 5 stars.

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