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Mike (born: January 12, 1988 (1988-01-12) [age 32]), better known online as ChimneySwift11 (also known as Please Stand By in a 2018 rebrand, later split off into its own channel), is an American YouTuber well-known for his series The Minecraft Files.


ChimneySwift11 is an American commentator famous for his height and his awesome tooth. He is also famous for his series, "The Minecraft Files", "Attack of the B-Team", and "Super Spellbound Caves". He was part of a group of Minecraft commentators called "The Outsiders (ended)", which is similar to "The Creatures", and featured many other famous YouTubers, including Jimmy (ClashJTM), Ryan (Mr360Games), Luclin (minecraftwb), Tiffany (IHasCupquake), Stephen (Wolv21), Gary (GrimGary), Dan (Dan021) and Paul (paulsoaresjr). Chimney was also featured on Season 2 of Dance Showdown and made it to the finals. Chim lost to Brittani Louise Taylor and Jesse (PrankvsPrank).


Chimney was encouraged to create a YouTube channel, due to potential in Luclin's eyes as a great commentator, so he started in February 2011 and quickly got up to 200,000 subscribers in less than a year. He is exceptionally famous for his magical tooth which aided him in killing the enderdragon (not really), speed running through games and hardcore parkour. He is also one of the five people in the Machinima panel. They are:

Survival Games

Chimneyswift11 was featured in the Survival Games by Machinima. In the first one, he found some average supplies, only to be killed by CaptainSparklez.

In the second one, he went into the hospital to try and find supplies, but was stalked and eventually killed by SynHD.


On January 11, 2018, Mike uploaded a video entitled "NEW YEAR, NEW BRAND - PLEASE STAND BY" to YouTube. In the video he discusses his new YouTube channel name, Please Stand By, and details how his new videos will be more related to real life adventures, vlogs, etc.

However, he ended up returning to his old moniker on November 19, 2019; though he did keep the Please Stand By name by splitting it off into its own channel.

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