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Danilo Badnjar (Serbian: Данило Бадњар) (Born: December 24, 1995 (1995-12-24) [age 24]), better known online as Choda, is a Serbian YouTuber known for his various League of Legends and vlogging videos. Danilo is a very good friend of another Serbian YouTuber star known as Baka Prase.


Personal Life

Danilo was born on December 24th, 1995. When he started going in primary school. He was a very-happy kid and he was interested in school. When he moved to basic school he started losing interests and moved on playing League of Legends. Eventually he dropped out of high school and proceed becoming a League of Legends commentator and gamer. At that time he also became in his first-relationship. Though his girlfriend moved to Germany and he became very upset and depressed because of it. And he became even more depressed after totally losing social life and just realizing League of Legends ruined his life. He ended up meeting up with Baka Prase which was also a commentator of League and the two ended moving to YouTube. As Baka's channel raised rapidly fast, Choda got interested in creating his own channel. Choda also then came back to high-school again going again in-classes with a younger generation, graduating high-school.

YouTube Carrier

As mentioned, he started YouTube mainly because he saw Baka's rapid growth of his channel. Choda created his YouTube channel on January, 24th, 2013. His first video was made in December 2013, in which he played League of Legends. After many years, Choda stopped uploading and then he moved back to recording new videos for his YouTube channel. He proceed started uploading again on February, 8th, 2017. In which he started playing League again. Most of his old videos we're him playing League of Legends. As the time went by, Choda stopped playing League and moved to making vlogging videos. He also made video-series in which he asked people various questions named Da Te Pita Brat. His most famous videos are of him making vlogs, social experiments and reaction videos.


  • Somewhere in 2017, Baka named Choda's fans Delfini (Dolphins). Which ended in Choda calling his fans The Dolphin Army.

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