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ChrisMD has more than One Million Subscribers
ChrisMD has more than Five Million Subscribers
ChrisMD has more than One Billion Views
ChrisMD is a channel that Plays Sports
ChrisMD plays video games
ChrisMD is a Vlogger
ChrisMD is from England
ChrisMD is from Jeresy
ChrisMD is male
ChrisMD created their account in 2010
ChrisMD is a Content Creator on YouTube

Christopher Michael Dixon (born: June 10, 1996 (1996-06-10) [age 26]), better known online as ChrisMD (formerly Sirhcchris2010), is a British YouTuber best known for his football challenges and FIFA pack opening videos. He lives in London, England, United Kingdom.


Chris posted his first video using the YouTube username "Sirhcchris2010" on February 5, 2011. He originally uploaded Call of Duty: Black Ops content, but after two videos, he switched to FIFA.

Personal Life

Chris is from Jersey, Channel Islands, but now lives in London, England. He has a sister named Kelly and a cousin named Ollie.[1]He also has a girlfriend named Shannon. He graduated from Victoria College but he didn't go to University so he could pursue his YouTube career.[2] He also plays for local football club St. John F.C. as an attacking midfielder, and has made several videos about past seasons.


The Ultimate Sunday League Footballer

In this series, he plays against YouTubers with Sunday League oriented football challenges. He as featured many other YouTubers on this series, including the F2Freestylers, Manny, Spencer FC, and Miniminter.

Videos With Footballers

He has also met and recorded football challenge videos with many celebrity footballers, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin de Bruyne, Alexis Sanchez, Alex Iwobi, and Cesc Fàbregas.

Football's Top Drawer

In this series, Chris does different football challenges. Some of the challenges he has done on this series are the Perfect Free Kick, The Ultimate Crossbar, and the 180 Degree Shooting Challenge. This series has featured many other YouTubers, including W2S

Nerf War

In this series, Chris adds to a part of his Nerf War video he made when he was younger. It stars him, his sister, his cousins, some of his school friends, and their dog Max. He releases a new part of this series every 1 million subscriber milestone.

Football Career

2015 Wembley Cup

On May 3, 2015, he played in the Wembley Cup. He was on the Spencer F.C. team, and was playing against the Sidemen F.C. team. Chris' team ended up winning the match 6-2, and one of those goals was scored by him.

2016 Sidemen F.C. Charity Match

In 2016, Chris played in the Sidemen F.C. annual charity football match. He was on the YouTube Allstars team, with many other notable YouTubers including Calfreezy (Team captain), JMX, and Joe Weller. His team ended up losing 1-7, but the one goal they did have was scored by him.[3]


  • He doesn't like Manchester United.
  • He shares a birthday (and is the same age) as fellow YouTuber Manny.
  • His parents have been featured in his videos.
  • His cousin Ollie is also a popular YouTuber, having over 110,000 subscribers on his Ollie Dixon channel.
  • He once a viral cat video which was featured on mainstream media.