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Christopher Darren Cunningham (born on December 7, 1987 (1987-12-07) [age 32]), known as his stage name Chris Crocker and on his YouTube account as ItsChrisCrocker, is an American YouTube Celebrity, blogger, songwriter, recording artist, and internet personality residing in Los Angeles, California.

Crocker gained international fame in September 2007 from his viral video "Leave Britney Alone", in which he tearfully defended pop singer Britney Spears's comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards; his video had over four million views in two days. The video received international media attention, hundreds of parodies and criticism for Crocker. 

He is a self-described "edutainer" who produces and acts in multiple videos. In almost all of Crocker's work he presents himself as an openly gay and effeminate Southern adolescent in a "small-minded town" in the Bible Belt where his sexual orientation and outspokenness are a "subtext... rarely addressed directly and never completely accepted". The Tennessee-based Crocker, a stage name, keeps his identity and exact location private because according to him, and as seen in the public comments to his work, there were safety concerns and death threats in response to his YouTube and MySpace video blogs and profile. According to his MySpace profile, Crocker lived in Los Angeles as of January 2008.

As of May 2010, Crocker has returned home to Tennessee and solely travels to Los Angeles for business ventures. His work consists mainly of short-form self-directed monologues shot in his grandparents' home. As of October 2010, Crocker's videos have received a combined 50 million plays on MySpace, and his vlog channel on YouTube is the 100th most viewed of all time in all categories, with over 205 million video views.

Crocker's detractors and critics have accused him of narcissism, melodramatics, histrionics, and using Spears' personal shortcomings to bolster his own fame. Others have accused Crocker of acting in the "Leave Britney Alone" video, although he insisted it was genuine on a September 2007 appearance on Maury Povich's Maury show.

Channel Deletion

On September 15, 2015, Chris deleted his YouTube Channel saying that the chapter is closed in his life. He goes on to say that the website was getting so toxic that even on a video saying hi to his fans, he would get comments saying to go kill himself. He also made a video on Facebook further explaining why he deleted his channel. That video had since been deleted, but it was uploaded on YouTube.

Before his YouTube channel was deleted, his channel had over 430,000 Subscribers and over 270 Million views.

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