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Hey everybody, Chris Ray Gun here.

―Chris Ray Gun's intro

Chris Ray Maldonado (born: December 4, 1993 (1993-12-04) [age 26]), better known online as Chris Ray Gun, is an American YouTube vlogger and musician. He makes comedic videos often criticizing social justice and feminism. As of April 2020, his YouTube channel has amassed more than 640,000 subscribers.


Chris Ray Gun usually makes comedic videos that comment on social/political issues. One series is the Ray Gun Recap, where he comedically comments on recent or relevant stories with a llama character named Paul. Another series is Glasses Off, where he talks about issues more seriously. Many of his videos are critical of social justice and feminism.

Musical Videos

Chris is best known for "Social Justice: The Musical", a series of song parody videos on social justice warriors. Examples include Ain't No Rest for the Triggered, Come be PC and Punch a Nazi. He has also done music videos on YouTube, such as Algorith - YouTube: The Musical. Most of his earlier videos were him performing covers or his own original songs. Some of his songs feature other YouTubers such as Rucka Rucka Ali. Chris is frequently compared to iDubbbz. He has addressed this in a video titled "ATTACK OF THE CLONES!", stating that he only found out about iDubbbz because of all the copycat comments.

Personal Life

Chris was born in The Bronx, New York. He is of Puerto Rican descent and understands basic Spanish. As of 2017, he lives in Los Angeles and is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Laci Green. He is 5' 4" and 125lbs (56.6kg).

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