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Christian Marco Picciolini (born: November 3, 1973 (1973-11-03) [age 46]) is an American author and celebrity who is well-known for rising out of the far right organizations who has a YouTube account. Most of the video on here revolve around Christian in the media such as presidential candidates mentioning his name or questions about him. There are media interviews which are around 14 minutes long on TODAY, and there is a a show on MSNBC called Breaking Hate which is commonly mentioned in teaser trailer. Even though there is no verification checkmark, this YouTube account should be run by the actual Christian Picciolini. Some of the earlier videos show music in various forms such as music videos and live concerts, and there is a vlog video about him along with book promotions.

He has published books about his life and opinion, and the names of the book are Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead and White American Youth: My Descent Into America's Most Violent Hate Movement--and How I Got Out. He plans on releasing a book in 2020 called Breaking Hate: Confronting the New Culture of Extremism, Library Edition Christian Picciolini.

The Anti-Defamation League is subscribed to him as indicated on the subscription tab, and the media sources that interviewed him are CNN, CTV, WTTW, TODAY, and MSNBC which are not right-leaning.

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