Christopher Bingham is a Musician
Christopher Bingham creates skits and sketch videos
Christopher Bingham is from England
Christopher Bingham is male
Christopher Bingham created their account in 2008
Christopher Bingham is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Christopher "Bing" Bingham, formerly known as Slomozovo, is a popular English YouTuber, comedian, filmmaker, music producer, actor, and voice actor. Bing's main channel, made in 2008, and is predominantly comedic skits, such as "Hi I'ma Draw Ya!" series. His other channel, "bingradio," is known for his project "Past Bing, Future Bing" - "a conversation through time." Another channel, "talk", is where he has discussions with other YouTubers on current issues.

Bing has many friends and fellow YouTubers he has collaborated with, such as TomSka and JackHoward. His sister is Jenny Bingham, who dated TomSka for over a year. He made an appearance on her channel in the video "Siblings | ft. Bing". Bing is also known for being the team manager and producer for Eddsworld Beyond.

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