About ChronoTriggeredTV

ChronoTriggered (originally named TheMarioDude1) is a channel on YouTube that features comedic video game reviews, skits, and gameplay. 

The chanel was created by Edward Christopher Jansen on November 7th 2009. Before the channel was branded as ChronoTriggered, it was known as TheMarioDude1. It featured the same content, however, prior to 2014 it focused more on short skits and animation. 

About The Creator 

Edward Christopher Jansen (Born October 25th, 2000) is an England based musician/filmmaker. He is in a Folk Rock/Lo-Fi band named Young Thymos as a Vocalist and Guitarist. Chris Jansen is joined by Tyler Hunt who performs percussion. Tyler Hunt also has a YouTube channel called Luigifreakout123, the channel features Video Game Pickup videos (mostly NES).

Chris Jansen is also launching a collaborative channel with Noah Humphrey of Planet Awesome 11 and Zane Little (Lokerman). The channel is called Trifecta.

Other Affiliations:

Planet Awesome 11 

Absolute Nonsense Studios 

The Northern Hues

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