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Cia. Daniel Saboya is a YouTube channel owned by dancers Daniel Saboya, Izabela Leite and Rosana Maria.


The videos are recorded at a parish academy, which sponsors the choreographer's work on the network.

The idea, according to Saboya and her inseparable video mates, Izabela Leite Lima and Rosana Maria Marquez, came when he bought a tablet. He began recording and posting videos of classes that, according to himself, caught the attention of students.

"Izabela and Rosana are my students and friends, and they proposed me to do something more professional, but only the three of us. They even had a choreography when they came up with the idea", recalls Saboya.

Initially, he says, the videos were more amateur. With the increase in access, he was acquiring more gadgets, such as professional camera, tripod and editing software.

The routine is arduous. The three meet three times a week to define the song, rehearse and record. The edition, made by Saboya, takes four hours of your weekend, to get everything ready on Monday, and the videos to be posted religiously at 11am.

"Worth all the work. I've had the recognition of artists like Latino, who thanked the dissemination of work on TV on national network."  

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