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"Life ain't all pornstars and ponies"


Conor Ross Macpherson (born: June 2, 1992 [Age 26]), better known online as Cipyaar, is an English YouTuber who plays video games. He is especially known for his horror playthroughs, though he also does top 10 videos, TTTT and reviews. Conor was born on 2 June 1992. When asked how he came up with his rather unique username he gave a equally unique answer "the C at the start is because I'm called Conor but the reson it sounds like sip is because I drink alot of tea during videos. The yaar at the end is not as justifiable though, its just becuase pirates are awesome." Cipyaar also has another name for his channel that was thought up by his subscribers, The Peoples Gamer this is due to the fact he is so involved in the YouTube community replying to every message and comment but also sending each new sub a personal thank you message.

He refers to his fanbase as "Ciparians" and has strong connections with larger YouTubers despite his channel size. These large YouTubers include Athene, TotalBiscuit and Chaoticmonkey. Cipyaar works very closely with Athene as he does a "Together To The Top" series along side that of Athenes. He started doing TTTT videos after he was highlighted. Cipyaar also donates all revenue earned from YouTube to Save The Children.