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Cameron, better known online as Cjszero01 (or CJ for short), is a YouTuber that does video game countdowns, LPs, and even a special segment known as Smash Chat. He has a Christian background, he's a close friend to Fawful's Minion, and Cameron is one of few YouTubers who records his own footage while doing his projects.

My Personal Lists

Time to Play

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Week


Quick 5's

The Games I've Reviewed...

Fun with Brawl

What if they were in Brawl

Show Me Your Moves

Smash Chat

Wows and what?

A New Foe Has Appeared

What's Your Opinion?

15 min Challenges

Smash Week (and related Smash week videos)

Low Tier High Fun

Music Tracks for the Next Smash

The Forbidden Fruit Videos

Music Walkthrough Collection

Interviewed By

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