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ClaraBabyLegs makes beauty videos
ClaraBabyLegs plays video games
ClaraBabyLegs is a Vlogger
ClaraBabyLegs is from the United States
ClaraBabyLegs is female
ClaraBabyLegs created their account in 2014
ClaraBabyLegs is a Content Creator on YouTube

Clara (birthday: August 31) better known online as ClaraBabyLegs or TheClaraKitty, is a former American Minecraft gamer and vlogger. She originally deleted/privated all of her older videos about Minecraft, then switched to a fashion video style. Despite switching channel genres, she has received more attention for this trend, and she has stopped uploading videos to YouTube... plus, she has since removed/privated her remaining videos. In addition, she runs another channel called Clara which has a video about her pet peeves and Harry Potter tagging game, but all videos related to the Clara channel have also been removed or privated.

ClaraBabyLegs has done a collaboration with AshleyMariee on Minecraft video which involves the players drawing an object that is provided in the description.[1] She is also dating Bashurverse as indicated in a touch my body challenge video,[2] and JackSucksAtLife made a mention of Clara in a video about reviewing his YouTube search history.[3]

Some of her older videos can be seen on the Wayback Machine, and she has kept the same channel banner throughout a majority of the channel's lifespan. However, her channel icon has changed from an animated style from the Minecraft portion of her channel into a real-life image.[4]