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Clara Henry (born: April 9, 1994 (1994-04-09) [age 26]) is a Swedish vlogger from Gothenburg, but she is currently living in Stockholm.


She grew up in Landvetter, Sweden, She began blogging at the age of eleven and, during her teenage years, worked as a reporter for a liberal Swedish newspaper called the Goteborgs-Posten. She has two siblings, Her mother is Swedish and Finnish and Father is English. She later relocated to Stockholm with her boyfriend, Simon Lussetti.


Clara made her way to YouTube through her blog "Claraslife" which she started when she was 11. Along the way she started making small videos, but not on a regular basis. Her success started when she uploaded a video called "Apotekarnes Julmust", which became more or less a viral video in Sweden. Clara is known for talking a lot about periods in her vlogs, and has even been sponsored by Always (a brand of feminine hygiene products) to make her videos about periods once every month.


  • Currently she is writing a book called "Ja jag har mens, hurså?" (Yes I'm on my period, so what). It will be published by Bonniers förlag.
  • Clara is also been the host for a talkshow called "Med Clara Henry" and "Häng med Clara Henry".
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