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Dennis Lepore[1] (born: December 26, 1995 (1995-12-26) [age 25]),[2] (formerly known as Faze Cloakzy) and better known online as Cloakzy (or simply Cloak), is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer and professional gamer known for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. He is commonly known for playing with his partner Tfue regularly and in tournaments. He won the Fall Skirmish Tournament with Turner (Tfue) in October 2018[3]. On March 3, 2018, alongside Jaomock, 72hrs, and SpaceLyon, Dennis became a member of FaZe Clan and was chosen as captain of the FaZe Fortnite roster[4]. Due to unfortunate circumstances that Dennis has stated also happened to Turner, Dennis announced in June 2019 that he was departing from FaZe, at that moment no longer associating himself with the group. This happened weeks after Turner’s departure from FaZe, the only difference being that Dennis still had good words to say about FaZe.


Dennis started his career playing H1Z1 professionally. During the PUBG genre, he was a member of team ‘KnightsGG.’ On January 24, 2018, Dennis once created a World Record for most eliminations in a single game of Fortnite, having 34 eliminations[5]. He started gaining more growth since the World Record and becoming a member of FaZe one month later.


Outburst with Tfue

Dennis and his friends Tfue and 72hrs have been Fortnite competitive trio partners several times. Three of them placed 11th in the first week of the trio champion series, and 5th place on the 2nd week.[6][7] The outburst started by Tfue asking for another trio, Dennis tweeting about doing an advertisement, and 72hrs asking for trio partners as well.[8][9][10] Tfue then turned his stream on several minutes later. And around the beginning of the stream, Dennis was spamming Tfue in the chat stating "If you want to play we have to cut an hour short for this one and start an hour late for next @Tfue", meaning they are going to play the next trio champion series an hour late. Tfue made the response stating that Dennis and 72hrs have not been playing Fortnite as much as they used to, such as playing World of Warcraft Classic and taking a break from Fortnite. However, Tfue thought they were still going to play the trio champion series. Tfue was also offered by Madden to play their game for $140,000. Tfue declined the offer because he thought he was still going to play with his trio Dennis and 72hrs. Tfue later said he was not upset, but Dennis and 72hrs did not tell Tfue about the deal when they were playing Madden for a brand deal.[11][12][13]


When Dennis was doing a viewing party, he responded about Tfue declining the brand deal, stating that Tfue made a dumb decision to decline the brand deal.[14]

When 72hrs was playing World of Warcraft Classic, he responded about himself and Dennis accepting the brand deal with Madden and later on asked Tfue about it so they could be a trio in the game.[15]


  • Dennis's Fortnite username was 'FaZe Cloak', but wanted to change the name to 'Cloakzy' (since the name was already taken, and was possibly thinking of departing from FaZe at this time). Dennis told Epic Games via Email to get the name, but had to pay $20,000 (according to Dennis). Since Dennis refused, his name was instead changed to 'Clkzy'.[16]