Collaboration (or collab) channels are often made by groups of individuals who enjoy vlogging or gaming. Often these will be people who are strong friends or people who want to know each other better. They may be connected via a hobby or real life, but often the goal of a channel is to have fun and improve friendship.


One of the most popular channel styles is to have five people do videos on each weekday and get weekends off, a format known as "FiveAwesome". Notable channels in this style include fiveawesomeguys, fiveawesomegirls and FourGuysandMhazz. Here is a brief member list to give an example of this format:

  • Monday: LittleRadge, fallofautumndistro, Italktosnakes
  • Tuesday: randomprodinc, charlieissocoollike, devilishlypure
  • Wednesday: omgmhazzrocks, nerimon, owlssayhooot
  • Thursday: Toddly00 ("replaced" on FourGuysAndMhazz by JohnCox88), hayleyghoover, Minecraftpe-groups
  • Friday: JohnnyDurham19, MusicFromBlueSkies, lianeandthemusic

An alternative and increasingly popular format is to have two vloggers do videos each weekday (for example, Vlogger 1 does Monday, Vlogger 2 does Tuesday, back to Vlogger 1 for Wednesday, then return to Vlogger 2 for Thursday and Vlogger 1 finishes on Friday) until the weekend, when the vloggers will take a break.


Some channels feature challenges for each of their members to do as well as punishments for failing to do various things. For example, failure to do a video often results in a punishment, such as having to write a death threat to a pineapple or imitate everyone else on that channel for the entire week.

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