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Oliver William Colton (born: January 14, 1988 (1988-01-14) [age 36]),[citation needed] better known online as Colossal Is Crazy, is an English YouTuber known for his commentary videos and podcasts. He is friends with ThePipLad and LeafyIsHere.


Colossal's channel was created in May 2014. His first video was uploaded in July 2014. Colossal originally made trolling videos that were satirical in nature, commentary videos, as well as uploading gameplay videos of himself playing the video game, Call of Duty. Colossal became more popular when he started to make commentary videos on YouTubers such as Bashurverse and LionMaker. and Keemstar Eventually, Colossal got a big subscriber boost from the Bamboozled podcast, in which he participated in 2016 alongside Cincast, BigMates13 and ThePipLad. Since early 2020, he and Nerd City have been working on a three-part exposé series about JayStation, although only one episode has been released as of February 2022.

Podcast appearances[]


In 2016, Colossal decided to join a new podcast called Bamboozled alongside his friends Cincast, BigMates13 and ThePipLad who were all small-time youtubers. The podcast was made as a parody of all of the other podcasts appearing on YouTube at the time. There were 4 episodes of Bamboozled recorded but all are currently on private mode. The podcast is considered dead but there are rumours of it returning.


In July 2016, Colossal started a podcast named Baited. Other participants were Keemstar and Tommy C. Baited instantly got very popular and later they had guests such as Ethan from h3h3Productions, LeafyIsHere and Boogie2988. In December 2016, Colossal announced that he was leaving Baited alongside Tommy C. Colossal and Tommy were replaced with Anything4views and Andy Milonakis. Later Colossal was featured in the 16th episode, as a guest. In July 2017, in Baited's 27th episode, Colossal appeared again and it was announced that he is officially back in Baited as a full-time member. In 2019, Keemstar announced that the podcast had ended.

Catch 33[]

After leaving Baited, Colossal started a new podcast called Catch 33 with Tommy C and Dead on Dave. Six episodes were released in early 2017. However, after rejoining Baited, there haven't been any new episodes in seven months, and the podcast is inactive at the moment, as Colossal has said on Twitter.[1]. According to Tommy C, the podcast ended after Colossal rejoined Baited!.

Mom's Basement[]

On March 16, 2020, Colossal started a new podcast called "Mom's Basement" with co-hosts FaZe Banks and Keemstar. The podcasts uploads every Wednesday to Spotify and covers YouTube news/drama. However, he has left the show as of Episode 31, having left over a business disagreement with Keemstar.


On March 9, 2022, Colossal started a podcast named "To Be Honest", or "TBH", with Pyrocynical, Nerd City and Dolan Dark where they talk about what's going on the internet.