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Drake McWhorter, better known online as Comic Drake, is an American YouTuber. Drake has 2 channels, Comic Drake and Trailer Drake, the second of which he hasn't post anything on since 8.10.2018. The last video before that was on 12.12.2016. Trailer Drake is Drake's video game channel, which is probably inactive since he doesn't post anything since "Mario Party Can and SHOULD Be Better" on like said 8.10.2018. Drake has been also been in the theorists on The Game Theorists channel. There he was more or less known for the Crossover and Smash History videos. Crossover are videos where he and his artist and co-writer Kenny Landefeld make clues and conections in video games like Pokémon and Digimon. In Smash History he was explaining the origins of Character movements in Super Smash Bros. Drake left The Game Theorists with good emotions between him and the other theorists and makes videos nowadays videos about comic books culture on Comic Drake. Since 24 August 2017 where he announced that he isn't a part of The Game Theorists. A very used line by him is Because comics. He uses it when something happens or he is talking about but hasn't really a explanation or has one in the comics but is so wier or abstruse in comic book logic that comic book fans just take it. It can be also translated as "Don't question it. Even the writers don't do it" or "I / we are in here since decades and even I / we don't understand that.". Drake talks about a lot of stuff which are not even talked by others or only in some small parts. Examples are DC's Ben 10 like Phone Dial device from 1966, the punch dimantion that may or may be not connected with Cyclops Mutant power, the backstory of someone or something, the Invicible, can Magneto control Thor's Hammer and many more.


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