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Robert Jefferson, better known online as Comics Explained, is an American YouTuber, comic book enthusiast, and the co-founder of the award-winning Weekly Pull Podcast. He is known for making videos explaining the lore of comic book characters, objects, locations, etc. He covers lore from both Marvel and DC Comics. He also has a vlog channel named after his own name.


Robert is known for his incredibly enthusiastic attitude towards the comics he reads and discusses and the videos he makes.


All of Robert's videos are him discussing comic book lore, from Marvel, DC, and more. These include, but are not limited to videos explaining characters, explaining important objects, explaining locations, explaining groups of people, or explaining well known or little known comic book storylines.

Weekly Pull Podcast

Weekly Pull Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to everything comic books. Robert was the co-founder of the podcast, and joining him are fellow comic book YouTubers Comicstorian, ComicPOP, and Caped Joel.

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