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Common Official Videos is the official account of hip hop artist Common.

Account history

It is unknown who created the account, as it could be Common himself, an employee of the record label, or a friend of his. However, the account was created on October 6, 2008. After the account was uploaded, the creator of the account uploaded the video Common ft. Pharrell "Universal Mind Control" on that day. The account has not ever been used since that day. Common ft. Pharrell "Universal Mind Control" has since gained over 3,000,000 views and major publicity.


Only one video has been uploaded to the account—the official music video for "Universal Mind Control" . It is assumed that if any more videos were uploaded they would also be music videos.

No. Video Title Released
Common ft

Common ft. Pharrell "Universal Mind Control"

Common (ft. Pharrell) October 6, 2008


  • The video was uploaded on the same date as Common posted the video on his blog, thus making it likely that it is his official account. See blog post and compare to video date.
  • The video has perfect quality (for a 2008 YouTube video).
  • Other uploads of the video have been deleted due to copyright.
  • The video is also was disabled from being embedded which is only done with official music account for the most part. Click play on the video embedded on this page.
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