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Natalie Tran (born: July 24, 1986 (1986-07-24) [age 33]) better known online as CommunityChannel, is an Asian-Australian YouTuber who currently resides in Sydney, Australia, and is of Vietnamese descent. She has been creating videos about her daily life as a university student blogging since September 12, 2006. Her unique brand of humor and advanced camera techniques has made her one of the most subscribed YouTubers in Australia. her YouTube channel currently has 1.8 million subscribers and 600 million video views as of July, 2018.


She begins nearly every video with an infectious smile and a wave. She usually follows this up with a seemingly stream-of-conscious discussions about social issues such as giving and receiving directions, squashing buildings in vacation photos, and the myth of last words on your death bed. These are typically full of sarcastic, self-deprecating humor and are interspersed with skits in which Natalie plays all the roles.

Once her main subject is covered, she will often review movies, books, or other YouTube videos. She claims that she reads every single comment made on her videos, and finishes her videos by playing music and displaying humorous and interesting comments in a segment she calls "porno music-slash-comment time". This is due to her use of rather generic sounding music that wouldn't be out of place in an adult film.

There are several running jokes in her videos, including her love of "your mum" jokes and frequent blue humor. Some of her more famous videos have her making inappropriate jokes with an ultrasound technician, how she hates that murder victims are always described as quiet and nice, and the Easter Bunny breaking down crying with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy consoling her (Tran plays all three parts).


Like most other users, she started out with several responses to other users before she started vlogging on her own. One of her first videos was a 88 second re-enactment of the Johnny Cash bio-pic Walk the Line where she played both June Carter and Cash. This was followed up by nearly 5 minutes of a typical, if unpolished, video about how she's wanted to be Gollum, that her boyfriend at the time didn't want her to talk about her on her videos and responded to many of her comments aloud.

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