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Connie Ella Glynn (born: March 16, 1994 (1994-03-16) [age 25]) also known as Noodlerella, is an English YouTube star who is known for her cosplay and voice impressions of many animated characters.


Connie was born in England and currently lives in London, England with her flatmates Charlie and Ellen. Connie uploaded her first video on 19 April 2013, titled 'Disney Princess Impressions Singing/Speaking.' On 23 January 2017, Connie revealed that she was writing a five book series titled 'The Rosewood Chronicles' with two books currently out and the third in September.

Other Channels


Connie (formerly NoodleVlogs) was created on 21 November 2015 although her first video was not uploaded until the 15 February 2016. Her first video was titled 'Deadpool! Bowling! & Valentine's Day! NoodleVlogs Week 1 | Noodlerella'.

Types Of Vlogs

Connie uploads different vlogs from her holidays, exciting news such as her new book 'Rosewood Chronicles' which'll be out on 2nd November 2017 and a weekly vlog she used to do up until 11 July 2016, reaching Noodle Vlogs Week 15 although she has restarted posting weekly vlogs (24/03/2017).

Vlogmas 2016

Connie vlogged much of vlogmas, but having been run over by a car and broken her leg, she was unfortunately unable to complete it.


Connie's gaming channel was created on May 23, 2016, as of right now (25/03/2017) there is only one video and has been inactive since then.

Voice Acting

Connie recently voiced the character 'Moxie Dewdrop' in the Dreamworks animated movie 'Trolls' in the UK cinema version.

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