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Content Cop was a series created by Ian Jomha, better known online as iDubbbzTV. The series' structure involved critiquing other social media influencers' content and/or behavior. Between 2015 and 2017, there were 11 episodes of Content Cop published irregularly, as well as two Content Deputy episodes, responding to the criticized YouTuber who responded to the Content Cop made on them.

The videos received widespread acclaim for the videos' effectiveness in criticizing each YouTuber, as well as its humor and video quality. Every new Content Cop episode sparked varying levels of controversy and discussion towards the individual iDubbbz targets. With many of the targets, after a Content Cop video was released on this YouTuber, the creator lost a significant amount of subscribers and their dislike ratio increased, especially in the later, more successful Content Cops where iDubbbz wielded more influence as a content creator. The Content Cop series is considered to be a part of "YouTube history" by many people due to how influential and significant it was.



This was the first episode of Content Cop, where Ian calls out Jinx (or JINX RELOAD), a YouTuber known for reacting to videos without credit.

Amateur Food Reviewers[]

This being the second episode of Content Cop, Ians calls out amateur food reviewing channels who feature them eating greasy food.

Toy Review Channels: Giant Surprise Egg[]

On January 6, 2016, Ian criticizes a certain type of channels that are catered to kids, and in particular, these channels have videos of reviewing toys, like the "giant surprise egg".

Fine Bros & the Revenue Machine[]

On February 2, 2016, Ian criticizes Fine Brothers Entertainment for their React Around The World controversy.



Content Cop - KEEMSTAR

On May 5, 2016, Ian made a Content Cop episode about Daniel "Keemstar" Keem of DramaAlert, criticizing him and his actions, both past and present. Daniel has since stated he had found it hilarious, possibly thinking that the video was satirical, and not serious. This video started to get Daniel slightly more mainstream attention. While he did "survive" the content cop, his career and reputation had seen a modest downturn.

Toy Review #2 (Giant Gummy Bottle)[]

On June 18, 2016, Ian continues to criticize toy review channels for their extended weirdness.




On August 12, 2016, Ian uploaded a Content Cop on Dennis Roady of HowtoPRANKitup, making jokes about how simple the pranks are. Dennis responded to this, stating that he was "excited" that Ian had created a video about his channel, and not about himself as a person.[1]



Content Cop - Leafy

On September 13, 2016, Ian created a Content Cop on Calvin Vail of LeafyIsHere. Ian criticized his videos' content for (in his opinion) having a bad format and overall low quality with repetitive jokes. He also played several existing jokes on Calvin, such as referring to Calvin as a cyberbully and mocking the size of Calvin's chin, with these jokes either being combined or used interchangeably, and in satirical nature, to mock Calvin's claim that his videos are "satire", while using the type of jokes Calvin would make in his commentary videos (such as mocking a part of his appearance which the individual can not control), which Ian in play also depicted satire by its true form and definition.

After Ian's video, Calvin's subscriber-count began to fall drastically and eventually, caused Leafy to lose 2,000 subscribers per day. Many however believe Ian wasn't directly involved in this despite his popular video, and Calvin's audience was slowly noticing subconsciously how repetitive Calvin's content was and was gradually starting to lose interest before he jumped in. Ian was simply the last little push the audience collectively needed.

Taken Down[]

Ian sent out a tweet on December 11, 2019 of a screenshot from YouTube that morning stating that the video was flagged for review and determined to be in violation of guidelines and is no longer available.[2] Several re-uploads have been posted onto YouTube within minutes of the tweet. Several YouTubers, including Maxmoefoe (a friend of Ian's), have shared their opinions on the video's removal via Twitter. When visiting the video on YouTube at the time of its initial removal, it stated the violation of guidelines to be about hate speech policy. It has since been altered to read as a violation of harassment and bullying policy.[3]

Tech Destruction Channels[]

On October 11, 2016, Ian decided to put an end to the excessive havoc reeked by some well known delinquents on the block, with a reputation for damaging pricey electronics for fun and attention.

Tana Mongeau[]


Content Cop - Tana Mongeau

On December 10, 2016, Tana Mongeau tweeted at Ian deriding him for his frequent use of the N-word in his videos. The tweet stated, “@Idubbbz so 3 million ppl subscribe to u and u openly say the n-word and retard???? kill yourself”.[4] Tana further derided Ian in her livestreams and other videos. In response, Ian purchased a VIP ticket to Tana’s show in San Francisco, and, on January 21, 2017, attended said show. At the VIP meet-and-greet, Ian posed for a picture with Tana and while the photo was being taken, Ian said “Say n****r!”. This caused outrage from onlookers, and Tana responded by storming out of the area, prompting security to ask Ian to leave, which he did.

On February 6, 2017, Ian released a Content Cop on Tana. In it, he defends his use of the N-word and accuses Tana of hypocrisy by showing past clips of her using the word too. He stated that his use of the word is not meant to offend as it is done in a comedic context, while he deemed Tana’s use of the word as "mean-spirited". In the video, Ian also shows footage from the incident at Tana's show and criticizes her response to it. He also discusses the use of derogatory terms in a broader context, and the weight which society places on specific words in terms of their offensiveness.



Content Cop - Jake Paul

On October 3, 2017, Ian made a Content Cop on Bryan Le of RiceGum, signaling to a wide demographic that Bryan's YouTube career is in "grave danger." The Content Cop video currently has over 48 million views and over 2.2 million likes. It was temporarily the highest trending video in multiple countries, making it the fastest growing "content cop" video. The video was titled "Content Cop - Jake Paul", as he didn't want to give Bryan the satisfaction of having his name in the title.

Bryan, as a result of the content cop video, lost 50,000 subscribers initially. However, despite the Content Cop series' previous casualties, Bryan survived the Content Cop and returned to normal subscriber growth. However, Ian fans are still bombarding his videos with hate comments and dislikes. Bryan also uploaded less consistently as well as not growing quickly anymore.

The same day Ian Content Cop was released against Bryan, it was taken down because the video's title was a "bamboozle", which was purposely meant to be, as the title had Jake Paul's name in it, and not Bryan's.[5][6] The content cop was down for approximately 1 hour before being reinstated. In 2023, the content cop was removed again from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Hazoe 1Time.

Retiring 'Content Cop'[]

On May 18, 2023, Ian uploaded a video ""I miss the old idubbbz"", where he discusses his thoughts on the Content Cop series. In the video, Ian apologized to Tana Mongeau- a YouTuber Ian directed a Content Cop on- for his use of the N-word. Ian also explains that his content cop is the possibility of why there had been a negative community on the internet. Ian would eventually make all of his content cop episodes unlisted, and would donate to two charities, the 'National Alliance of Mental Health' and 'Trans Women of Color Collective' by using the revenue that would be made in the apology video.

The video was left with mixed reactions, as part of the community called out Ian for evading criticism and other forms of harassment and bullying directed towards Ian, while others supported Ian for maturing and donating to charities he believed were hurt due to his Content Cop episodes.