Continue? plays video games
Continue? is from the United States
Continue? is male
Continue? created their account in 2011
Continue? is a Content Creator on YouTube

Continue? is an American video game let's play channel which consists of hosts Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Josh Henderson, and formerly Dominic Moschitti. The channel features videos uploaded every Wednesday of them playing a retro game and then deciding on whether they'd "continue" if had to or "game over". In addition, the channel occasionally features lengthy playthroughs of some games with their ContinueQuest series and comedy sketches. Their YouTube channels currently have 210,000 subscribers and 39 million video views.



The main series on the channel which features Paul, Nick and Josh playing a retro video game, sometimes one sent in by a fan, and trying to see how good it is and how far they can make it. Once they've accomplished as much as they can, each host will decide individually whether would want to personally "Continue" it or just give up with a "Game Over". Each episode is usually 20 minutes in length and are uploaded every Wednesdays.


The series began on July 20, 2015, and is a podcast style playthrough series featuring Paul, Nick and Josh. Unlike the main series, each game featured is shown in length from start to end in multiple videos rather than in one single short edited video.

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