This article, Controversial YouTubers, may contain material that is disturbing.

Controversial YouTubers are YouTubers that have been exposed to predatory and/or criminal behavior on YouTube as well as those who have been accused of such acts, but were later debunked. Sometimes, it could be both. These YouTubers might also be controversial for other reasons as well. Some of these YouTubers end up getting their YouTube channels terminated for a violation of policies and some even get imprisoned. They might also lose subscribers and even abandon their channel altogether depending on the severity of the situation. They might also attempt to return to Youtube after their controversy, which most of the time is met with backlash, but for those who managed to clear their name, it can be met with neutrality.

YouTubers Who Were Exposed

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  • 2009 – Tony48219: Anthony Powell's videos received controversy due of hating black women and atheists. On April 10, 2009, Anthony Powell arrived at the Henry Ford Community College, and he murdered Asia McGowan by killing her with a shotgun. After killing Asia McGowan, Anthony committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun.
  • 2011 – Classitup10: Also known as Jared Lee Loughner, Jared is a convicted American mass murderer who killed 6 people and injured 13 people in the 2011 Tucson shooting. In November 2012, after having failed to stand trial in court twice, he was sentenced to life in prison with 140 years to add onto his sentence.
  • 2012 – LensCapProductions: Trey Eric Sesler was an anime enthusiast and a film enthusiast, who once reviewed anime on YouTube. On March 20th, 2012, Sesler shot and killed his mother Ronda, his father Lawtin, and his brother Mark. After committing the act, he wrote down on the walls, "Why did I do this? I love my mom, dad and brother." Interrogations found that he had actually killed his family to spare them from knowing that he wanted to shoot up the Waller Junior High School, with his goal being to kill at least 70 people. Once arrested, Sesler was sentenced to life in prison. In late 2020, his channel was terminated.
  • 2014 – Elliot Rodger: Elliot Rodger was an American vlogger known for creating videos in his own car. His final video was a video where he explained his life. In the end, Rodger ended up killing 6 people before turning the gun on himself.
  • 2017 – PioneersProductions: Randy Stair, also known as Andrew Blaze, was an American YouTuber who made a project named Ember's Ghost Squad, which is based on the character Ember McClain from the Nickelodeon animated series, Danny Phantom and worked as a shelf stocker at Weis Markets in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania. On June 8, 2017, Randy Stair was the perpetrator of the Weis Market Shooting, where he shot and killed 3 people. After killing 3 people and walking around the store shooting at propane tanks and glass, Randy Stair committed suicide via shotgun to the head.
  • 2017 – Vance Stone: William Edward Atchison was an American YouTuber who became well known in the true crime community from his real life tragedy videos and shitposting. His depression and obsession with mass shootings lead him to kill two students at Aztec High School before commiting suicide.
  • 2018 – Nasim Najafi Aghdam: Nasim was an Iranian bodybuilder who became widely famous for making the first YouTube Shooting, in which she injured four staff members and killed herself. The reasoning behind the shooting was solely because she got upset with the YouTube platform.
  • 2020 – BigMoney-T: Trent Paschal, better known as BigMoney-T, was an extremely small (currently at 441 subscribers), somewhat personal YouTuber, mainly uploading sparse personal vlogs, usually RC car videos, sometimes with his two children, and his wife Savana. In late October of 2020, Trent posted a disturbing video with the title of his daughter's full name. In it, he apologizes to both of his children, and explains that he caught Savana cheating on him. Not too long later, it was discovered that before the video was made, Trent hid in the shower, where when Savana went to take a shower, he jumped out at her, and murdered her. After the video was uploaded, Trent would confess to his aunt of his actions, before driving to a local Walmart, where he pulled a gun on police officers, but was shot by said police officers. Trent survived his injuries, and was arrested. He is currently awaiting trial.
  • 2020 – Reeflay: Reeflay was a 30-year-old Russian YouTube streamer with 4,000 subscribers before his channel was terminated. One night in December 2020, some users in his live chat and donations requested that he leave his 28-year-old pregnant lover out in freezing temperature in only her underwear, among much other abuse. Reeflay followed through with these actions on stream with no remorse, and the woman later died of hypothermia, killing the unborn baby with her. Reeflay was arrested almost immediately afterwards, and due to the obvious graphic nature of the livestream, his channel was terminated. It is unknown if the people telling him to do it will also be charged.

Sexual Predators

  • 2012 – MikeLombardoMusic: Mike Lombardo was a singer and songwriter who was arrested on July 25th, 2012 for having indecent photographs of underage fans.He plead guilty to the charges on September 18th, 2013, having confessed to coercing photos from 6 different minors He was sent to prison on February 28th, 2014, and released on parole on August 16th, 2018, after serving his five-year sentence. His current whereabouts are unknown to this day.
  • 2013 – Sam: Sam Pepper was a British vlogger. He used to be very popular until women started claiming that Sam had been sexually harassing them. Marina Joyce has claimed that Sam had been sexually abusing her when she was 16 and Sam was 24. DottieJames, another YouTuber, also claimed that Sam had been abusing her as well. Sam's career went rapidly downhill after the claims. Today, Sam left his YouTube channel and moved to his new YouTube channel called Sam Pepper Live.
  • 2013 – MadThad0890: Thaddeus McMichael was a YouTuber who uploaded videos usually discussing anime, manga and video games. Some of his more infamous videos include him celebrating his own birthday by himself with a photo of the character Kotonoha Katsura (whom he referred to as his "waifu") from the visual novel/anime School Days, celebrating Kotonoha's birthday with himself and the same photo, and dancing to Motteke! Sailor Fuku, the opening theme song of the anime Lucky Star. In March 2012, McMichael was arrested under suspicion of possessing child pornography, after authorities were alerted to him admitting to have masturbated to illegal material on his Facebook page. Authorities uncovered 600 illegal images and videos of young children on McMichael's hard drive. Through a plea bargain, he was sentenced from 5 - 25 years in prison on September 18th, 2013, and was released on October 9th, 2018. He is required by law to register as a sex offender until September 18th, 2038. As time passed by, several rumors about Thaddeus have circulated from his possible maturity to talking about his time in jail on different podcasts to even a possible return, though the latter less likely to happen with his status.
  • 2013 – Carl Herold: Carl Herold, also known as u / CarlH on Reddit, is a well-known educational Technology / Programming YouTuber who had over 30,000 subscribers at his peak. In 2013, Carl and one of his friends were arrested and charged with creating child pornography, child abuse and many other pedophile-related crimes. Before his trial began, in 2014, he was found hanged in his cell. In 2017, his Reddit account was hacked, claiming "Have escaped from Heaven", although this has clearly been debunked. Almost all of the videos have large dislike numbers.
  • 2015 – LionMaker: LionMaker is an American gaming YouTuber who groomed and requested nudity from underage fans. LionMaker's channel was later terminated, but he came back on a new channel in 2020, however that also has since been terminated. However, he continues to stream on Instagram Live, which is controversial since he has been shown to have predatory behavior there as well.
  • 2016 – JinBop: Starlit Zhao, aka JinBop, was an American gaming YouTuber, who abruptly stopped uploading videos. The reasoning behind why he stopped was because he attempted to have intercourse, while also having a video camera (though for unrelated purposes), with an underage fan, 14, who exposed herself to him, while he was 23. He ended up in prison for the production of indecent images of children and enticement to commit a felony. It's unknown how long he'll stay in there, but it's been speculated that he'll be locked up for a total of at least 6-10 years, according to multiple sources. He was also rumored to have been difficult to work with behind the scenes. To make things more confusing, the victim has her Twitter tagline set to "btw I still and will always love him" and somehow kept in contact with him until around 2018. Though the victim shouldn't be at fault, it's clear that something must have happened to keep their mediation going, even with Zhao's arrest.
  • 2016 – Shädbase: Shaddai Prejean, known online as Shädman or Shädbase is a Swiss artist who is known for rule 34 and pornographic art and webcomics. Ever since launching his website the Shädbase, he would gain a following and would meet online friends. Many people criticized him for his underaged and politically incorrect art. One example is the death of Edd Gould, to which Shädman responded by drawing art of Edd being rapped by the grim reaper. However, Shädman and his friends, such as Psychicpebbles, RicePirate, and Spazkid, defended him because his art was meant to be offensive on purpose. He's also drawn art of seductive underaged girls called "loli", to which he's gotten into drama. Some fans defended him since most of the characters he drew were fictional, but he's drawn pornographic art of real underage people. One example is when he drew art of Keemstar's daughter who is drawn in an overly sexualized manner. Later on, Shädman had said that he regrets making the drawings and promised to take it off of his website. However, he didn't keep his promise as he continued to draw multiple underaged girls. Another example is actress, Dafne Keen who was only 12 around the time he made art of her, such as Keen being molested and beaten up. Leaked messages from Discord would surface of Shädman calling her a loli. Many friends and fans would question Shädman's decisions and art. While some defended him saying it's tasteless on purpose, many would bash him, being called a pedophile and edge lord. He would later receive a cease and desist from Dafne Keen's lawyers. Around early 2019, Shädman stated he would quit drawing loli and pornographic art due to the gigantic amount of drama he's gotten into.
  • 2016 – Kiwiz: Kiwiz, at the time of the incident known as Red Kiwiz, was interviewed by Keemstar on DramaAlert after many allegations came out towards Red, to which he admitted to on the call with Keemstar and one of the victim's mothers. Kiwiz was only at 100,000 subscribers at the time, but now has 3,500,000 as of 2020. Recently, the DramaAlert interview came up again, to which Kiwiz decided to responded where he admits to his crimes once again, but this time claims that he has changed. Kiwiz, however, is still getting much backlash for this.
  • 2016 – Whitney Wisconsin: Whitney Wisconsin (also known as the Dog F'er) was an American vlogger, who got famous for her first video, in which she is explaining why is it good to have sexual intercourse with dogs. After this, LeafyIsHere created a video on the subject, which gave her much more attention. People also started finding pornographic material of Whitney actually doing the sin.
  • 2017 – Austin Jones: Austin Jones was an American singer, who got exposed for messaging underage fans. In the messages, Austin would teach his fans how to twerk for him and he would make them feel unwanted and like they let him down if they didn't please him. He wanted his fans to "give him the devotion that was seen" and 4 victims (14-15 years old) spoke out about this. When news broke out in May 2015, he was pulled from the Warped tour and issued what is now deemed as the biggest non-apology in history over a month later. In the video, he admitted to asking for indecent videos, but tried to deny the involvement of physical contact and nudity. He also blamed his actions on sexual abuse by his now-deceased father, his depression, seeing his younger sister die, and seeing his house burn in a fire. The blame was also aimed towards Damon Fizzy, who was on the side of the victims and was trying to help the truth be heard. Jones' misdeeds finally ended with him getting arrested in June 2017 when 2 more victims reported him to the authorities. In February 2019, he plead guilty to coercing photos from the aformentioned 6 underaged victims, as well as failing to do the same with about 30 others, claiming that he wanted to get them famous on Instagram and audition for dance tryouts. The judge clearly saw through his explanations without remorse. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in May when the jury were trying to split the decision of 11 years from the prosecutors' side and 5 years with Jones's lawyer's side. He would remain on house arrest before surrendering himself to his incarceration in late-June 2019. His YouTube channel also got terminated by the time he plead guilty. He is slated to be released on parole on New Year's Eve 2027, where he will serve 8 years of supervised release and will be required to serve as a sex offender indefinitely.
  • 2017 – Joel Faviere: John Faviere was an American singer and YouTuber who posted his music to his own channel, who briefly was the lead vocalist of the band Get Scared from 2011-2012. In 2017, he was arrested in a police sting after a device in a house he was staying in was found to have thousands of images of children, including babies, and he later admitted to being addicted to it. He was part of 42 people who were caught and arrested for indecent child crimes. In 2018, he was given 12 years in prison and is scheduled for parole after serving 11 years and 9 months. Like those in the police sting, he is required to register as a sex offender indefinitely.
  • 2017 – Exurb1a is a suspect of rape and assault in The Netherlands. His co-host from The Half Drunk and Curious podcast [1], artist and activist Photoandgrime (Pieke Roelofs), who has autism, filed multiple police reports against him in 2017.[2][3][4] The criminal complaints Photoandgrime filed range from harassment to physical violence, rape, threats and blackmail. The case against Exurb1a is still in Dutch court and has been going on since 2017.[5][6]The duration of the case is linked to police not being able to locate Exurb1a, who has not turned himself in yet.[7] Exurb1a has never publicly denied the accusations against him, and has deleted comments on his own subreddit about the case before he was banned from his own subreddit. [8]
  • 2018 – ToonKriticY2K: ToonKriticY2K was an American YouTuber who was an analyst for the Brony community. In January 2018, he was exposed for doing sexual roleplays with a 14-15 year old from the Philippines on Skype. Many of the screencaps date back as early as November 2016. He later admitted to these allegations and deleted most of his accounts online including his YouTube channel. Despite being exposed, Toon hasn't been arrested and charged as guilty as he remains online under another identity.
  • 2018 – Gaga Stajls: Gaga Stajls was a Serbian YouTube star, who was known for making horrifying videos on YouTube, until his channel got shut down. In 2018, a news outlet came out about a video in which Gaga is sexually abusing a goat, saying very disgusting stuff what he will do to the goat. The news outlet also said that Gaga had a Facebook page, where he would write all the stuff he would do to the animal, and it's also been confirmed that Gaga had actually been working in a child-care center.
  • 2018 – Kero The Wolf: Kero The Wolf was a furry YouTuber who became semi-popular in July 2017 when he was interviewed by Shane Dawson in a now-deleted video. Leaks on Twitter were revealed in September 2018, which exposed Kero for sexually abusing his dog Koda. Many of these screencaps came from various platforms including a bestiality forum and Telegram, some of which date back as early as 2012. He was also accused for acts of pedophilia which were later dismissed. As of February 2020, he has not been charged as guilty for his actions but hasn't uploaded on YouTube since November 2018 after his equipment was confiscated by police.
  • 2018 – Starman3: Starman3 was a YouTuber which was exposed of being pedophilic, as well as a generally poor leader for the YouTube Rangers. He eventually confirmed these rumors, however repeatedly failed to change his ways. Over the years, many YTR members came forward with stories and pictures of him engaging in sexualized roleplay and romantic behavior. This is in spite of many of his fans and YTR members being well below the age of consent at the times these actions occurred.
  • 2018 – JewWario: JewWario was a gaming/game reviewer Youtuber who was associated with the Channel Awesome network which included the likeness of Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) and AngryJoeShow. In 2014, Wario committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his bathroom, supposedly with his wife right behind the bathroom door. His death was immediately met with shock and sadness from his friends and fans, and many, including Doug, expressed their grievances and respect to his death. JewWario was seen posthumously as an idol to many people, and seen as an important figure to Gaming Youtube. However, this would all change in 2018, when it came out that JewWario had groomed many underaged fans. This revelation was met with shock and anger from much of the community, especially his now ex-fans. Initially Doug and Wario's wife had denied that Wario had groomed underaged fans. However, many people presented evidence that he in fact had many sexual contacts with minors over the internet. His wife now claims that she believes he had groomed said underaged fans and realized that, in hindsight, the last words her husband spoke to her before he pulled the trigger was an admission to his irredeemable actions.
  • 2019 – Romeo Lacoste: Lacoste is an American tattoo artist who is known for making tattoos for the biggest celebrities there can be. However, he was revealed to have been sexting 2 underaged fans (aged 14 and 15 respectively). Screenshots of their Instagram DMs leaked which consisted of sexual mannerism from Romeo as well as alcohol consumption. As of now, Lacoste has privated his social media to avoid any publicity, but the damage is still there.
  • 2019 – Cristali: Cristali was an infamous artist who was outed for being a pedophile, a tracer, a blackmailing manipulator, and an art theft hellbent on abusing others for profitable gain. In April 2019, he was arrested for possession of child pornography and human trafficking after PeachyCub told her parents about the misconduct and they reported it to the Guatemalan police. Over a year later, he was sentenced to a questionable 3 years and 5 months in prison.
  • 2019 – MaleVeronica: MaleVeronica was an infamous Geometry Dash hacker who was exposed for sending nudes to an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old when he was 16. Male also catfished several kids and asked them for nudes as well. On June 19, 2019, he was exposed and has never responded or addressed the allegations to this day.
  • 2019 – Geofcraze634: Geofcraze634 is a Hong Kong-Filipino YouTuber, commonly known for Splatoon in the Nutshell series. Since 2016, he was notorious for being a manipulator and a pedophile on Discord. In 2016, he groomed Ellie Godelia for pictures of her feet, which led to a so-called apology in 2018, two years later. In 2019, he was exposed again, but this time, along with LizzieTheRatcicle15, TehCanadianSpartan, and Ellie Godelia, he and the other three have made a sexual roleplay involving minors in a Discord server partaking in a lewd-roleplay category. In 2020, he was called out once more for making NSFW porn and feet fetish art, chatting in ERP roleplay, and making a very creepy conversation to two underage users named Genisis (aged 16 before he became 17 years old) and Namisina64 (aged 14). Despite being exposed, he has not been arrested for the commitments he made, and he is also not executed for these actions because in Hong Kong, pedophilia is considered a recipe for a death penalty.
  • 2019 – Raedwulfgamer: Raedwulfgamer was a gaming YouTuber best known for his Amnesia videos. In August of 2019, he had abruptly deleted his channel of 299K subscribers. Not too long later, it was revealed that he was arrested and charged with 2 counts of luring a child and 1 count of making indecent imagery available to a child. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently unknown when he will be on trial, despite being out on bail.
  • 2019 – Onision: Greg Jackson, best known as Onision, is an American YouTuber, commonly known for his "I'm A Banana Song", but is now infamous for getting into one of every controversy possible on the platform. Onision got exposed for abusing women, being in sexual relations with minors and animals (precisely dogs), attempted massacure, and more. Famous American predator hunter, Chris Hansen, has started talking to underage victims of Onision. Hansen also said that the police are involved in solving the case. An attempt to stop Hansen's actions was made by Greg in 2019, but when it reached court, it backfired due to Greg suing the wrong Chris Hansen, leading that to be dismissed. Greg has yet to take responsibility to his actions or even be arrested for said actions. A show on Discovery+ named "Onision: In Real Life" was made in Janurary 2021 to explain what led to his actions, though it did lack in making a good effort of it. In a shocking turn of events, Onision annouced that he was quitting YouTube and Twitter, but only because the higher corporate power finally demonitized his channel rather than anything else.
  • 2019 – Tenebrous: In late-2019 and early-2020, fellow YouTuber Angelicat (real name Angelica) leaked Snapchat and Discord messages between her and Tenebrous (real name Damian) that she had in 2014 while she was 14 and he was 19. In the conversations, Damian constantly asked for nudes, send naked pictures of himself, and flirted with Angelica. Since the incident, Damian never addressed anything or apologized, and instead quit YouTube altogether.
  • 2020 – Cryaotic: On June 20, 2020, Cryaotic admitted to engaging in romancing, abusing, and cheating on multiple women, some of which were underaged fans, after being accused of grooming and pedophilia that dates all the way back to 2011. This would be part of the first wave of many allegations that were finally spoken out in 2020. The video he posted was 4 minutes and 23 seconds long, and he received a immediately large amount of backlash. The video itself was short, and there were many that felt he glossed over the major parts of the situation and the so-called "apology" was very lackluster. He has since said he will post a follow-up video with a more thought out statement, though this has yet to be done. Several other members of the Late Night Crew have made statements on the issue, as well as several of his victims. Many people, mainly ex-fans, have created a megathread that would show his indecent behavior with roughly 20 victims and his transformation into a massive psychopath. Cry has yet to make a full, legitamate response to anything of the matter and has his profile picture set to "More to Come".
  • 2020 – Chris D'Elia: Chris D'elia is an American comedian, podcaster and YouTuber best known for his stand-up and TV roles. In June 2020, Chris came under fire when he was accused by at least 5 women of sexual harrassment, grooming, and solicited photos. He would try to deny the allegations mutiple times and stated that he never pursued young girls or stored sexual photos of them. After the allegations went public, his shows and merch were blacklisted, all of his roles on upcoming shows and movies had to be recasted and replaced, and a 2011 episode of "To Catch A Predator" which had Chris involved was removed. In Seotember 2020, he asked fellow actress Megan Drust for a ride home from an LA restaurant and masturbated all around her car on the way home. This was confirmed by 2 of his friends. On Feburary 19th, 2021, he would break his silence and come clean with a 10-minute video, in which he explained that sex controlled his life and that it was a problem that he had not been able to control. Knowing that his actions costed him everything, he would also state that he would get help to try and clean himself up. However, on March 2nd, 2021, he would be exiled again when a women by the name of Jane Doe sued him of possession of indecent photos of her as well as months-long sexual abuse dating back to 2011. He would deny the allegations and he and his lawyers are pending court actions.
  • 2020 – Joey Ryan: Joey Ryan, a former wrestler on Impact Wrestling, was called out by around 15-20 women of sexual misconduct and unwanted advances. This was among the rise of the #SpeakingOut movement, and you can see the full list here. Among the allegations, much of the victims have expressed how Joey had screwed them over via text or verbal disposure. His contract was terminated by Impact Wrestling and his own promotion, Bar Wrestling, was forced to shut down. A month later, Joey would try to deny all of his allegations in an almost-hour long video which has now been made private, which was immediately met with backlash. However, he remains active on all of his social media, especially Twitter and YouTube, and has supposedly become a born-again Christian, which was only disproven by former fans due to being caught and fearing more heat. He has also took it upon himself to sue some of the victims of the accusations over the next few months. An attempt of a comeback was made on March 2nd, 2021 when he and Bar Wrestling were listed as a sponsor for a women's wrestling show, but fans were quick to notice and put him on blast.
  • 2020 – Shallon Lester: Shallon Lester, a YouTuber who dedicated herself to talking about celeb drama and gossip, was found out by dangelowallace to have tweets[9] thirsting[10] over Justin Beiber, who at the time was 15, when she was 25. This was not the only[11] tweet she had about thirsting over underage children. She also had multiple racist/homophobic/transphobic tweets, where she used slurs such as f-g and tr-nny. When D'angelo exposed her, she lied that he doxxed her and pretended to call the cops on him.
  • 2020 – Mini Ladd: In June 2020, two women on Twitter named Halley and Ash came out about Craig manipulating them in nearly every manner in his 20s while they were underage. The allegations involved indecent images, flying to Craig's place for sexual mannerisms, and concerning messages. Soon after, his ex-girlfriend SuniDey also came out stating that their relationship was "extremely toxic and manipulative," and addressed false rumors that he had raped her. Among her response, she also stated that Craig had kicked her our of the house and somehow got the blame for it. Craig would later make an apology on Twitter where he admitted to his behaviour and said he would get therapy [12], as well as (currently) taking an indefinite break. After the allegations came out, his editor Ty Widdas removed his mention of Mini Ladd from his Twitter bio, and had confirmed that he no longer works for him. He sent out a supposed "apology" video in September 2020, in which he addressed the rumors, as well as new allegations involving a similar incident during the Camp17 program claimed by a 3rd victim named miles!!, who accused him of harassment and discomfort, with an attempt to deny the latter of the claims. Despite the unholy amount of backlash the video received, he would continue to upload videos as if nothing happened. In December 2020, he would make another apology video which received positive reactions at first, but later received backlash once other YouTubers debunked the whole thing to prove that he was using excuses again. Hailey would respond to the apology in a video of hers, stating that she still won't forgive Mini Ladd as the damage was already done, but wanted people to move on from the situation in order to not make it more complicated for those involved. This seems less likely to be moved on from as people like SunnyV2 have cited his apologies as him using external factors, false information and clout to try and cover up his actions, not to mention being in contact with one of the victims since 2013. Even Ohmwrecker, someone who was formerly associated with Craig, casted him out and pleaded for him to delete his platforms for good. He has yet to be arrested for his actions.
  • 2020 – Johnimations: John Bob, going under the Youtube username Johnimations, was a popular twitter artist and animator, best known for his animations that featured many other people in his friend group, which included ChippleDipple, who would start SMP Earth the same year. In mid-2020, not too long after a loose associate of John named GitGudNami was outed as a paedophile, John decided to tweet a thread that outed himself as one as well, he was 18, while the person he dated was only 15. Many of the screenshots showed John being emotionally abusive towards the minor. He claimed that he tweeted this admission out on his own will, but that was debunked as many people had been threatening to out him. Many people in his group cut contact with him, however others started to defend him, most notably Kaifraz4048 who claimed that it wasn't grooming because it was "only a 3 year age gap". However, this led Kaif to receive immense backlash himself, with many calling him a Pedo-Defender. Another person who would defend John was Tar Head, who claimed that John was "Nothing but a simp". Later that night, ironically, Tar Head was himself outed as a child groomer, as many screenshots surfaced of him grooming, and later emotionally abusing a 15 year old, while Tar was in his 20s. He later responded to these allegations, however deleted his account when LeafyIsHere, a YouTuber who Tar was a fan of, made a tweet clowning on Tar. John also deactivated his account not too long after he outed himself, but then reactivated it, tweeting out that it was a "coward move". He would however deactivate his account again after the backlash he received. Johnimations, John's Youtube account, also had all of its videos privatized, and the profile picture was changed to a default "J", but you can still find reuploads of his videos. His current status is unknown.
  • 2020 – Cosmodore: In June 2020, Cosmodore posted a video on his channel announcing that he was taking a hiatus from making videos in order to deal with some personal issues. A month later, it was revealed what those issues were. Cosmo posted a story on his community tab where he admitted that in 2019, he was in a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. As more details began to come out (especially thanks to DaftPina), it became clear that Cosmo was emotionally abusive to his victim by the time their relationship had reached its end and that he was attempting to groom fellow YouTuber LS Mark into being his next victim. Many people in Cosmo's circles reacted in shock and disgust, with many of them stating they've cut ties with him and are either removing videos that featured him (such as Saberspark and AniMat) or are putting warnings in the comments section of said videos (such as Pan Pizza and PIEGUYRULZ). He attempted to make multiple comebacks between October and December 2020; the former which ended up with immediate backlash while the latter was initially well received until bigger named YouTubers commented on it at which point it got backlash, although Cosmodore has been deleting comments mentioning the incident. It all came to ahead when Cosmo's victim came out with a video revealing not only the extent of Cosmo's abuse, but also revealed the aforementioned LS Mark was the one responsible for luring her to Cosmo in the first place, though that last bit about Mark might be a bit of an overstatement. On February 23rd, 2021, he would upload a new video in which he finally had admitted to his actions, along with forcing her to delete certain tweets and even cyberstalking since 2018, as well as meeting up with regular and sex therapists. The video has been met with mixed reception as usual, but more commentary videos deciphering it led to the dislikes pouring in. It was rumored that the victim tried to sue Cosmodore, but was unable to due to Cosmo living in Germany, and that part makes things even more complicated.
  • 2020 – Cinnpie: Cinnpie was a professional eSports commentator who mainly did commentary for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. On July 1st, 2020, a user by the name of Puppeh released a TwitLonger that explained her sexting and sexually abusing him while she was 24 and he was 14. He was abused throughout the summer of 2016 to the point where oral sex and drunk teasing were involved. When news broke out, all sponsors were wise to drop Cinnpie immediately and fans even started a massive trend on Twitter, begging for her arrest. Cinnpie has yet to respond to any of the allegations and has been on a hiatus from all of her social media accounts. She was one of many Smash players/commentators to be spoken out against. A full megathread of allegations can be seen here.
  • 2020 – ZeRo: ZeRo is a retired professional Smash Bros player who was outed out for grooming 2 minors when they were 14-15 and he was 19 during his Skype days. In the Skype chats, he would demand for ridiculous requests and send explicit ads and animated pictures. These actions would go on for months on end. When word got out, it took him 3 TwitLongers before coming clean and permanently banning himself from any and all competitive tournaments, leaving sponsors to drop him in the process. Tempo Gaming also terminated their contract with ZeRo, giving the victims professional support and, to everyone's surprise, mandating ZeRo to attend professional counseling and other rehabilitation sources. Tempo Gaming's CEO, Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk, stated that they don't know if he's able to truly rehabilitate after everything, but within time, something could be done so that things can be stable again.
  • 2020 – KeitaroTime: KeitaroTime, or known by the Smash community as Keitaro, was a professional Smash Bros. player who was formerly associated with Nairo. On the early morning of July 2nd, 2020, a Twitter user named Error: 102-R accused Keitaro of having underaged sex with a minor going under the name Shiva. Keitaro, 30, had supposedly gotten into a drinking game with Shiva, 16, while playing Smash 4. They would later head to a nearby pool where Keitaro went on to have the unwante sex with Shiva. Keitaro would release a statement later that day, in which he fully admitted to the accusations and fellow Smash player, Colinies, made a statement of his own, confirming that many people knew about the situation when it happened, but covered it up to protect his reputation. Once word got out, Keitaro was terminated of his contract with 2GGaming and was banned from all future events. He has also disappeared from all of his social media platforms.
  • 2020 – CaptainZack: CaptainZack was a professional Smash Bros player who accused fellow pro player Nairo of raping him in 2017, when he was 20 and Zack was 15. He posted a Twitlonger on July 2nd, 2020, in which he shared his side of the story, and many had sided with him. However, in the months that followed, people like tamim and Nairo himself have come to clarify that it was Zack who had initiated the sexual misconduct the whole time and wanted hush money so that nothing would be revealed to the public. It was also revealed that legal action was being taken. Slowly but gradually, people went against CaptainZack and started to forgive Nairo. People have also pointed out that he had a similar controversy happen when he initiated a sexual relationship with Ally and was also the center of attention with tournament bracket maipulation. On February 19th, 2021, it was confirmed that both Nairo and Zack had reached a legal agreement and for the case to be dismissed. However, it's clear that CaptainZack had lied the whole time and is now recognized as the Smash community's "glizzy gobbler".
  • 2020 – Mangs: On July 8th, 2020, Fire Emblem YouTuber Goosaphone released a Twitlonger going over how Mangs, another highly popular Fire Emblem YouTuber, had been manipulating her since 2016, to the point of sexually assaulting her at Anime North 2019. Another user, Lucky Crit, released a statement of his own supporting Goosaphone's accusation and announcing that he would no longer be working with Mangs. Later that day, Mangs responded with his own TwitLonger, attempting to refute Goosaphone's accusations towards him, but in the end apologizing for how Goosaphone interpreted his actions. The following day, Mangs made a more conclusive post on TwitLonger apologizing for his behavior towards Goosaphone and his other victims. In his second post, he announced that he would be deleting his Twitter account, and that ownership of his Discord server would be transferred to one of the admins. Though Mangs had also abandoned his channel, he left it up so that viewers could still view his content. On August 21st, 2020, Mangs would return with a video describing about his depression after being called out by many users. He also talks about the accusation again, feeling guilty, apologizing, and claiming he's against sexual assault. He also talks about the allegation being a coordinated effort to take him down. Furthermore, he said he will continue on after hearing many fans loving his videos. He is currently meeting his therapist regularly, so that's something.
  • 2020 – IAmSp00n: Samuel Earney, better known online as IAmSp00n, is a former gaming YouTuber and Twitch livestreamer. On June 22nd, a former girlfriend accused Earney of sexual and emotional abuse. She said he lorded his sponsorship deal with an unnamed PC-part manufacturing company over her as part of that mistreatment. The ex-girlfriend’s statement helped to explain the apology Earney had issued the previous day. “My actions haven’t been proper or appropriate,” he said, adding that he would ask his sponsors and partners to remove him “from programs and services so that they aren’t held responsible.” On June 24th, 2020, Twitch banned his account. “We have ceased all engagement with Samuel Earney (IAmSp00n),” Nvidia said in a statement. "We condemn such behavior and commend those who come forward to support the safety of our gaming community".
  • 2020 – Dee Kosh: Dee Kosh was a YouTube and radio personality before his world came crashing down on August 2020 when allegations of sexual activity with a 15-year-old surfaced. He tried to deny the accusations at first, but he later admitted to have been in the specific situation. He explained that he never tried to look for paid sex, as per the rumors, but the screenshots from the victims says otherwise. Since then, Night Owl Cinematics dropped him from involvement and halted their schedule. The news is still developing, but it's clear that Kosh won't be off the hook for a long time.
  • 2020 – The Happy Scientist: John Robert Krampf, 64, better know online as "The Happy Scientist" is a YouTuber who, while with a seemingly small subscriber count, has somewhat popular educational videos, which are largely shown at schools. On September 19, 2020, Robert was arrested after police found over 20 hard drives worth of child pornography. This followed a three-day long investigation by the FBI. [13] He tried to plead not guilty to the charges and is currently awaiting trial.
  • 2020 – MandoPony: MandoPony is a music YouTuber best known for making many Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) fan songs, similar to other well-known YouTubers like The Living Tombstone. In 2020, numerous ex-fans of Andy came out and accused him of grooming them when they were underaged. Eventually. more and more evidence came out that he had groomed even more underaged girls. A twitter account named "@AndyExposing" was created by many of his victims, as well as the friends of his victims, which immediately started posting many evidence that Andy had groomed them. Andy has not yet made a formal response, and he's instead privated his Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, as well as turning off all the comments for his videos.
  • 2020 – EDP445: EDP445 (better known as EatDatPussy445) is an American youtuber with over 2 million subscribers at his peak. He became well-known for his "left leg feeling numb" after jacking off and considering it as a sport. In June 2020, he was accused of sexually soliciting a minor through DMs, which EDP claimed was a joke. In October 2020, a youtuber named ColdRaven came out and showed DMs between him and EDP, in which Raven pretended to be a 15 year-old female. After he refused to go out with him, EDP threatened to beat up Raven. EDP admitted to these texts, but once again claimed they were jokes. However, more evidence suggested that EDP meant these messages, as well as evidence that he sexted at least 8 actual underaged girls. Soon a lot of his fans turned against him. He currently has his Instagram set to where only his friends can comment. A youtuber named Prison Mate Luke made a video on EDP explaining his opinion on the situation. Then, Diesel Patches made a video about the allegations, but putting a disclaimer that they were only allegations. The next day, however, Diesel made a follow up video explaining EDP's response to these allegations, where Diesel debunked EDP's arguments and called the response terrible. EDP445 still uploads to this day.
  • 2020 – Dusk Raccoon: Dusk Raccoon, better known as Duskcoon, is a content creator that once made furry videos and meme videos. He was later outed to being obsessed with a 16-year old teenager on DeviantArt named BlueCatRiolu, where it went as far as wanting to live with him. He was 19 at the time and having lied about his age to the victim. It was noticed by many his unhealthy philia and how he would force his kinks upon others, attempt cyber-sex, and having very odd intrests. A separate rumor has also surfaced that Dusk was also supposedly the one responsible for turning BCR into a pedophile himself. Dusk uploaded a video that has him outting himself out and that he wishes to be arrested. No punishment has proceeded, confusingly. However, a YouTuber known as Sensitive Soci3ty made a video entitled "Dusk Raccoon, A Pedophile Who Got Away With It", which sent thousands of fans to send hate to him, especially his apology, which got dislike bombed very badly having a 9% score. The video also showed screenshots of Dusk being proud of his pedophillia.
  • 2020 – Jeffree Star: Jeffree Star, one of the most polvarizing makeup channels on the platform, was accused of sexual misconduct involving minors. From one story stating how he raped a 15-year-old fan to being seen "groping multiple people", Star has yet to share his side of the story. He's also been in other parts of hot water, which is further explained in the "Others" section.
  • 2020 - Ryan Haywood: On October 6th, 2020, Ryan Haywood was fired from the company Rooster Teeth, and its gaming business, Achievement Hunter. Ryan was let go after numerous fans came out and said that Ryan had groomed young fans, and had numerous sexual encounters with them, many of whom were underage. Rooster Teeth had to delay shows to recast Ryan, and Achievement Hunter deleted many videos from their channel, wanting to wipe the slate clean. Ryan's Twitter was subsequently deleted, and he stopped streaming on Twitch. He announced a potential return to streaming in January 2021, which received much backlash.
  • 2020 – Crazen: On October 9th, 2020, someone known as Kowareta_OwO made a tweet talking about how Crazen, a well-respected community member and "demon slayer" in Geometry Dash, harassed people and cheated on girls. Some DMs were leaked with Crazen using the n-word and telling people to kill themselves. On October 16, 2020, a girl named Alyn made a tweet about getting groomed by Crazen. He was 17, while she was 13. She revealed that he was masturbating to her on video calls and leaked their DMs. Later, another girl known as Ezvie revealed that she was groomed by Crazen as well, which destroyed her mental health. She revealed their DMs and said that he cheated on her, calling him a manipulative sociopath. On November 12, 2020, A 13-year-old girl known as Zexer told her story with Crazen, showing that he deleted his sexual DMs. He constantly asked for nudes, despite her young age and their age gap. When he turned 18, he made a second discord account to secretly harass her on. After getting exposed, he privated most of his YouTube videos and deleted his Twitter account, thereby qutting altogether. The few videos that are still up have disabled comments and ratings.
  • 2020 – Joel Armstrong Animations: Joel Armstrong is a YouTuber who was called out for being a manipulative person who degrates others and tries to get away with his actions by saying the screenshots are inspected elements when most evidence shown were limited to what he intentionally screenshotted. He is racist to Greeks and black people, he sexually harassed others, and he lied to others right in their face. There's also the infamous dick incident where he showed his dick to OfficerMidnight Chopper, Commedian, Foxgamer, and a few others. This caused his own friends to turn on him that thought he was innocent and everyone went off at him. He also made fun of and celebrated OfficerMidnight Chopper's uncle dying and before that his uncle's cat dying. OfficerMidnight Chopper isn't completely innocent but kept a consistent story with this, proving how Joel was a con artist and a liar. Joel admitted to having a sexual attraction to OfficerMidnight Chopper and knowing they are sworn enemies he rejected him. To this day, the situation still goes onto this day until he is in jail.
  • 2020 – Rainbowed: Rainbowed, formerly known as Rainbow Steve2 is a YouTuber who makes Minecraft: Bedrock Edition content. He was exposed in November for e-dating with a 15-year-old. He was kicked out of his own house after he was exposed and his channel was deleted as well.
  • 2020 – DeHamad: Hamad, better known online as DeHamad, was a Kuwaiti YouTuber who made Hypixel Bedwars content, and was a respected player. However, Exposing YouTuber Adviser exposed and confronted him for sexually talking with a 14-year-old girl. When he was confronted, he admitted to it and said "What's wrong with it?" (Which YouTuber Strobed commented saying "That's one hell of a statement"). Hamad made a response video then deleted it, then made another one, which was much less genuine than the previous, saying that it was legal in Kuwait, and he didn't know, which was a lie, as no sexual talk is allowed in Kuwait unless it has to do with marriage, and said person was over the age of 15, making it illegal. Hamad was also 23 years old when this happened, making it even more illegal. In January of 2021, he deleted all of his videos, except for his response, which he later deleted and then reuploaded them, but the titles are in Arabic apart from a few and the videos are also in Arabic. Also, he changed the name to "حمد HM" which is Arabic for "Hamad HM" according to google searches.
  • 2020 – Zoe Laverne: Zoe Laverne (born: June 3, 2001), is a American Tik-Tok & YouTube star. In November 2020, she got exposed for kissing a 13-year old on the lips (while she is 19). After the news broke down, she made a video responding to the claims defending herself, saying that people were making the situation bigger then it was supposed to be, and that the boy she kissed supposedly approved of the act. She also stated that the age-difference was a bad thing, and that they both stopped after they realized what they were doing. DramaAlert later on made a video about the situation, saying that it does not matter that she's a female. Repzion and SomeOrdinaryGamers also made videos regarding the situation, calling her out for her actions. On Feburary 22nd, 2021, Zoe announced that she was pregnant with her 20-year-old partner and claimed that she has taken accountability for the controversy, but most people might disagree.
  • 2020 – PlasmaMasterDon: Donzel Edward Owens was a 73-year-old man from Ohio that made covers of popular songs. As a discovery made by the YouTuber Nick Crowley, it turned out that he was a registered sex offender. He was arrested for groping and sexually assualting a young boy. On December 21, 2020, a meer 10 days after Nick released his video exposing Don, he died after battling a long illness. Don had 510K subs at his peak, but now has dropped down to 490K.
  • 2021 – Narpy: Narpy is a Minecraft YouTuber with 676K subscribers, who got exposed by KonekoKitten in a 57-page Google Document where he explains how narpy coerced him sexually, emotionally abused him and tried to frame Koneko as a pedophile. In the document, a screenshot from Narpy stated he "targeted 20+ year olds" while he was a minor, and intentionally lured numerous adults into sexual advances via suicide baiting, gaslighting and manipulation; immediately proving Koneko's innocence in the matter as Narpy had specific intent to do this to multiple older adults by pressuring them into it. Narpy also engaged in grooming minors as well. Narpy lost 3,000+ subscribers after the Google Document came out. A short while later, Koneko deleted the doc due to misconceptions and stated in a YouTube Community post that he wishes for Narpy to get help and for this whole drama to stop piling up. He has since remained on a hiatus from social media, with both of them having moved on from the situation.
  • 2021 – DrewPlayz: DrewPlayz was a smaller gaming YouTuber with around 4,400 subscribers, mainly known for his Minecraft livestreams. In 2020, allegations started to rise of Drew grooming a 12-year-old girl on Roblox, as well as cheating on his girlfriend with multiple girls. Drew had been previously been exposed for racist comments as well as instigating doxxing as far as that of his own mother's phone number. In January 2021, a Youtuber named Derpy set up a Discord call with a group of people, all interviewing Drew. While the call was starting and Drew had just turned on his camera, it appeared that Drew's family came into his room telling him that the police were at his house. Drew denied it, which was fought back by his siblings saying that they are outside. His mother then went and explained to Drew why the police were there, that apparently someone emailed his principle to warn him that Drew had been visiting websites that have Child Pornography on them. Drew was heard constantly saying it wasn't him, but he ended up getting arrested anyways. He was released that same night, as the police were still investigating. The following day, after Scrimzox had made a video on the situation, Drew made a livestream where he didn't mention anything of the previous events. This was obviously met with backlash, as his videos began to rack up hundreds of dislikes. Eventually, Drew made a one minute apology video, which was also met with backlash, due to his vagueness and insincerity, as well as the fact that he was found hearting comments saying that he didn't do it. Hours later, he deleted his apology and privated most recent livestreams. Eventually, he changed all of those videos back to unlisted except for his apology, which ended up being removed completely. He then deleted his channel and left the internet, some debate whether he did this himself, or he ended up being found guilty and he was forced to abstain from the internet, which included deleting his channel.
  • 2021 – Destery Smith: Destery Smith is a music and comedy YouTuber who is best known for his collaborations with Shane and currently has over 1 million subscribers. In 2021, multiple women came out and claimed that Destery had inappropriately messaged and possibly tried to groom them back in 2014-2015 when he had many of his fans add him on Instagram. The first woman came out with her experiences, at first not mentioning who the groomer was, in response to a comment on her TikTok page regarding someone who talked to an underaged girl and waited for them to turn 18 and become sexual with them. In response, the woman told a story of Destery Smith (again, she didn't explicitly say who it was then) adding her on Instagram, and attempting to groom her. She ended up revealing it was Destery in a follow up video. Her videos ended up being taken down from a Copyright claim from Destery, which led her to explain, and also show many (according to her words "possibly even hundreds of") comments that she had received on her TikTok which also claimed that they had a creepy experience with Destery. Not too long later, an ex-friend and common collaborator of Destery, Nathan Owens (AhoyNateo) came out and explained that he had cut ties with Destery back in 2017 after Destery told him that he was already dating another girl named Eevee, who Nate wanted to be girlfriends with, and that Destery was actually planning to set him up with Destery's girlfriend, Amber, which he said he broke up with. Nathan said that he then called Amber, who was in another state at the time, which when asked about her status with Destery. She said that they were still together and Destery had even been messaging her that he missed her and couldn't wait for her to come back home. Nate immediately realized that Destery had lied to him, and he had actually been cheating on Amber with Eevee, which then led to both Nate and Eevee (and eventually Amber after she was told) to cut contact with him. Another friend of Destery then came out to talk about her experiences with Destery as well. More and more grooming victims of Destery came out as well, which led him up to privating his Twitter account. He has not made a response yet.
  • 2021 – MaximilianMus: MaximilianMus is a popular and somewhat infamous Swedish CS:Go and Call of Duty troll Youtuber best known for his "Oh Yeah Yeah" meme that made the rounds of Youtube comments in 2018, and plenty of users still have his profile picture. On February 19, 2021, Cr1tikal released a video that exposed Max for many deplorable acts, which included but not limited to, sharing of child porn, encouraging his fans to doxx, harass, and bully other creators in the hopes of getting them banned. One of Max's more infamous acts is when he joined a Discord call that had a mentally ill person in it, in which Max forced him to strip naked and eat his own feces, and draw on his chest with it. He also invited a 16 year old in another Discord Call, and had another person strip naked and shove a feces covered piece of paper up their rectum. He would also constantly delete his Discord servers and make new ones due to the amount of Child Pornography that would get shared in them. He would also have his fans go to people's streams, whether big or small, and say racist, homophobic, and other stuff in the hopes that they would get banned. In Discord DMs with Turkey Tom, Max expressed his desire to frame BluesDank as a pedophile, and also exposed his nude body to Tom. Max even once attacked a Cr1tikal stream and made everyone say "Weest Gang" in the hopes of framing the Youtuber Weest so that he would get banned as well. One time, he and his fans attacked and bullied a small creator to the point that he had mental breakdowns and begged the harassment to stop, which unfortunately would be futile. He also allegedly participated in hacking another creator named AugieRFC, as a unusual/bizarre stream started to play on Augie's Youtube, Twitch, and DLive, Max was seen in the Youtube live chat at the beginning of the stream, which it was pointed out by Augie that Max hadn't even interacted with anything related to him in over a year, the last time being a debate with Max.
  • 2021 – LenTotally: LenTotally is a popular YouTuber known for his Gacha commentary videos, gaming, and animations. On February 21st, 2021, a user by the name of LenTotally Exposed made a video alleging that Len had been grooming a 14-year-old when Len was 20. A 14-year-old came forward and revealed screenshots and screen recordings of sexual interactions between them and Len. Len's former friends later confirmed this on Discord and YouTube, including Sukie Online, Garby, and RosyClozy.[14][15] He himself confirmed the accusations were true on his YouTube community tab. Len's first community post made on the topic claimed that he was not the one who started flirting and that it was the teenager who did, and claimed that he did not affect her life negatively. He explained that the 14-year-old was the one who allegedly requested to do intimate scenarios with Len.[16] The post received mixed reactions, with some people claiming that Len was gaslighting the victim. Others have tried to push the fact that the victim was the one that started the intimacy, but their comments were quickly argued with because even if the victim did, she wouldn't know what would have gone on until after it had happened to her. This caused a major dividing of both ends of the spectrum to figure out who's to blame, the victim, Len, or both. He later deleted this post and made another one apologizing.[17] Len later deleted all his community posts including the apology, turned off comments on all his videos on his main channel, and deleted his gaming channel. After deleting all his community posts, Len made a new community post apologizing and claiming that he would take full responsibility for his actions, and that he had accidently deleted his last community post.[18] People are still divided by what action should be taken.


  • 2012 – VitalyzdTv: On June 16, 2012, Zdorovetskiy and cameraman Jonathan Vanegas filmed the "Russian Hitman Prank". As part of the prank, Zdorovetskiy approached a Boca Raton Resort man and informed him they had 60 seconds to get away from a briefcase he placed on the ground. After Zdorovetskiy revealed the whole thing to be a prank and that there was a hidden camera nearby, the man started attacking him and his partner and called the police. Zdorovetskiy was arrested by Boca Raton police department, facing a maximum of 15 years in prison on charges of threatening to detonate a bomb. On April 12, 2020, Zdorovetskiy was arrested for allegedly randomly assaulting a female jogger in Miami Beach. He was released from custody after posting a $7,500 bond.
  • 2015 – Nicole Arbour: Nicole Arbour is an Canadian model, actress, and YouTube vlogger. She became famous when she became in a relationship with the famous YouTube star Matthew Santoro. The relationship was doing fine until Nicole started abusing Matthew, to the point of threatening Matthew of wanting to stab him. Nicole was also known for her video "Dear Fat People", where she was making fun of fat people.
  • 2015 – DRIVETRIBE: TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was fired by the BBC due to an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" he made against TV producer Oisin Tymon. [19] Whilst many of his fans defended the presenter, who had recently suffered the loss of his mother and had a cancer scare, his behaviour was likewise considered unacceptable by others. Clarkson went on to launch the DRIVETRIBE YouTube channel with his colleagues Richard Hammond and James May, and would also become a co-presenter of Amazon's The Grand Tour.
  • 2016 – CJ SO COOL: CJ SO COOL is an American vlogging YouTuber. He released a prank video where he gave his own kids laxatives. In the video, you can see the kids suffering brutally. People started rapidly hating on CJ, but the hate had died down over the years.
  • 2017 – Serious Nonsense: Alesa, or Serious Nonsense, is the ex-Girlfriend of popular Minecraft youtuber Sky Does Everything. It was revealed that she had been cheating on him with his closest friends, as well as physically and mentally abusing him and gaslighting him for for more money from Adam, and manipulate his son Mason by telling lies about how Adam was a bad father and deny the custody to see him. Alesa also has a criminal record of domestic violence in Canada, purposefully crashed Adam's car and blame it as an accident. She later lied about the situation, Adam revealed in a response diss track that he tricked KSI into making a diss track knowing that he bring Adam's ex-wife Alesa to slander him to get his son Mason back and manage to winning custody over his son. Currently her social media always censored many criticism against herself and use her own circle of friends bullying Sky's followers.
  • 2017 – ShugoCharaBoy: ShugoCharaBoy, aka Tyler J (real name Tyler Javitz), was an American YouTuber who, like many others before and after him, used GoAnimate to make short, but abuse-promoted grounded videos. He was seen by many involved as a horrible person with belly and "man-child" fetishes with the refusal to acknowledge his actions, as well as giving Dragon Ball Heroes a bad reputation. His main target was a user named "Son" Beat-Kun (now SBK) challenging him to "fights" and losing every time. What Javitz didn't realize was that he was mentally and emotionally scarring SBK for life to the point where the former Beat RPer contemplated suicide. Tyler is also the one to have supposedly been the catalyst to his target's own downfall, mental decay and other controversies as years passed by. His channel was terminated in early 2019 and remains very active on certain art websites, disguising himself as one of the female avatar characters of DBH. Tyler has yet to respond to any of the allegations made towards him.
  • 2017 – DaddyOFive: Michael Christopher "Mike" Martin, also known as DaddyOFive, is an American vlogging YouTube star. On the channel, Michael would make videos of his kids and wife. In some videos, the youngest kid, by the name Cody, gets brutally bullied by his family members. This all ended when Michael released a video where he pranked Cody that he made a mess on the carpet. Cody seemed extremely scared and afraid to the point of starting to cry, when Michael started rapidly screaming at him. In the end, Cody and his sister were moved to their biological mother, and Michael lost privileges to two of his children. Today Michael still uploads videos at Team DO5 Fans.
  • 2018 – Peluchin Entertainment: Matías Ignacio Vera Oyarzo, also known as Peluchin Entertainment, is a Chilean YouTuber in the Spanish YouTube community. In December 2018, a video resurfaced on YouTube showing Matias torturing and abusing his cat Jason. Jason later died from the injuries and Matias later abused two more kittens. On September 29, 2020, Peluchin Entertainment's channel was terminated due to violating YouTube's Terms of Service. He is yet to be arrested.
  • 2019 – Hero Alom: Hero Alom was accused of assaulting his wife for the commission of dowry, which has been banned by the Bangladeshi as well as the Indian constitution. He was arrested in March 2019 for this reason.
  • 2019 – Fantastic Adventures: Arizona mother Machelle Hackney Hobson made a YouTube career by video taping her seven adopted children, garnering over 800,000 subscribers. Off camera, she regularly abused and tortured her children, including starving them, pepper spraying them and forcing them to take ice baths. Hobson was arrested on March 13, 2019 after her adult biological daughter reported her to the authorities. Her YouTube account was terminated shortly after. However, Hobson was found incompetent to stand trial in August and passed away on November 12, 2019.
  • 2019 – Badabun: Badabun was charged with homophobia, intimidation of his own members, and sexual harassment. Because of this, Badabun received backlash, resulting in a loss of more than 1 million subscribers. They also had a recent controversy over a fake speedrun, even though the video was uploaded in 2017. Currently, their videos do not receive even a bit of the amount of visits they received in past years, receiving just over 50,000 views on each video, although some videos could exceed 100,000 views, but knowing the number of subscribers that the channel has, it's very little. Along with the few visits, they also receive many dislikes, and with many people mocking the decay of the channel.
  • 2020 – ImJayStation: Jason Ethier, also known as ImJayStation, is a YouTuber from Canada that is known for his 3 AM videos and challenge videos. In January 2020, Jason uploaded a video where he said that his now ex girlfriend Alexia Marano was killed in a car crash. Since this video came out, many have accused Jason of being abusive, manipulative, and controlling towards women he was dating. As a result of faking his ex girlfriend's death among other things Jason was arrested in February 2020. For some reason, he returned to YouTube 2 months later.
  • 2020 – Chilly: Chilly Jimenez is a YouTube vlogger who was SuperMarioLogan's former fiancée and Titototter's sister. In February 2020, it was revealed by Logan and one of his crew members Lovell Stanton that Chilly was cheating on Logan for over 3 years and acted differently behind the scenes than how she portrayed herself on camera. She has been called a "gold digger" and took advantage of Logan and his wealth. In addition, she disliked his family and did not let him contact or see them and instead forced him to support her family over his own. After several years of being abused, Logan finally kicked Chilly and her brother Tito out of his house.
  • 2020 – Lui Calibre: About a month before the Mini Ladd situation unfolded, Lui Calibre, another person in the Vanoss Crew, was outed as an emotional abuser. Many women came forward and explained how Lui had emotionally abused them. This included him threatening them that he would falsely accuse them of cheating on him, possibly by an interview DramaAlert. It was also revealed that Lui actually publically had a minor meltdown on Twitter, supposedly after one of these girls cut ties with him. Some tweets of his even showed him @'ing her. It was also revealed that Lui had bragged about his ad revenue, and that he apparently "didn't care for his fans". Some people have also speculated that Lui also went after underaged girls as well, however there is no definitive proof for this yet. As of 2021, Lui has not made a video in nearly a year.
  • 2020 – Sky Williams: Sky Williams was a popular Smash Bros. and Commentary Youtuber. Over his career he created numerous "Sky Houses" for other gamers/youtubers to love in with Sky. However, numerous TwitLongers came out accusing Sky of abuse of the patrons with in the homes. An example of this is the still-pending Nairo/CaptainZack scandal. They also claimed that the Houses, which were only meant to house 5 people, ended up having up to 20-30+ people in the homes. After all the initial backlash, Sky made a Twitter poll asking people how he should apologize and/or defend himself, which most people chose in a TwitLonger. Sky, however, decided to do a monetized livestream on Twitch much to the backlash of many. The stream lasted for only an hour and a half (Sky was still on his first case), when one of his roomates in the Sky house he was in, decided to unplug the internet router and take it away from the house (which the guy later made his Twitter profile picture of him in his car holding the router). Sky would later try and make a Youtube video, however, that also received backlash. In February 2021, news articles brought up the situation once more and stated that Sky was actually fueling those to be part of these awful actions and berade them.
  • 2021 – GameXplain: GameXplain is an American youtube channel that focuses mainly around Nintendo video games, typically analyzing trailers, showing gameplay, and holding discussion videos. On January 2021, former members of the channel, Derrick, Ash and Steve revealed on their Good Vibes Gaming podcast that the real reason why they left GameXplain was due to poor employee treatment, crunch time and getting paid less than 1 dollar a month, Steve even mentioned that he has to crunch himself in 2 days in order to get his Final Fantasy VII Remake review out in time. It's also not helping that the GameXplain subreddit was made private and had the posts removed by a moderator, causing a lot of people to speculate that it was Andre Sergers (founder of the channel) who did it to silence criticism and erasing the truth. A few days later, on January 14th, Andre made a statement on his Twitter account, expressing his frustration with the calling out and that he wanted to wish his best to Ash, Derrick and Steve, but it received tons of dislikes from his fans and fellow content creators for being yet another generic, corporate apology, and chose not to bring up the shady treatment of his ex-employees. The most recent videos on the channel since then has received more dislikes than likes.
  • 2021 – HATETHESTATE: Ian McGuire, not to be confused with the famous author, had amassed 22,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. That all changed when he was arrested for stalking and conspired stalking on a woman who refused to talked to him. Comments and rumors of his actions have dated back to March of 2019. He would send unwanted messages to her voicemail, like wanting to love her and killing everyone she wants and then her if he doesn't get his attention, and unacceptable packages to her home, one of which involved a dead cat. He was convicted in February 2021 and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. A fan of his who "fell under his spell" also conspired to harass the woman and was sentenced to 44 months in prison a week later.

False Flaggers/Copyright Strike Abusers

  • 2015 – Derek Savage: On November 6, 2015, I Hate Everything uploaded a review of the movie Cool Cat Saves the Kids for his series, "The Search For The Worst". However, on November 9, 2015, the video was taken down and Alex's channel was given a strike for copyright infringement by the movie's creator Derek Savage, despite the videos correctly falling under fair use law. Alex released several videos detailing the events of the incident, including emails between Alex and Derek and tweets from Derek Savage's "Cool Cat" account, shown in Alex's video "With Apologies To Derek Savage". Alex moved forward with a counter-claim with the support of YouTubers Bobsheaux and YourMovieSucks and his network, Creative Nation. On November 27, 2015, Alex's Cool Cat videos were once again listed on his channel and, the following day, Alex uploaded a video in which he stated that the copyright strike was removed. Alex also went into detail about an email sent to him from a law firm on November 13 regarding copyright material in his "Attack of the Jurassic Shark" videos. However, several obvious clues pointed put by YMS gave Alex reason to believe that the law firm and email was fabricated by Derek Savage, and the real creators of "Attack of the Jurassic Shark" have not made any attempt to issue copyright strikes against Alex.
  • 2016 – NintendoGamingHD: After being blocked by VideoGamePhenom due to posting personal information, it created multiple accounts to impersonate and attack VGP. Hencemore, it flagged videos owned by VGP for copyright infringement, resulting in the takedown of nearly 60 videos that VGP had on hand. The claims it made were deemed false, against the site's Terms of Use, but its channel still remains intact. In 2018, it created a new side channel, VideoGameCollectionHD to continue posting content and was used to flag videos when VideoGamePhenom made a comeback. It flagged videos owned by VGP for copyright, resulting in the takedown of those videos and terminating VGP. By August 2018, it continued making claims on VGP's videos, but was terminated itself as the YouTube team finally acknowledged that it violated the site's Terms of Use. Four days later, its channel was reinstated. Around the time of its termination, Alex Rodriguez (not related to the baseball player), who owns NintendoGamingHD and VideoGameCollectionHD, made threats to a law enforcement team using VGP's personal information, resulting in a local police department and the FBI checking in to the residence of VGP as a sign of swatting. Three months later, Rodriguez used VGP's personal information again to post a suicide threat, resulting in police checking into VGP's residence mistakenly for the second time. Rodriguez was never caught up by law enforcement since today and both of his channels still remain active, despite multiple violations that he committed on and off YouTube.
  • 2016 – MattHossZone: Matt Hosseinzadeh filed a civil action against h3h3Production in late April 2016, alleging copyright infringement for their reaction video. Hoss claimed that he had initially contacted "to politely ask them to remove my content from their video," but that they refused. Hosseinzadeh's lawyer claimed that the video used a huge portion of his work "while contributing nothing substantive to it.". After a video on this was released by h3h3Productions the following month, fellow YouTube personality Philip DeFranco started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help raise money for their legal fees, citing the need to protect fair use on YouTube. The fundraiser raised almost $170,000, receiving large donations from notable individuals including the Fine Brothers, Markus "Notch" Persson, PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Justin Roiland, and Garry Newman. On August 23, 2017, Ethan tweeted that they had won the lawsuit, posting a video  shortly after summarizing the victory. Judge Katherine B. Forrest ruled that the commentary videos constituted "fair use as a matter of law, dismissing all three of Hosseinzadeh's claims and ruling in complete favour of h3h3, putting an end to the violent and bloody conflict and spelling ruin for Matt Hosseinzadeh, whose motions were denied. Ethan and Hila's success would not only ensure the integrity of h3h3, but the future of YouTube as well. Since the lawsuit, Matt Hoss has not been seen on any social media. His Twitter remains has not been updated since August 23, 2017, the day he lost the lawsuit. His YouTube channel, MattHossZone, has not had an upload since January 6, 2017.
  • 2018 – Alinity: In May 2018, Alinity asked her stream if she could copyright-strike PewDiePie's channel for calling her a Twitch thot. She also boasts about making 700 dollars she'd made with a company known for copyright-striking YouTube videos called CollabDRM. In a later-deleted Twitter statement made by Alinity, she'd blamed the 'rampant sexism in online communities' and argued that PewDiePie's comments degraded women. Then, PewDiePie responds with a video titled 'Can we copyright-strike Pewdiepie' where he apologizes for insulting her, and says that his intention is never to upset people with his videos, and 'stupid Twitch Thots' was just a joke. PewDiePie's video did get copyright-striked. Then, Alinity released her video response blaming CollabDRM for taking down PewDiePie's video. Right after, Alinity's video response was taken down by someone who nicknamed themselves as 'Pewdiepie' for the takedown, it wasn't actually PewDiePie. The false strike was removed. A few days later, PewDiePie came out with a video titled 'BAN PEWDIEPIE' where he criticizes Alinity's content and states 'I didn't say anything until I was forced to defend myself. It was the internet that came after Alinity for her poor choice of action and poor choice of words. Reflecting that back on me and my community is just ridiculous. She keeps playing the victim, because she keeps getting away with it. Twitch has shown a bias with female streamers for a long time. Stop streaming for a few days because you're not making the situation better.'
  • 2018 – YandereDev: Alex, known online as YandereDev, is a Youtuber, video game developer and Twitch streamer. He's well known for the stealth, action game, Yandere Simulator. He became relatively popular with even popular You-tubers such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier playing Yandere Simulator. Around 2018, he has been criticized for his slow development of Yandere Simulator since it's development from 2014. Alex has claimed that he works on the game from 8 to 12 hours a day. But most people say that he spends most of his time on his Twitch streams. Speaking of which, multiple people have noticed a difference between his Youtube persona and his real Twitch personality. While his Youtube persona is calm and informative, his personality seen on Twitch has been called unfunny, arrogant, and quick-tempered. He has also said controversial statements on his Twitch stream, such as Alex telling a fan to kill himself. Some hackers managed to steal code from Yandere Simulator and release it to the public. Some programmers criticized Alex's terrible coding skills for having too many "else-if" commands, which could make the game run slower. Alex has been known for not being able to take criticism such as banning people from his Discord server who try to give him constructive criticism. Around early 2020, a commentary Youtuber named TheGameSleuth made several videos criticizing Alex. TheGameSleuth claimed that Alex had copyright claimed his videos and made him delete them. TheGameSleuth made a video apology to Alex. This has garned Alex a reputation for mistaking critics to trolls. Previous activity from Alex has been known for being annoying and making politically incorrect statements. Such as him saying how the age of consent should be lowered to 13 and his feelings of killing his father. On July 5, 2020, a Youtuber named Apeis released a trailer for a stealth, action game previously named Lovesick. Some fans and Alex himself questioned how similar the two games seem. But some fans where excited since development for Lovesick only took two weeks and would be releasing soon. Alex eventually said on his Discord that Lovesick was a detriment to him and that he would commit suicide if the game continued to grow in popularity. Many bashed Alex for being manipulative and a guilt tripper. Months later, Apeis would garner controversy about the game and Lovesick would be cancelled. Around 2020, Alex had a Discord moderator who had dissociative identity disorder (DID). This moderator had previously been active on Alex's streams making several comments while he was dissociated with one of his personalities. Alex had banned the Discord moderator, claiming that he felt uncomfortable from him and how the thinks dissociative identity disorder is not real and that people were faking it. Alex has been severely backlashed for these statements which made other moderators quit his Discord. Older comments have been discovered several years ago of Alex talking about how he thinks autistic and mentally impaired people should be put down.
  • 2019 – Memetastic: Memetastic is a meme channel that currently has over 500,000 subscribers. In 2019, he was exposed by Bowblax and a smaller youtuber named "squad exe" for abusing the copyright system, as well as harassing many other youtubers like Freememeskids and FlareTV. Memetastic had claimed ownership of the "DVD Corner Livestreams" and copy-striked FlareTV's video, as well as attacking Freememes for putting one of Memetastic's videos into one of his Meme Compilations. Memetastic then raided both of their discords, which included the posting of offensive and pornographic content. He then blackmailed both Flare and Freememes into "promoting" his channel. Memetastic is shown to have also attacked Timotainment and a few other Youtubers via Discord PMs.
  • 2020 – Suzy Lu: Suzy Lu is a reaction channel with over 300,000 subscribers. In 2020, she started to receive criticism for reacting to full unedited episodes of numerous animes like Naruto, while not adding any commentary or editing aside from her facecam, which also rarely showed any reactions. Many people saw this as her violating piracy laws, and soon many commentary Youtubers started to pick up the story and criticize her. One of these Youtubers was John Swan, who made a full video criticizing Suzy and her actions. Within a week of his video's original upload, it was taken down by Youtube's TOS in response to a "harassment" claim made by Suzy. Soon many people started to shift their criticisms of her to her false flaggings. Many bigger Youtubers like Optimus and Scarce made videos, or parts of videos, talking about her actions. Eventually, she made a video where she responded to the drama. This video was met with a large amount of backlash, in which she turned off her like/dislike ratio, and also started to delete negative comments made to her, in which you can hardly find a negative comment in her comments section (though many people also suspect sockpuppetry). Eventually, many of the companies that animate/produce the animes she reacted to made many DMCA claims to her channel.
  • 2020 – Pokimane: In May 2020, Pokimane had a video taken down and questioned the sponsorship of content creator ItsAGundam for attacking her fanbase, which he labeled as "simps". The sponsor ended up dropping him because of the negative backlash. This sparked a negative reception amongst certain other notable YouTubers, as they claimed it showed she didn't know how to accept criticism. After getting a massive amount of backlash, Pokimane uploaded an apology video and announced that she would take a one month break starting August 6, 2020. Pokimane returned to Twitch streaming on September 10 of the same year. However, this wouldn't be the only time Poki got into controversy.
  • 2020 – JT: JT is an English commentary youtuber known for his videos on many problematic youtubers. In September of 2020, after the popular commentary/rant channel LeafyIsHere was terminated off youtube, JT made a video about the situation. Not too long later, DramaAlert interviewed Leafy after the termination, and in the video, Keemstar put up the thumbnail of JT's video as the still image for the majority of the video. JT decided to DMCA strike Keemstar's video due to his use of the thumbnail. Then JT uploaded a video titled "Why I Copystriked Keemstar". This decision, as well as video, were both met with much backlash, as even JT's own fans were disappointed in him. Many pointed out that JT's original thumbnail was very low effort to begin with, and therefore it shouldn't be considered a work of art. JT started to attack people on Twitter as well, as well as not taking the situation seriously, which led even more hate towards JT. After tweeting out a simple "lol" on Twitter, JT deleted the video, which already had many dislikes compared to likes. Keemstar later explained that he really just googled an image for "Leafy Terminated" and used the image not knowing it was a thumbnail. Keemstar ended up sueing JT, which he ended up winning, and JT was forced to pay Keemstar. JT made a video apologizing for his behavior during the situation, however his channel has been dormant ever since and he continues to lose subscribers.
  • 2021 – Lyssy Noel: Lyssy Noel is a popular 3 AM Youtuber who makes horror content. She often makes videos themed around Chuck E Cheese, Elmo, Barney, Talking Angela and Five Nights at Freddy's. When a young child named DyanamicCB made a video critical of her, she accused him of bullying and copyright striked the video. She commented under the video "Cause your bullying me homie, & stole my video. Not cool dude please stop. Your better then this you're young and have so much potential" as justification for her actions. She went after any channel[20] that said anything negative of her. Tipster, TheQuartering and AugieRFC made videos of her. She demanded Tipster delete his video[21] as well and threatened him in DMs. Her excessive copyright striking has earned her the nickname "The new Suzy Lu".


  • 2016 – 5-Minute Crafts: As many people have mentioned, the channel is a huge content farm, churning out as much content as possible without much bother for quality aside from visual. They send out about four 10 minute long videos every day, with high-quality graphics. On closer inspection, you see the content they produce features swift tutorials and crafts, each video is often a compilation of said crafts and is made to fit videos on social media apps with a shorter, speedier format, such as Instagram, where a user requires to make the video under a few seconds to grab viewers' attention and get the point across in time; since Instagram lacks a feature in which a viewer can go to/rewind a particular part of the video. Otherwise, on YouTube, they go slow and add long pauses to add length to the video, which proves that they're clickbait. The channel is also infamous for its clickbait, where they would display a picture in the thumbnail regarding a specific "life hack" but do not have the same advertised content in the video. However, many people have learned which thumbnails are real and which ones are fake, so this is no longer a big problem. They're also infamous for lying about the quality of all their hacks, acting like something instantly fixes something when it doesn't even though most of their hacks are real. The channel's videos sometimes appear in people's recommendations even when they are not subscribed to them. They have also appeared on the trending page on YouTube many times. The channel was also infamous for repeating videos a lot at one point. This trend started dying in March 2019 as almost every video had new clips causing the channel to erupt in the growth of subscribers suddenly.
  • 2016 – TmarTn & Syndicate: TmarTn and Syndicate were popular youtubers back in the mid-2010s. TmarTn was mainly known for CS:Go and Call of Duty videos, while Syndicate was known dor his Minecraft oriented videos, as well as his collaborations with youtubers like CaptainSparklez. In late-2015/early-2016, both TmarTn and Syndicate, along with some smaller creators, began to promote a CS:Go lotto gambling website. They claimed that they had stumbled across this website, and liked it so much that they began recommending it to their fans. In 2016, however, it was found that TmarTn and Syndicate actually both co-owned the website. This led to outrage among many fans, as they pointed out that what both TmarTn and Syndicate did (failing to disclose that you own a business, especially a gambling one) is against the law. TmarTn made an apology on his channel, which was met with much backlash, because of the fact that he was very vague throughout the video, as well as many people, including Cr1tikal pointing out that he often subtly showed off his mansion and expensive vehicles in the background. Syndicate also made an apology. Despite the controversy, TmarTn ended up finding success on Youtube again when he switched his focus from his at the time main channel "TmarTn" to his at the time second channel "TmarTn2". He ended up gaining more subscribers on his second channel than his main, as his main is now seen as dead as it hasn't posted in over a year (although one could argue that his views on his second channel have also massively declined). Syndicate's channel slowly declined afterwards as well, however he still makes content to this very day. Syndicate, however, would later be faced with the infamous #MeToo-esque allegations in 2020, which you could read more on in his second passage in the "Alleged" section of this article.
  • 2017 – Chubbs: Chubbs was a popular British commentary Youtuber. In 2017, an at the time 12 year old AidenProjects came out with evidence that Chubbs had tried to scam him. Chubbs was offering Aiden an audio clip, however Aiden caught on to a price that Chubbs had hidden. This information coming out caused an outcry among many people on Youtube, with people starting to criticize Chubbs, and people saying that he liked to scam 12-year olds. Keemstar also brought many attention to this, which caused Aiden's channel to grow in popularity and Chubbs to receive massive backlash. Chubbs eventually privatized all of his videos, and then released a single video in 2020 apologizing for his actions. Currently, the now 15-year old Aiden now has more subscribers than Chubbs.
  • 2017 – ヒカル Hikaru: In 2017, Hikaru, listed himself on Valu, Japan’s latest platform that allows people to raise money by selling shares in themselves. Many participate to get funding for business or personal projects. he started to endorse a weird bitcoin-based fundraising service and asked his viewers to put their own money in the scheme. That pitch made his shares soar on the market. In the end he basically sold all of his street creds for 50 million yen and his fans had become understandably mad at him.
  • 2018 – Tana Mongeau: The 2018 TanaCon event was created when Tana Mongeau worked with a convention organization company called "Good Times". It was largely criticized due to the lack of preparation for the event and the lack of space. Hundreds of people, some with the thought that entering would be free, and that anyone would be allowed to enter, swarmed the Marriott Hotel to try to meet a creator and/or attend the event. The crowd extended to the parking lot of the Marriott; the Marriott did not have a capacity suitable enough for a convention with more than 1,000 attendees, as that exceeds the official capacity of the building. When people were inside the "TanaCon building", there were huge chants saying "We want Tana" and "Refund" repeatedly. This caused the event to be cancelled early the next day. Multiple sources and multiple online videos and documentaries discussing the event were released, and so were attendees' accounts. A police statement addressing the large crowd size from the Garden Grove Police Department, a police department in a nearby town, was released.  
  • 2018 – Butch Hartman: In 2018, Hartman launched a Kickstarter campaign titled "OAXIS Entertainment," described incredibly vague as a "subscription-based entertainment platform designed to re-connect the family", promising every single type of content out there, allowing users to upload their own content and featuring that which is only "family focused". No other name is attached to the product apart from Butch himself. Additionally, the rewards for supporting the project are way overpriced, such as a 10,000 donation reward of featuring the name of the donator in the credits of his project. Within one month, the campaign gathered upwards of 1,290 backers and $268,134 in donations. It soon became the subject of scrutiny in mid-July 2018 after being accused of manipulating audiences to back a Christian-themed service under false pretenses. When donators were trying to contact both OAXIS and Butch himself about getting a refund, they were silent, as well as having their comments on the OAXIS page deleted almost immediately.
  • 2018 – Etzer: Etzer was a Geometry Dash creator and music artist back in 2016-2018. Around July of 2018 two users going by the names of th31 and S3rios exposed him for scamming $6000 United States Dollars in Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The evidence against him is th31 and S3rios contacted victims who were scammed by Etzer. Etzer has since then paid back all the money that he scammed, and he is currently inactive on YouTube.
  • 2020 – OrlandoMC: OrlandoMC was a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition content creator who was friends with several large creators, including Diecies. He was exposed in December of 2020 when he scammed a thumbnail designer out of a 2 dollar thumbnail. He also claims that he scammed several thumbnail designers and evidence had popped up that he had been saying the n word and other racist things, and bullying people for not subscribing to his channel. He was exposed by many people, but most notably Strobed, with tweets that said that he didn't even care about the drama. Orlando later released an apology, however it was not accepted in any way.
  • 2020 – Albrickstudios: Albrickstudios Is a LEGO Ninjago channel who, Much Like other people in the community, makes analysis, reviews, and theories on the 2011 Cartoon network show "Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu." On June 25th, 2020 he was exposed by Just2bad for Scamming his fans (who were mostly minors) into giving them their credit card numbers for "Giveaways", in which he would waste the money on those said Cards for the same Fake "giveaway". He also Is infamous for leaking the at the time new 2021 Ninjago legacy sets after Kirby morrow (The Voice of Cole) had been revealed to have died, his clickbaity thumbnails, not learning from his past and Is rumored to be a sexual creep.

Relationship Cheaters

  • 2017 – Serious Nonsense: As mentioned in Abusers above. Alesa, or Serious Nonsense, is the Ex-Girlfriend of popular Minecraft youtuber Sky Does Everything. It was revealed that she had been cheating on him with his closest friends, as well as physically and mentally abusing him and gaslighting him for for more money from Adam, and manipulate his son Mason by telling lies about how Adam was a bad father and deny the custody to see him.
  • 2018 – Alinity: As mentioned in False Flaggers above, In May 2018, she admits that she married a Canadian and then divorced him for citizenship to move back to Colombia. However, she refuses to respond to any criticism given due to this.
  • 2020 – Katerino: Katerino was a popular streamer, and was the boyfriend of popular youtuber and streamer CallMeCarson. It was revealed that she had cheated on both of her boyfriends, including Carson and another unnamed man with Fitz and a few more unnamed people who have been rumored to have had a relationship with her. It started when Carson went on break due to mental health reasons. It escalated when a Reddit user posted on r/callmecarson suggesting that Kate cheated on Carson with Fitz. Carson confirmed this, leading to hate being given to both Kate and Fitz. Kate responded to the situation with an apology video on her channel. In the video, Kate explained that she had made it clear that she did not want a relationship with Carson yet "still let him come on." She also said that she too had been having mental health problems. However, many people, most notably a fellow Twitch streamer Jawsh, said that mental health issues is no excuse for what she did to Carson. Also, a fellow YouTuber, Jameskii, said to "bring a pet to the next apology, I hear they help." This only added to the hate Kate was getting. Her apology video currently has 559K Dislikes. After CallMeCarson was outed as a possible pedophile, people stated that they think they treated Kate a bit too harshly, and Anything4views even said that the drama might have even been faked, which it was confirmed that Kate had not actually been dating Carson. Despite this, people still point out that she was still dating Fitz, and cheating on him with other people. People think that she is still developing, but this doesn't necessarily excuse her actions, more or less lightens the damage.
  • 2020 – Hunter Avallone: Hunter is a YouTuber who used to be a conservative. Despite identifying as a conservative at the time, Hunter had sex out of wedlock and got his then-girlfriend Carissa pregnant. He then ran away upon finding out, cheating on her with another girl[22] and wrote a rap song for her. The girl he cheated with said his penis was small and he was bad in bed. Hunter then blocked anyone who would ask him about his cheating on Instagram.
  • 2020 – Weest: Weest is a popular Youtuber and Twitch Streamer known for his many collaboration videos, and occasional commentary. In January 2020, he came on stream and admitted to cheating on his girlfriend of 6 years with his moderator EliteSoldier109. This was a heated encounter in the middle of the night when "Weest needed the embrace of someone he loved". This was announced to his Discord server sparking outcry for pictures and more information but Weest, wanting no information being announced, convinced EliteSoldier109 to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement. This controversy is much lighter than many of the others on this article, however, it still counts as a good dent on his image, already after Weest's handling of the Slazo drama. The drama has mainly since faded, and many people still watch Weest to this day.

Other Reasons

  • 2007 – Chris NEO: Chris NEO, also formerly known as The Irate Gamer, is a gaming YouTuber. He became somewhat controversial in 2007 for his Irate Gamer series which many believe copied the style of James Rolfe's Angry Video Game Nerd series. Although James himself denies this, many believe Chris Bores plagiarized James in his videos and YouTube acknowledged him over James for it. As of 2018, most still have mixed feelings towards Chris.
  • 2007 – CwcvilleGuardian: Christine Weston Chandler, formerly known as Christian Weston Chandler or simply Chris-Chan, is an infamous YouTube vlogger, artist, and infamous trolling target. She created the infamous comic book, Sonichu in 2000. Chris has been ridiculed online for his art, manipulation, racism, homophobia, narcissism, poor health conditions, refusal to grow up, etc. He first got attention in 2007 where he got ridiculed on the joke page, Encyclopedia Dramatica about the comics and her personality. He responded by demanding that the page must be taken down or else he'll take action. Chris would upload pornographic drawings on the website and reveal personal information about himself. One image is of him fingering a character who is censored. He later clarified that the person in the drawing is Chris's real college friend, Megan Schroeder. Around 2008, Chris was banned from the game store, The Game Place, due to rude and inappropriate behavior. Chris has stated that he wants a girlfriend and has a disliking towards homosexuality. He has a list of certain traits Chris wants in a girlfriend, including being 18 years old, white, neurotypical, etc. Multiple trolls online would disguise themselves as girlfriends to show how gullible she is. Through these fake girlfriends, they would receive personal information including him defecating in his pants and conservative ideas. He has called autistic and mentally impaired people "windows to hell", even though he is diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He has also used his autism as an excuse to not harass him. Due to all of the trolling online, Chris would delay the Sonichu comics and claim he is stressed. He would attempt to cut ties from the internet, only to return months later. In 2011, he claimed he was a tomgirl and would slowly transition into transgender. Around the same year, she attempted to make peace with the owner of the Game Place, but she and her mother would hit and run the owner. They were later charged with multiple felonies, including jail time. Around 2014, Chris would protest the video game, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric due to Sonic's different colored arms. On December 26, 2014, she would place pamphlets on the game covers for Sonic Boom at a GameStop, to which she was asked to leave. She left before macing an employee with spray. Chris was charged and sentenced to court. She would claim that she felt threatened by the employee. Chris would become more liberal and would threaten presidential candidate at the time, Donald Trump around 2016. Later on, She would later beg for money on her Youtube and Patreon. Many have critisized her for laziness and refusal to get a job as well as a rumor that she stole money from her own family's debt for her own gain. She gave multiple excuses for not getting a job, including social security, public ridicule and working on the Sonichu comics. Chris would become more delusional as she claimed that she could communicate with the Sonichu characters and they could possess her body. Chris has also said that all fictional characters are real and their dimension would collide with our universe in an event she calls The Dimension Merge, which truly explains her broken mindset and her inability to truly wake up and face reality.
  • 2007 – GameLife: GameLife was a video game review channel. In April of 2007, host Andrew Rosenblum was arrested after having sent a threatening email to an ex-girlfriend. Rosenblum wrote in the email to her saying, "(I)'m gonna (expletive) bring a gun to your school and kill you and K (another female student) and everybody you love. It's gonna be VT all over again ... Seriously I'm just that demented ... killing people can change people's lives forever. (T)he best is in the end when I pull the trigger on myself, too." The email was made hours after the actual Virginia Tech shooting.[23]
  • 2015 – TheMysteriousMrEnter: Jonathan Rozanski, known online as TheMysteriousMrEnter, is a Youtuber, cartoon reviewer, writer, and artist. He's mostly known for his series, "Animated Atrocities" and "Admirable Animation". He was previously infamous for being toxic in the cartoon commentary community. Many people criticized him for his poor editing, such as walls of texts and clips constantly looping over and over. He's mostly criticized for his behavior in his videos for being incredible angry and annoying. Such as mocking and threatening staff members who created a cartoon or episode Jon doesn't like. He would also get angry over small stuff, such as stupid jokes or inconsistencies. Unlike the Angry Video Game Nerd or Nostalgia Critic, most people think that Jon is genuinely frustrated in his videos. They've also criticized him for not being funny. Some bashed Jon for not being able to differentiate online critics from trolls. Which he's also been mocked for not being able to take criticism. An example was in a video called "Critical Advice: Dealing with Trolls", where he tells his fans to attack haters who don't like his videos. Around 2016, Jon had come up with an idea for a cartoon called Growing Around. He collaborated with artist, Nayolfa to create concepts for the cartoon. Multiple people including Nayofla criticized Growing Around for it's strange concept, terrible characters, and totalitarian world. Nayofla had later quit on the project. Jon later set up an IndieGogo page to fund a pilot for Growing Around, asking for $300,000. Many questioned the amount of money, funding for only a pilot episode, and the consideration of more episodes. The project didn't win it's expected goal and only received $10,000. Growing Around is still in development. Jon later used his Asperger's syndrome, abuse from his parents, and seasonal depression as an excuse for his online behavior. In recent years, Jon has said he doesn't like his early reviews and has attempted to have a much calmer attitude. But even with the realization, some still criticized him for his ego and sarcasm.
  • 2015 – JaclynGlenn: Glenn came under fire in 2015 for allegations of plagiarism. The controversy began when she was called on a video she made about Kim Davis, in which she repeated every word of a video by Theoretical Bullshit. She was then caught also reading word for word the comments of her Facebook fans and passing them off as her own. Afterwards, other videos of hers were found to be copied dialogue of other individuals, including Sam Harris. However, she mostly plagiarized — that is, copied verbatim without attribution — comments on her Facebook and dialogue from other YouTube videos. Many other YouTubers condemned her actions, including her buddy TheAmazingAtheist. She has since given a half-assed apology admitting she did some wrong doing, but not really. Interestingly enough, she hasn't even been prudent enough to delete the evidence of her plagiarism from her Facebook page which is available to see.
  • 2016 – TheSuperItachi: TheSuperItachi, or as he refers to himself Perfection (real name Xavier Pace), is known by the Dragon Ball community as the definition of what not to do on the internet. He is widely known for his hypocrisy, cheating tactics, theft and forced commissions of art, discretion of race, sexism, hate on mental health, pedophillic actions and statements, false accusations on other people, etc. Over the years, he has created his "Paragon Pride Troopers" to assert his ego and create more drama. He even drove several people to commit suicide and claimed that they were faking it for attention. Much of his social media began to be terminated due to these countless violations, but Xavier himself has yet to be arrested.
  • 2017 – Webs and Tiaras: Webs and Tiaras was a YouTube channel infamous for being one of the more controversial channels within the Spiderman and Elsa subgenre, also known as Elsagate. When it was active, it obtained a total of 3.7 billion views. As a result of YouTube purging channels with inappropriate content not meant for kids, Web and Tiaras ended up being terminated by November 2017.
  • 2017 – Ryan's World: Ryan's World is a YouTube channel operated by a young kid named Ryan Kaji. Since his rise to fame, Ryan's family have been faced with numerous controversies including claims of view-botting, using inappropriate content not meant for kids in their videos, and violating COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). Some also accused Ryan's parents of abusing Ryan to make more money off of YouTube.
  • 2017 – Logan Paul: Logan Paul is a American YouTuber, singer-songwriter, actor, director, and professional boxer. Although a very successful YouTuber overall, Logan Paul has been faced with numerous controversies since 2017. His most infamous controversy was the now deleted Suicide Forest video which resulted in YouTube demonetizing his channel and changing various policies as a result of severe media backlash. This wouldn't be the only time a YouTuber by the last name of Paul would be under fire on social media.
  • 2017 – BritbongReturns: BritbongReturns was a commentary youtuber who was terminated in 2017 for harassment and bullying. in 2020, he was found to have been sending Child Pornography to many people on Discord, mainly youtubers, or even fans of said youtubers, who have made videos against him. He would make alts to get around bans and reports, and even was impersonating some of the youtubers he was attacking. He also engaged in DMCA takedowns, as well as making alts on Wikitubia in order to fill his article with biased information.
  • 2017 – SML: SML, formerly SuperMarioLogan, is a plush Youtube channel created by Logan Thirtyarce. He makes videos related to Nintendo characters and has been growing increasingly popular. Some of his content has been heavily criticized for annoying characters, repetitive plots, and filler. This has been mostly targeted towards characters such as Jeffy and Junior. One of his videos, "Jeffy's Bad Word" has Jeffy using an offensive slur while Mario gets continually blamed for it. This video has been heavily bashed for continuous torture to Mario and no karma given to Jeffy. Several You-tubers have criticized Logan's videos such as Dabhdude, Daniel T. Gaming, and MλFDOMiNUS. In March 14th, 2017, a video was released called "Jeffy's Tantrum", where Jeffy has a mental breakdown over not getting what he wants. Later in the video, Jeffy attempts to commit suicide with a noose due to abuse from Mario. An article was published by the tabloid news network The Sun, where a mother claims that her son tried to attempt what Jeffy did by hanging himself with a noose. Logan did apologize and deleted the video from his channel, but he did get demonetized for it. Some fans bashed Logan for not being aware of his audience, even Keemstar talking about it on his Twitch stream. Some fans and Logan himself criticized the mother for not protecting her son from the adult content. In 2018, Good Morning America reported on Youtube content, one of them being Logan's channel. Good Morning America blamed Logan for offensive content for young audiences and drawing in children. Many fans blamed Good Morning America for bad parenting and biased news. Logan commented on the article, calling it scripted and manipulative. Around 2019, Logan's girlfriend, Chilly Jimenez accused Logan of cheating on him with a hooker. Chilly's brother, Tito Jimenez also gave evidence saying Logan wanted to show a video of them having sex, to which Tito denied. Logan proceeded to kick Tito out and cut up his plush collection with a video filmed by Tito. Logan and Chilly finally decided to break up a couple of days after the drama. One of the cast members, Lovell Stanton accused Chilly of cheating on Logan for over two years. Many fans have debated who was in the wrong since little to no evidence was given on both sides. Some fans have called Chilly a gold digger. Future vlogs would imply and roast Chilly and Tito. Around 2020, Logan decided to redesign the Nintendo characters to human puppets instead of the copyrighted characters, starting with the episode "The Human Potion". Multiple fans complained about the designs, calling them creepy and not referencing the original designs. Logan explained that this was done in order to not get a copyright infringement from Nintendo and the hopes of getting monitized. Due to the backlash, he later decided to only use the puppets once a month, but making them available to buy on the merch store. On Feburary 5, 2021, Nintendo had sent a Cease and Desist letter to Logan to stop using Nintendo related content due politically incorrect and offensive humor. Logan agreed to stop using Nintendo content by changing the names and banners of the channels. At first, some have speculated that the cease and desist is fake, but Logan later revealed that the letter was, in fact, real.
  • 2018 – Channel Awesome: Channel Awesome is a company operated by Doug Walker who became famous for his Nostalgia Critic series. In March/April 2018, Channel Awesome was accused by many online personalities for abuse of it's creators besides Doug Walker. Some allegations made against Channel Awesome included turning a blind eye to sexual harassment until it almost got violent, not compensating people for days of work, not providing food or water for people on their movie sets, and trying to force two of their contributors to do a rape/sexual assault scene. The Nostalgia Critic show has been criticized for its constant unfunny skits and lack of understanding of the source material. Such as in his Disneycember Hercules review, where the Nostalgia Critic ranted on the film for nonsensical and unoriginal choices such as the story and art style. Many bashed the review for his misunderstanding of the choices such as him criticizing Hercules for using gospel music even though the film takes place in Greek mythology. Some of Doug's other skits have been criticized for the same reasons such as "Mevlin: Brother of the Joker" and a let's play of Bart's Nightmare. On September 18, 2019, the Nostalgia Critic made a review of the musical film, Pink FloydThe Wall. The channel attempted to make this review different by imitating the style of the movie. However, the review was polarized by fans for constant strange skits, lazy effects, poor acting, and misunderstanding of the film. One example is the Nostalgia Critic calling the film Oscar bait, even though the album came out three years before the movie.
  • 2018 – Issumer - Issumer is an American youtuber that creates model swap and animations about Minecraft story mode. Starting in 2018, his model swap videos were getting clickbaity and Issumer was publishing videos of the Minecraft story mode characters model swapped to be naked, even though there have been multiple complaints regarding the content. This led to another youtuber named Zuhair making a video on April 15th, 2018 called A message to an old friend... where he explained that Issumer should stop making clickbaity videos and naked model swap videos. A few days later on April 18th, 2018, Zuhair published a new video called So he replied... (Exposing Issumer) where he showed a private message on discord of Issumer harrassing and being racist to Zuhair about him not being an American citizen, claiming that he can make whatever he wants, and telling Zuhair to quit youtube. Zuhair also revealed that the original writer of Minecraft story mode actually stopped answering questions regarding the game due to repeated questions regarding Issumer's naked content. This caused a huge controversial on Issumer's channel regarding the innapropiate content. To this day, there are still complaints regarding the innapropiate content on Issumer's channel.
  • 2018 – Piickll: Piickll, previously known as Spechie or Speggii, is a Youtube story time animator. She previously made videos about subjects such as depression, weight, etc. On her previous channel, she's been criticized for her art style and content. While she claims she's an animator, some point out that her videos are more like animatics rather than animations since there is little to no movement. Her art has been criticized for incorrect anatomy and evidence of tracing. She's also been ridiculed for her pessimistic and arrogant attitude in most of her videos, in contrast to other story time animators. While there are some pessimistic You-tubers such as Tabbes, many point out how unfunny Spechie is. Spechie uploaded multiple videos that weren't received well, such as a video about her depression. Many criticized the video, talking about how biased and misinformed she was. Such as Spechie self diagnosing herself and saying that people should go outside instead of getting medical attention. While she talks about issues about her weight, some videos would have her making fun of others who were considered overweight. She would continue to be criticized by multiple Youtubers such as DaftPina, Just a Robot, Just Stop, etc. But in 2019, Spechie made an apology video about her behavior and terrible videos, to which most people were forgiving. She later explained in another video that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She later named herself to Piickll.
  • 2018 – RiceGum: On June 12, 2018, RiceGum uploaded a video called "Why I left the Clout House (I'm sorry)" (removed by YouTube for violation of policy), but instead of explaining on why he left the Clout House, the video instead focused on RiceGum's vlog to Hong Kong. While the clickbait was one of the problems in the video, it all paled out when RiceGum recorded himself in Hong Kong. In the airplane after the arrival, his friend notifies him that they've arrived in China, and RiceGum does a praying hand gesture as if that is what people from Hong Kong are known for (in addition of replacing a flag of Hong Kong with a Japanese flag upon arrival). Not to mention walking upon a random Chinese person in the airport, and mimicking a line from the movie Rush Hour ("Do you understand the word that's coming out of my mouth?" - Chris Tucker), apparently trying to ridicule them for not understanding English. Their behavior further worsened when they walked around the Hong Kong streets. For example, when they stumbled on a pot of Beef Entrails, Rice had the audacity to claim whether if that was dog meat (a stereotype that Asian people eat dog), and claiming "that shit looks disgusting". However, his vlog got even worse as Rice and his friends randomly touched the stranger's hands on the escalator. Also, in order to check whether if he is well-known in Hong Kong, Rice questions the civilians whether they know him, but escalated to the point where he questioned random strangers, "Where are the hoes at", "Where are the bitches at", "Do you fuck with RiceGum?", and "Where can I find the doggy?". During the mid-section of the video, his friends intruded the clothing store and vandalized the mannequins in sexual poses and left them there for the others to see. Not only that, but Rice and his friends decided to give the old man a half-eaten ice cream as a "sign of positivity" and bullied him to eat it, in which he reluctantly did. Finally, during the night time when all the shops were closing, Rice and his friend was near one of the closing shops and intruded them just before it was barricaded. Despite the store owner's plea to leave, they refused and mocked her accent in the process. After the video got uploaded for everyone to see, not everyone was pleased with his behavior, and the backlash was massive. Many of YouTubers such as NFKRZ, Fulinfang, Philip Defranco, Emi Wong, and a few others condemned and criticized him for his immature and insensitive behavior towards the civilians in Hong Kong. Half-Korean, Half-American YouTuber TerryTV approached the situation in a sarcastic manner and called his act "YouTube comedy 2018". There were many articles, news reports, and comments surrounding RiceGum's actions and how he affected them negatively. Not to mention that his vlog was discourteous to the point it was compared to Logan Paul's Japanese Vlog, in which he disrespected the culture in a similar fashion and generated huge amounts of backlash. Jimmy Wong also tweeted saying that he is disappointed as RiceGum's videos are now "disrespectful, ignorant, borderline racist, & shameful to all creators, especially Asians" and asked him to "please grow up & stop". Two weeks later, on June 26, 2018, RiceGum responded to their criticism in a video called, "Why Everyone In China Hates Me... ". Instead of apologizing to them sincerely (In which he did in the end but in an insincere and forceful manner), he proceeds to defend himself saying that "He was just joking around.", and dismissed the claim that "Prostitute" in the video title, as it was translated in the Chinese video website, was not accurate and that they didn't know the American slang. As RiceGum further scrolled down on a video, he was subjected to a flurry of hate-filled comments by Chinese users. (Ex: "Ugly face is annoying!", "Damn, I'll hire a killer to put him to pieces!", "Obviously, it is a mental retardation", etc.), in which he disregarded their comment. He also tried to defuse the situation by comparing himself to other comedians who are known for making fun of their own identities. Finally, he reacts to a Fulinfang's rant about RiceGum's behavior in China. But obviously, Rice completely disregarded his message and stated that he and his fans should bully him for his video. His "response" video is still on his YouTube channel, but ended up with more dislikes than likes, along with comments that are derogatory towards RiceGum for his act. Several months later, in Logan Paul's podcast, he also mentioned about his Chinese Vlog, and instead of showing any sign of remorse for his actions, he further insults Chinese people by calling them "bots", in which it greatly annoyed Logan and others.
  • 2019 – MattsWhatItIs: On February 18, 2019, YouTuber MattsWhatItIs posted a video showing what he referred to as a "soft-core pedophilia ring" on the site, placing the blame on YouTube's algorithm. He then told his fanbase to report this to the companies putting their ads on the site with the hashtag #YouTubewakeup. YouTube's response to the controversy was to delete more than 400 channels and suspend comments on tens of millions of videos as the site tried to fix the problem, reporting offending users to law enforcement. The site then assured that more would be done to catch inappropriate comments more quickly. Despite these measures, major brands such as Disney, Dr. Oetker, Hasbro, Epic Games, Nestle and AT&T (who had just put their ads back on the site a month earlier after 2 years) all pulled their ads from the site within days as the controversy started gaining mass media attention. This did not sit well with the community. Creators and users actively feared that the situation was starting yet another Adpocalypse, which would undoubtedly bring more rule changes, more content being barred or censored, and more innocent users getting wrongfully demonetized and banned from the site. Much criticism went into Matt's decision to cause a public outcry. While some believed he had good intentions, many criticized him for inadvertently starting another Adpocalypse so soon after the site had finally started to recover from the first one. In particular, the community found Matt's public call to action to be the wrong approach for dealing with the problem, stating that it would hurt creators in the long run.
  • 2019 – Tati and Jeffree Star: On May 6, 2019, Tati released a 45-minute long video by the name "BYE SISTER...". In the video, Tati takes shots at the fellow beauty YouTube star known as James Charles. Tati goes on to explain that James has been hitting on straight men, with the knowledge of them being straight. But the main topic of the video was the fact that James promoted a competitive company against Tati, helping the company get more exposure. Tati even said that James Charles has been hitting on underage boys. Jeffree noticed the video, entering the drama, going against James Charles as well, even attacking James younger brother. Everyone was against James Charles, until James finally responded to all of the beef, debunking their claims, to which Jeffree tried to explain that he didn't want to destroy James' career and that it was wrong of him that he was so brutal against James. Jeffree later commented on the James and Tati situation on the youtuber podcast Mom's Basement ran by DramaAlert, FaZe Banks and Colossal Is Crazy , claiming that James was still 'dangerous'. After Tati's video, On May 10, 2019, James released a video by the name Tati, where he apologizes for all the allegations. James Charles started losing rapidly subscribers because of this feud. Another YouTube star by the name of Jeffree Star entered the beef, by going onto Tati's side, explaining that Tati's video was totally legitimate. Tati also released another video, where she explained why she made the video on James Charles more deeply. On May 18, 2019, James Charles released a video by the name, No More Lies. In this video James is defending himself, and debunking Tati's and Jeffree Star's claims, trying to be the innocent one. After this video got released, both Tati and Jeffree tried to run away from the beef. Tati also deleted both of her videos on James. In the end, Tati's channel grew rapidly, today resting at 10 Million Subscribers before starting to lose subscribers.
  • 2019 – AtelierHeidi: In 2019, Heidi accuse Projared for cheating on her, and had relations with Holly Conrad while she was still married to Ross O'Donovan. Jared also states that he never cheated on Heidi and that he was already attempting to divorce her as early as October 2018, before he began his relationship with Holly, as well as that Heidi had refused to agree to it initially. However all of her evidence proven to be false.
  • 2019 – Boogie2988: Steven Williams, known online as Boogie2988, is a YouTube commentator and gamer who discusses video game topics and vlogs. He's very well known for his character, Francis. The most startling thing about Boogie is how different he is in comparison between his Youtube and Twitch persona. Most people call his YouTube persona calm and collective, while his real Twitch identity is short tempered and arrogant, not like his Francis character. He has said multiple things on his Twitch channel to get him into multiple controversies. One example is saying that some good came out of the Holocaust because there have been medical advancements, but later said that these where things his teacher said. Another example is Boogie making fun of a deceased friend who died from lung cancer, to which Boogie explained that they both joked about dark humor. Commentator Christopher Tom, made a video about the decline of Boogie, saying how he manipulated his fans about his weight, finances, and life. Since that video, Boogie continually began to lose subscribers. On a Twitch stream, a donator asked Boogie why he was so hated online. He proceeded to explain different types of trolls, then talking about those who take things out of context and make someone out to look bad. Boogie went on to say they were worse than Nazis and rapists because he thinks they have a reason for their ideologies, unlike internet trolls. After receiving humongous amounts of backlash, Boogie later clarified on Twitter stating that he meant to say internet stalkers who kill people, such as the murder of Christina Grimmie. In 2020, Youtuber Frank Hassle got his channel terminated and blamed it on Boogie. The two fought online before Frank Hassle went to Boogie's house, threatening him. Boogie came out and threatened to shoot Frank Hassle with a gun giving a warning shot, eventually Frank Hassle walked away. Boogie later stated in a video that he felt threatened by him.
  • 2020 – Jake Paul: Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul, and has a popular vlog and music channel with over 20,000,000 subscribers, as well as playing the main character of the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark. In June of 2020, during a Black Lives Matter protest in Scottsdale, Arizona, a violent riot broke out at a shopping mall. Jake Paul, one of his cameramen, and other associates where in the mall at the time, and decided to record the riots. It was here, that a rioter handed Jake a stolen vodka bottle from a restaurant from inside the mall, and Jake held it for the duration of the video capturing the event, made and posted by Jake's cameraman on his Instagram. Many people took a distaste in Jake's clear participation in the riot, and many people called for his arrest. Jake Paul was arrested in Arizona, but was released. Weeks later, back at Jake Paul's mansion near Los Angeles, California, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided it. Many pictures showed the FBI carrying weapons from the property. Despite this obvious raid, no information is yet to come out, and many people think it was related to the riot incident, as one of Jake Paul's associate's home in Las Vegas, Nevada, was also raided by the FBI the same day. People also think that these raids were because of Jake Paul holding many parties at his and other people's mansions during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which in his home county is illegal, as well as generally everywhere being frowned upon. People also pointed out Jake Paul's numerous public services that he targeted for his mainly underage audience. The first "Team 1000" claimed that if someone where to join it, that they could become the next Team 10 member. The service was shut down not too long afterwards. Another service that promoted gambling also was bashed, as well as a recent "Financial Freedom Movement" was also slammed for being a possible MLM/scam. Both services have also since been discontinued. Many people also take a distaste for Jake Paul making content that is inappropriate for his underaged audience, as many thumbnails had him or one of his friends nude, or in suggestive positions, as well as concerning video titles like "I LOST MY VIRGINITY".
  • 2020 – Sammy Guevara: Sammy Guevara, a wrestler who's currently signed with All Elite Wrestling who also does multiple vlogs on YouTube, was being caught in massive heat after a controversial audio clip of him resurfaced on June 2020. The audio clip showed that during his time at the WWE Performance Center, he said that he wanted to rape fellow wrestler, Sasha Banks. This was during the entire midst of the #SpeakingOut movement. As word got out, he posted a video apologizing for his actions and that he had talked it out with Banks privately, whom of which gave Sammy the benefit of a doubt. As a result, he was suspended by AEW and was mandated to attend sensitivity training. He later returned to AEW programming a month later, indicating that Sammy's rehabilitation training was complete. He still uploads and works for AEW to this day, but some fans have put him on thin ice.
  • 2020 – Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer: Ohmwrecker is a popular gaming YouTuber, and former member of the Vanoss Crew, as well as another group that included Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and others. In 2020, after the Mini Ladd situation unfolded, where he was outed as a pedophile, Ohm attacked Terroriser and BasicallyIDoWrk over twitter, claiming that they knew that Craig was a pedophile and had been covering it up. He later retracted this and apologized to them, however many people began digging up other arguments started by Ohm, along with a rumor that he was the one who was vouching for Mini to begin with, though it slowly died down. One of these arguments included Ohm attacking another YouTuber who had been showing off his fitness. Many people found that Ohm had been intentionally starting drama with other content creators, usually ones he had worked with in the past. Ohm has seen to have apologized for most of these and owned up for some of them as well, especially when he finally had the courage to speak out against Mini Ladd, but people are still unhappy that Ohm had been doing this in the first place. Many people also theorise that he was actually told to leave both the Vanoss Crew and Mark's group because he was being rude to the members, which has yet to be confirmed.
  • 2020 – Antoons: Antoons is a popular Estonian-Ukrainian Animator with over 900,000 subscribers, mainly known for his "Character Deathbed" series of animations. Initially his controversies came from comics he made making fun of LGBT+, BLM, and the left, as well as making accusations that the "left supports pedos". He then went after a 17-year-old Twitter user named Puppychan, after they made a comic about a trans character coming out to their grandfather. This caused Puppychan to talk about him, in which she made a tweet saying "I'm on my period right now so i'm kinda big mad". This caused Antoons to make jokes about the minor's period and even put her in his game, and made her attack spewing out period blood (Antoons also claimed that she was transgender, even though Puppychan claims they are non-binary). This caused people to criticize Antoons because he was 31, and making period jokes about a 17 year old. He then doubled down and tried to claim that Puppychan was actually an adult and that they are lying about their age. This ended in Antoons facing more criticism, and numerous youtubers, like DaftPina to videos on him. Antoons allegedly started to false flag and copystrike videos criticising him, which only fueled the controversy even more. Antoons would eventually make a video responding to DaftPina's video in specific, though the response got more negative feedback than positive. His Twitter account was eventually suspended, Along with a second account he made shortly after.
  • 2020 – LupisVulpes: LupisVulpes is an American animation meme youtuber with 230,000 subscribers at her peak. In 2020, she received backlash for refusing to draw a trans rights flag in a commision. She then responded to this controversy in a video, that also garnered backlash, as many people saw it as her just preaching to god and not actually addressing any of the controversy. The video has been dislike bombed, and she has lost over 19,000 subscribers.
  • 2020 – Hopeless Peaches: Hopeless Peaches is a British average sized art commentary with around 90,000 subscribers at her peak. In December of 2020, it came out she had lied about many of her experiences, as well as backstabbed numerous other creators, such as CreepShow Art and Camila Cuevas. She made a post on her community tab "debunking" all the claims, but soon deleted it as a massive amount of backlash came. She then made another community post saying that she would 'work on a better statement'. Her most recent video has more dislikes than likes, and she has turned off the comments of an older video of hers, which was attacking a smaller creator.
  • 2020 – That Vegan Teacher: Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, aka That Vegan Teacher, is a Canadian YouTuber and TikToker known for her propaganda of veganism. Her controversies surrounded an uncomfortable amount of harassment towards TommyInnit and Gordon Ramsay, ranging from how to get a vegan girlfriend, listening to vegan songs or blaming those who view her content for who they are and what they stand for for not being vegan. This led to her being banned from TikTok in February 2021 for violating the community guidelines and several Canadian laws that were made for nurses. She was also caught eatin meat, despite her countless attempts of wanting people to convert to veganism.
  • 2021 – 2020 VISION: 2020 VISION is a channel currently sitting at around 130,000 subscribers. They created "predictions" for 2020, specifically deaths of celebrities. This channel is controversial because of them being exposed as a publicity stunt for an underground singer. Many people have pointed out how the channel is disrespectful to the dead.

Alleged or Debunked Accusations

Some YouTubers have been convicted of predatory and/or criminal behavior, but they either got debunked or there wasn't enough information for the claims. In some cases, it could possibly be both.

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  • 2015 – L for Leeeeee x: was a Scottish gaming YouTuber who gained popularity by being apart of stampylonghead's channel. On August 7, 2015, British tabloid newspaper Daily Mirror posted an article about Lee's alleged sexual misconduct, where had been using an alt Facebook profile to harass women online. Lee was using Facebook to anonymously stalk women under the name "Michael Duffy". He would message them saying disturbing things like "walking behind her in the street and her being unaware of his presence". The article got a massive amount of popularity and was even reviewed by DramaAlert. However, no other evidence was shown regarding the allegations. Lee denied the allegations in a future statement he posted to his YouTube and Gyazo accounts in May 2018, stating that they were all fake news. The allegations, however, caused him to leave the Lovely World series, as he did not want to destroy Stampy's reputation as a family-friendly YouTuber and his success. However, new evidence that has arisen might suggest his original allegations might have actually been real all along.
  • 2016 – TOASTY: Toasty, better/formerly known as Bashurverse, was a gaming YouTuber which got accused of rape and pedophilia, which had mixed traction due to lack of evidence. An example of this was when he was 17 going into 18, and he entered an intimate relationship with a 15-year-old on the internet. He ended up getting arrested for it, but due to some misconceptions that were needed to be cleared up, it was cited as sexual misconduct, or as he dubs it "a slap on the wrist", and Toasty was given a 12-month sentence of an unknown punishment. However, in 2020, new allegations have managed to surface against him, which are still pending, but, if gathered with enough evidence, might actually lead to him being outed for real.
  • 2016 – Tobuscus: On April 8, 2016, Turner's ex-girlfriend April Fletcher, known online as AprilEfff, made several allegations against the YouTuber, including that he was addicted to drugs, that he had cheated on several of his former partners (including Fletcher), and that he drugged and raped her in February 2013. Writing a blog post on Tumblr, Fletcher claimed that she had contemplated suicide following the episodes, and that Turner had likely committed the same acts to other women. YouTuber and ex-girlfriend of Turner, Amelia Talon, corroborated Fletcher's accounts shortly after, alleging that she had been drugged by Turner as well. On April 9, 2016, Jaclyn Glenn, another of Turner's ex-girlfriends, posted a video on YouTube responding to the allegations. Glenn claimed that Turner had affairs in their relationship, and that while she thought the rape allegations were possible, she personally believed that they were untrue. Former Turner girlfriends Olga Kay and Melanie Murphy both denied that they were ever assaulted by Toby, though Murphy admitted Turner was not faithful to her. While not endorsing the rape allegations, both former Turner girlfriend Tara Babcock and former collaborator with Turner, Philip DeFranco, attested that Turner has a drug problem, is non-monogamous in his relationships and needs mental help. Turner responded to the accusations on April 11, 2016. In a short video, he dubbed Fletcher's claims as "false" and claimed that he had "never done anything without her consent [and] never tried to trick her into anything". On June 14, 2018, Turner released another video titled "#MeToo ...late?" where he claims he was advised not to say anything when the Tumblr post was published, then proceeds to give his accounts of what happened. In the video he insists nothing wrong occurred that night, just him letting a friend (Fletcher) sleep over at his house, due to her insisting she was too afraid to return home that late at night. He also claims that Fletcher wanted a romantic relationship with him, while he wanted only to remain friends. In the video, Turner also suggests Fletcher hinted at making a Tumblr post falsely accusing him of rape. As a result of the allegations, Turner was replaced as the voice of Ant-Man/Scott Lang for Marvel Avengers Academy.
  • 2019 – Shane Dawson: Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber who allegedly had sex with his own cat. Shane responded on Twitter explaining that he never had any sexual contact with his cat, and that in fact it was only a joke he made when he was younger. However in 2020, videos came out of Shane showing creepy behavior around minors, including a video where he is saying sexual things to his 12 year-old cousin, and one where he pretends to masturbate to a poster of at the time underaged singer and daughter of Will Smith, Willow Smith. The ladder of which actually got the attention of both Willow's brother Jaden, and her mother, Jada, who both called Shane's video disgusting and creepy.
  • 2020 – Baka Prase: Baka Prase is a Serbian YouTuber, who is also the most subscribed Serbian YouTuber. In July of 2020, Prase has been accused of having a sexual intercourse with a minor, to which Prase explained and confirmed that he did have it with a 16-year old girl, which told him that she is 18. After the news came out, Prases sponsors instantly dropped him, and Prase created a music-video regarding the situation.
  • 2020 – Fedmyster: Fedmyster is a Youtube Vlogger and Twitch Streamer, as well as a former member of Offline TV. On June 27, 2020, Offline TV member Yvonnie made allegations against Fed, claiming that he had sexually harassed her and LilyPichu, as well as make everyone in the house feel uncomfortable. As a result, Fed was kicked out of the house. Later in September, Fed made a response claiming that many details against him were overblown, and showed many screenshots of it in a Google Doc. Pokimane responded to this with a Google Doc of her own, showing evidence against Fed. Fed then made another Doc against her. Many people were initially supportive of the Offline TV members, however when the 2nd wave of the controversy in September occurred, people became more neutral, citing that both sides did many wrong things.
  • 2020 – Syndicate: Syndicate, as explained in the above "Scammers" section, was a popular Minecraft youtuber. In 2016, he had a massive controversy with TmarTn where they were called out for running a CS:GO lotto site. This wouldn't be the last time that Syndicate got into controversy, however, as in 2020, two seperate women came out with allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. He was said to have emotionally abused them as well. Syndicate has denied these allegations, but many people are still split on the situation.
  • 2020 – AnTi: AnTi was a professional Smash Bros Player who was accused of sexual assault and unconsented advances by multiple women in early-July 2020. Some of the more infamous stories was from a victim named Kassandra, stating that he forced her to drink alcohol and make out, both of which were when she was underaged, and from another named Samantha, who claimed that he had sex with her when she was 15. AnTi sent out a response stating that the latter lied about their age and said that the women accusing him were trying to ruin his reputation in the Smash community, but he would later delete the response in favor of speaking to a lawyer. On Janurary 14th, 2021, AnTi published a video, apologizing for his behavior and inappropriate conduct and trying to debunk some of the enzymes of the accusations. He also denied antics involving a group chat with him, ZeRo and Nairo and only joined to make sure that they weren't doing anything extreme. Since then, his ongoing channel has decreased to 11k subscribers and his audience has become minimal, yet his reputation remains divisive.
  • 2020 – Burcol: Burcol was a Dragon Ball YouTuber who was under fire for nearly driving a female artist to suicide. Screenshots have revealed that he has constantly harassed her with claims of multiple attempts of catfishing. A few days later, he had tried to apologize for his actions and has stated that he talked it out with her privately on Twitter, as well as addressing the allegations in a 2-part video on the same platform. It has since then been moved on, but some have not forgotten what had transpired, sighting that Burcol had a lackluster "apology" and that his intentions were for cancelation the whole time.
  • 2020 – Daud Kim: Daud Kim is a Korean-Muslim YouTuber who gained over 2 million subscribers. In August 2020, he was slammed for sexually assaulting another Muslim woman. He deleted the original apology and posted another one, but was rejected due to the fact that he feared backlash and apologized due to being caught. However, speculation amongst fans suggested that this was prior to Daud converting to Muslim. Whatever the case may be, the drama surrounding the whole situation seems to have died down, yet still up for debate.
  • 2020 – Cobanermani456: Cobanermani456 is a currently retired Gaming youtuber with over 1.3 Million subscribers, best known for his playthroughs of Sonic, Pokemon, Smash Brothers, and Mario games, among others, as well as his common collaborations with the late Etika. In 2020, a woman named Katie came out with an experience with Coban, where she accused him of abuse. Not too long later, Coban made a Youtube account named "Coban ErPersonall" where he started to post deranged and delusional videos claiming that her, Etika, and some of his other friends were pedophiles, as well as threatening violence towards her. Many people in his comments are telling him to get help, and he hasn't uploaded on that and Coban ErPersonall 2 accounts for months now. Many people are split on the main allegations, some saying that they are true and his secret videos are proving that, while others are saying that it's false, and they are causing him to have severe mental breakdowns and delusions against other people from his circle. Either way, he hasn't been active online for several months now. Many people hope that he is getting the mental help that he needs, however, nobody is certain. We can only hope for the better coutcome.
  • 2020 – Dream: Clay, better known as Dream is a popular Minecraft Youtuber known for his speedruns as well as his SMP, which is known to be the most popular. In 2020, he was called out for possibly cheating in one of his speedruns. Dream denied this and claimed that he "was just lucky". Eventually, Karl Jobst made a video giving strong evidence that heavily implied that Dream had in fact cheated in his speedrun. Dream didn't respond to video directly, and instead blocked his name from his Youtube comments and Twitch chat, and banned anyone on Twitch who mentioned it for currently unknown reasons. Despite this, Dream stated that he had nothing against Karl Jobst and even talked to him in private peacefully, and has since left the situation behind him, despite the amount of evidence that leaned towards him cheating. What's weird about this is that the controversy later became one of the most-used running gags in the Minecraft community. Despite the amount of evidence, the situation had been left inconclusive, leaving it split down the middle between people who believe or don't believe that Dream cheated.
  • 2021 – CallMeCarson: On January 4th, 2021, Carson was exposed by his friends Traves and Noah, who went to DramaAlert, of a sexual relationship Carson had with a 17 year-old minor in early 2019, when Carson was 19/20 years-old, as well as another victim of the same age. In an interview with Keemstar and Traves & Noah, they admitted they Carson had admitted to having this relationship with the Lunch Club crew. Videos and screenshots of the sexually and romantically charged discussions between Carson and the minor are also available to see on Keemstar's Twitter account. Many people have argued whether or not the power dynamic was the main problem rather than the age gap itself and who was really the one fueling the fire. It was also revealed that they didn't break the news back then was due to lawsuits, counterclaims, and the fact that Carson had put countless YouTubers, like the Lunch Club, on the map. This is still a developing story and a response has not been released by Carson, who went on hiatus by the time the allegations were revealed to the world. Some of his former friends like Slimecicle, Cooper, Jschlatt, and Ted had issued their own statements, ranging from reporting his immoral and illegal actions to the authorities to just wanting him to get help immediately. A separate rumor is also being spread that Carson has been arrested and is being charged with a felony related to the relationship he had with the 17-year-old, as well as a supposed mugshot being posted around on Twitter and Reddit, but a reddit post has debunked the concern of the photo.
  • 2021 – Fave: Fave is a ROBLOX YouTuber with about 370K subscribers, who got exposed by several of his fans over the years he was active on YouTube, who were used by Fave to serve his own sexual desires. The first of which came from a user named MousieCherie who claimed that Fave told her to "pop her cherries", which is a sexual term meaning losing one's virginity, when she was 12 years old. It's unclear whether or not this was intentional, and the first allegations were dismissed. After a while of silence, the 2nd victim, a girl named Ellie, came and showed screenshot evidence that Fave, a legal adult, tried to flirt and ERP with her via Discord PMs when she was 17, as well as him faking suicidal threats just for her sexual attention. June of 2020 was when Fave was exposed by Ellie, but the video didn't get much attention. However, 6 months later, Fave was exposed again for grooming minors and asking for inappropriate pictures, along with the previously-dismissed "pop her cherries" comment resurfacing again. These allegations have yet to be confirmed. He has denied these claims via Twitter in a response that he later deleted, but the vast majority of the community are on the side of those who accused him.


  • 2016 – DramaAlert: DramaAlert is the biggest American YouTube news platform, which is owned by Daniel Keem, better known as Keemstar. In 2016, Daniel got exposed by LeafyIsHere and GradeAUnderA for various stuff, one of which was that Daniel is an ephebophile. Daniel instantly responded debunking saying that Leafy and Grade are manipulating with fans. This was later confirmed years later by Keem and Leafy themselves saying they set up the entire drama for money.
  • 2018 – Spoctor: In 2018, Spoctor was accused of pedophila alongside many other charges in videos by former commentators Atari and Pentagrin leading to a large loss of subscribers. However, the tables would turn when Ponder Sprocket debunking most of the claims. Later leaks by Atari revealed the videos were part of an attempt to take down Spoctor by Pentagrin and Stories another former commentator.
  • 2019 – ProJared: ProJared is an American YouTube commentator, whose wife exposed him for cheating on her. Once she exposed him, fans have been complaining that ProJared has been hitting on underage fans, which included the sending of nudes, which were leaked online. The result of this ended with ProJared losing 23% of his subscriber count. In August 2019, ProJared made a very detailed video debunking the situation, even with the admittion of the whole thing being unhealthy, therefore clearing his name.
  • 2019 – James Charles: On May 10, 2019, Tati posted a video titled BYE SISTER, explaining all her problems with James, including having a massive ego, childish behavior, manipulating and predator behaviors towards straight men, embarrassing her at a party, promoting the sugar bear vitamins, despite his beliefs on not promoting supplements to his young fans, and feeling betrayed after all the help Tati did for James, before he was famous. Tati stated that she severed all ties with James and wants nothing to do with him. As a result, in just three days, James lost over 2.5 million subscribers from the controversy. James made a response apologizing to Tati and the fans the day after Tati's video. The video negativity arose as the video surpassed over 2 million dislikes and fans accused James of scripting the video. Many people even assumed that Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain ended friendship with James and permanently disbanded the Sister Squad due to them unfollowing James. As his reputation dwindled in a fast pace, James ultimately broke his silence and uploaded a video called No More Lies. In his video, he talked about all the allegation Tati made and refuted all her statements, especially his sexual behavior towards a waiter. He also pointed out that he attempted to apologize to Tati and his husband and explained his reasoning with signing the contract with her rival company. In the end, he also addressed Jeffree Star's merciless treatment towards James after the scandal. He revealed that Jeffree called James via text message a "danger to society" and that he should be "locked in a jail for a very long time". James then criticized Jeffree for not only sending hurtful messages, but also for not trusting him in the first place. In the end, his video proved to be a success as many of his friends apologized to him, and eventually regrew his original subscriber loss within four months. However, On February 26th, 2021, new evidence has surfaced suggesting that James had groomed someone on Instagram, pleasuring himself to get more of his attention and asking for nudes. James immediately responded and confirmed that the "victim" had lied about their age.
  • 2019 – Slazo: Slazo is an Australian commentary and Reddit YouTuber. In 2019, a person named Chey, who was Slazo's Ex-girlfriend, claimed that he raped her and abused her. Many Youtubers like ImAllexxSquizzy, and even Wilbur Soot supported Chey, and criticized Slazo. Slazo made a video debunking every claim that Chey had made, which automatically made a lot of people switch sides to being on Slazo's side. However, ImAllexx, Squizzy, Weest, and other youtubers doubled down, and said that either Slazo was lying, or as Weest said, was still an abusive boyfriend. The claims by these Youtubers were debunked by Turkey Tom.
  • 2020 – Zylenox: Zylenox is an American Minecraft (Formerly Geometry Dash) YouTuber. In 2020, he admitted to have engaged in ERP with a 13 year old girl when he was 19, however, the girl said that she was 18, meaning he was not legally at fault. Many of his community have forgiven him, though some still struggle to wrap their heads around the fact that he is not a pedophile and it was all just a big misunderstanding.
  • 2020 – Couriway: Couriway, a Minecraft speedrunner, was accused of sexual misconduct by 2 women, 1 of which wanting to press charges against him. However, he would turn the tables in an hour-long video that denies the allegations, as well as debunking much of the misconceptions. Since then, he has continued to upload videos and it seems that the allegations became a thing in the past.
  • 2020 – NairoMK: Nairo is a professional Smash Bros. player who was accused of raping CaptainZack, a younger professional Smash Bros. player, when they were staying at one of the Sky Houses in 2017. Zack posted in a Twitlonger on July 2020 that he was 15 at the time and Nairo was 20 when the incident happened. The accusation led to Nairo being outed out and being shunned by everyone who were associated with and had signed him, community and all, and deactivated his Twitter. However, later that September, a user by the name of tamim released a Twitlonger stating that Zack's side of the story was fabricated and that hush money was involved to keep the whole thing under wraps. One of those people who knew but kept quiet via the money was Samsora, who denied being given said money. Many people were skeptical about it at first, but October 28th, 2020, Nairo would reactivate his Twitter to reveal his side of the story. In a document, he stated that Zack was the one who raped him and not the other way around. He also stated that hush money was actually involved for those who knew about everything and followed up with the confirmation that he would continue to get therapy. This led to those who outed him to have a neutral opinion about the whole thing, with some saying that Nairo's statement about Zack might explain what happened when Zack was blackmailing Ally to be with him along with a different controversy involving bracket manipulation. On Feburary 19th, 2021, Nairo uploaded a video on his channel for the first time since the allegations, confirming that under a legal agreement, the case was dismissed and he would move forward with streaming and continuing with therapy, thereby clearing his name. Many have come to realize that Nairo was telling the truth all along and have come forth to forgive him for the most part, though speculation of what the aforementioned legal agreement contained is up for debate.
  • 2020 – Pyrocynical: Pyrocynical (real name Niall) is an English YouTuber, who allegedly groomed a 15 year old when he was 19. According to him, Pyrocynical sent a variety of inappropriate material to him, including drawn NSFW and fetish videos. Niall made a response on his subreddit a few days later. Turkey Tom then released a document claiming to have concrete proof of Pyrocynical being a groomer. On December 18th 2020, Niall made a response video on the document and debunked the "proof", while still admitting to the messages, which he said were nothing more than fantasy roleplay and sincerely apologises for. Opinions of these allegations have become divisive, but it's begun to slowly die down.


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