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CookProductions1 (born 1997) Is an English YouTube Content Creator who mainly focuses on Formula One. His videos consist of satirical Formula One Season Reviews, of which he's completed four whole seasons of. 1988, 1989, 1998, 1999 and 2000. He is currently working on the 1982 Season.


Before his season review, CookProductions1 created YTP's and Let's Plays. He has since stopped making Let's Plays and YTP's due to lack of interest and reception. In March 2015, The first F1 Season Review video was released. The video was then shared to Reddit by CookProductions1 himself for promotional reasons, rocketing him from 260 subscribers to 480 in the span of two days, which led to high demand for another episode. At the end of the first full season, CookProductions1 hit 500 subscribers.

The character that CookProductions1 plays is a mentally unstable commentator who tries his best not to sound like he's biased, but fails miserably and ends up doing the opposite, Which has led fans to think that CookProductions1 really hates some of the drivers he ridicules. For example, In his 1988 season review, he vastly favours Ayrton Senna over Alain Prost and in his 98, 99 and 00 seasons, It tells the story his struggle of being a fan of Michael Schumacher, in which most videos consist of him ridiculing Mika Hakkinen, Schumacher's main rival at the time. 1989 takes a step back to the Senna/Prost era to continue the story, and 1982 embarks the origin of the Brazilian bias and the subsequent stories in between.

Other F1 related videos CookProductions1 does is his 'Ultimate Guide' series, in which he uses satire to ridicule specific types of F1 fans and websites, Such as F1 YouTubers, F1 Tribute creators, F1 Journalism and V10 'fanboys' and F1 Conspiracy Theorists. All five episodes have been met with critical acclaim.

Like most YouTubers, CookProductions1's videos have been met with criticisms. One of his biggest criticisms is his lack of research in some of his videos, leading to misinformation and jokes that garner no real connection to the actual situation. He is also criticised for his 'constant use of swearing' and his sometimes 'child like humour'.

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