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Corey Coyote, also known as Damn Dog Games, is an English furry musician YouTuber who has done collabs with people like Odin Wolf. Corey is a musician, gamer and a furry. Corey mainly does collabs with Odin, the main music genre Corey likes to make music in is Dance and Electronic music. This YouTuber is also seen with Duke Doberman.


Corey likes to make video collaborations, dance and electric music and loves to express the love for furries.


  • Corey has a steam account on which he will livestream and users like Damn Dog Games will upload Corey's streams to his/her channel.
  • Corey has released songs on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer and Iheartradio, here are some of the songs that have been released by this furry:
    • Hell Touched
    • Just Fur The Weekend
    • Headshot
    • Feelin Safe
    • Heroes and Villians
    • Arc
    • Booty Call
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