Corl has more than One Million Subscribers
Corl plays video games
Corl is from Canada
Corl is male
Corl created their account in 2016
Corl is a Content Creator on YouTube

Braden Reed Welsh (born: 1998) better known online as Corl (or CorlHorl), was a YouTuber known for his Minecraft and Roblox content. He was also a former member of the well-known group known as The Pals, but was kicked out due to insulting a fan and never apologizing in February of 2019. His social media has stayed inactive ever since.

The Pals

Corl, along with Denis, Alex, Sub, and Sketch, formed The Pals. The account started primarily as a Minecraft roleplay channel and smoothly transitioned over to Roblox gaming videos but has started up Minecraft again with the arrival of the new PalsCraft series. However, as of February 28th, 2019, Corl has been kicked out of the Pals and has quit YouTube according to his Twitter. Before he left YouTube he did 14 streams of Murder Mystery 2.

His Friendships

Braden has been a good friend of Denis since he was 12. Corl even moved in with Denis and Alex for about 6 months, until Alex left for England and Corl moved to the US, leaving Denis alone. Then, many suspect he developed some mental issues there. He was good friends with Alex, Sub, and Sketch. It is unknown to anyone what he is up to now.


Corl live-streamed from 15:00-18:00 PST from Monday to Friday. He streamed Roblox, Minecraft One Life Survival, and Pals Craft Season 2.


Disrespectful Tweets

Corl received lots of backlashes after he bullied a fan "@tiffstuff." Corl had made a tweet arguing against Ad Revenue of kids gymnastics that were being "enjoyed" by the wrong audience. Corl had said that YouTube should be protecting minors. His fans had said this was not the reaction they had been expecting. "@tiffstuff" commented that he was judging other people for opinions and that this was why she had left the Pals. Corl said she should have left in the first place due to the Pals being a kids show. "@tiffstuff" was hurt, stating that she paid $100 for her high school jersey to have "The Pals" written on it. Corl responded with "Cringe :/." Corl's fans went to @tiffstuff to attack her, and make her want to kill herself. She stated that she attempted to commit suicide and had been put on suicide watch by her councilor. But this didn't stop Corl. He just continued doing what he was doing.

Kicked From The Pals

Denis announced on February 28, 2019, that Corl was kicked out of The Pals which resulted in him to quit YouTube. He had also tweeted lies about The Pals shortly after being told he was kicked. He eventually tweeted about him going to die and saying his final goodbye. After Feb 24, 2019, His Twitter account went quiet. His YT account has been quiet since then. Corl does not plan to continue doing YouTube. Shortly after, he did post several pictures with him holding a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun with his hair grown out, but after several YouTubers gained concern about the health of the rest of the Pals, he took it down and has not liked, retweeted, or done any online activity since. His ROBLOX account has gone quiet and has not been online for over 9 months.

The Shotgun Fiasco

After about a year of inactivity on any social media website including YouTube, Corl returned on Twitter with a few pics that caused some controversy among both the YouTube and Roblox community. The images were of Corl who had grown his hair, wielding a shotgun which at first was thought to be a prop, but was then later implied that it might be an actual Shotgun. Some of the community thought it might have been a joke but some YouTubers like Kreekcraft and ally and others were concerned and alarmed considering they were posted out of nowhere and with no further context given. While all the fears were resolved in a positive manner many people called out Corl for lack of context and some people thinking he did it as a sick joke.[1]

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: January 10, 2018


  • Corl has bright, icy blue eyes.
  • Corl attacked one of his fans after talking about The Pals, one of his former groups.
  • The nickname Corl started from a Minecraft joke with Denis.
  • Corl took a little break from YouTube in August and September to focus on his mental health and later began uploading his videos on a daily basis once more.
  • Corl was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada.
  • Corl loves and wants to pursue a career in theater after YouTube and has even won a Cappies award.
  • He has quit YouTube, Twitter, and Roblox ever since the incident.
  • He posted photos of him posing with shotguns (Mossberg 500s according to JOHN ROBLOX) to his Twitter page, which has since been deleted.


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