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Courtney (born: 1995 [Age 24-25]), better known online as courtneypants, is an American vlogger who began her channel in 2007. She is part of Maker Studios and has a variety of different videos on her channel.


She has "Unicourt Adventures" which is her dressed as a unicorn and sometimes with her friend Dox the Fox who go out in the world trying to stop unicorn racism, doing odd jobs, going places, and finding things. She had "Peanut Butter and Jams" which she did with guests like ShayCarl and KassemG where she and her guests would say there favorite music and show clip of the music video. At the end a free MP3 song link would be given.

She does "Cooking with CourtneyPants" where she teaches you how to cook healthy dishes and sometimes a quest cook appears. Another series which is running more often recently is "Extra Credit with CourtneyPants." In this she offers healthy food advice and other healthy choices we can take. These are all series in her channel and she also does standard vlogs that come on daily basises.

Courtney's humor comes from her obsession with Unicorns, grandma, and kettlecorn. She also uses genitals of female and males instead of some words and creates her own words like "jizzball" and "unicorntastic". Courtney sometimes does serious topics on her vlogs like Q&A's and one touching video about her deceased mother. Courtney appears in TheStation's videos and some TheGameStation videos. Also appearing in HuskyStarCraft "Nerdy and I Know It" video and RosannaPansino 12 hour live stream. She also appears in some Shay videos, The Station Videos, and TheGameStation Videos. Courtney also vloged for the X Factor USA Season 1 behind the scenes interviewing and exploring. Her followers are called Ballier Unicorns.

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