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Marcus Glenn (age 13), better known online as CowAnim8s, is a Vyond Animator.


  • CowAnim8s was known for scamming, doing fake giveaways, and stealing money from his fans. He was hated by the community, and also didn't take criticism that was counted against him. He also insulted people who have lower subscribers than him. Due to this he used like bots to like his own video.
  • CowAnim8s also adverted SwagBucks which is a scam and virus website used to fish your info so it can be sent by scam emails.
  • He also said the N Word on Discord, while willg8686 was in the discord server.

Feud with willg8686

  • Back in 2017, willg8686 exposed CowAnim8s of doing fake giveaways, and cowanim8s threatened to DDOS him, kill him, and also call 911 on him. Due to this CowAnim8s got much more backlash against him.
  • However willg8686 was a good helper to him back in 2016, until CowAnim8s started to be greedy and advert a virus website.

False Strikes

  • On March 22, 2018, He falsely striked willg8686 for making a walkthrough of his game Zombie Apocalypse, due to this he was exposed again.

Immature music video

  • On Newgrounds CowAnim8s made a music video called "willg8686 is cancer" which is a ripoff of "CyberBully channels are cancer" He got more backlash due to this.

After a few hours it was blammed/removed, due to this it wasent seen again.


  • He used to be good during the 2016 ara
  • He was good friends with willg8686 back in the day
  • His real name is Marcus Glenn

Other accounts

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