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Cowbelly Studios is a Commentator
Cowbelly Studios creates meme videos
Cowbelly Studios is a Musician
Cowbelly Studios is from the United States
Cowbelly Studios is male
Cowbelly Studios created their account in 2015
Cowbelly Studios is a Content Creator on YouTube

Graham Heavenrich (born: April 16, 1998 (1998-04-16) [age 23]), better known online as Cowbelly Studios (or just Cowbelly, formerly CowbellyTV and Graham The Christian), is an American YouTuber who uploads comedy videos. He was initially known for his "CLUB PENGUIN RUINED" series, and later the "Comment Awards" series and saying words multiple times for charity.


Cowbelly was originally known for uploading the "CLUB PENGUIN RUINED" series, which consisted of multiple short clips of him in Club Penguin, usually saying swear words, and all text narrated by a text to speech voice. During this time, he also uploaded "RUINED" videos of other games, with commentary made with the same text to speech voice.

After Club Penguin, Cowbelly became more well known through the "Comment Awards" series, which features the same text to speech voice reading memes and Twitter posts. His two most famous series initially overlapped, but after Club Penguin was shut down in 2017, "Comment Awards" became the main focus on his channel.

Following a controversy where some of Cowbelly's fans accused a YouTuber called Calbel of copying Cowbelly when in reality Calbel came first, Cowbelly changed his username to Graham The Christian. He later changed it to Cowbelly, without the TV part at the end.

On April 20, 2017, Cowbelly created another channel called Comment Awards (later renamed Cowbelly Studios) and started posting his series there on December 4 of the same year. Cowbelly continued posting videos of the "Comment Awards" series on his main channel until episode 100 on April 29, 2018. The "Comment Awards" series on the other channel reset the numbering and involved a v before the number, which was not the case on the other channel. The "Comment Awards" series later was renamed to "Meme Awards", although the channel's name remains. Comment Awards also started a series called "Tumblr Awards", which features Tumblr posts read by the same voice.

In late 2017, Cowbelly posted multiple live streams of him saying certain words multiple times for charity. The last of these was him saying "Gucci Gang" 1 million times, which lasted from December 2017 to January 2018. During this live stream, he privated all of his videos on the Cowbelly channel and changed them back to public after the live stream was over.

Currently, he mostly uploads on the Comment Awards channel, while the Cowbelly channel is notably less active.

On November 11, Cowbelly started a channel called Meme Manía, which uploads content similar to that of Comment Awards but in Spanish.

On January 16, 2019, he started a channel called Memeify, (previously Memeistry), which features video memes instead of picture memes. An announcement video of the Memeistry channel was uploaded on Comment Awards on January 18, 2019.

In March 2019, Comment Awards overtook Cowbelly in subscribers. The channels had somewhere between 1 million and 1.1 million subscribers when the overtake happened.

On April 30, 2019, Cowbelly started a new channel called Reddit Reads. This channel was made for Reddit Awards, a series that was previously on the Comment Awards channel. While most Reddit videos since then were uploaded on the new channel, a few were still uploaded on the Comment Awards channel. The new channel was created to have the Comment Awards channel focus on the Meme Awards and Tumblr Awards series while still uploading Reddit videos frequently. However, the channel stopped being active after nine days, with 23 total videos uploaded.

In around early June 2019, the Comment Awards channel got demonetized, resulting in the uploads becoming less frequent. In July 2019, he discontinued the Meme Awards series and replaced it with Daily Dose. In August 2019, the Comment Awards channel got renamed to Cowbelly Studios.

On August 25, 2019, Cowbelly renamed the Reddit Reads channel to Tumblr Reads (briefly Comment Awards Brand Account), starting a new series called Tumblr Trophies. He also made all the Reddit Awards videos on the channel private. On the same day, he also started using his real voice on the Cowbelly Studios channel. In his recent 2 videos, he has collaborated with EmKay, having him narrate the video, but switched back to the text to speech voice sometime later.

On September 22, he and EmKay started the channel GeeZee.

On October 22, he made a community post stating that he would shift away from text to speech content. The full post can be read below.

"Hey everybody, Effective December 31, 2020, Cowbelly Studios will discontinue text to speech content. This has been a transforming medium for YouTube and I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of interesting innovations on it, from the Reddit videos that populate the platform to interesting takes on the text-to-speech voice like the rap songs. As our company has matured and we’ve moved onto bigger things, the format of curating images into videos with a robot voice is not something I think is healthy for the brand as a flagship product. Some of the things we’re working on that I love: our memes channel, @memes by cowbelly, where we work with hundreds of original meme creators to create high quality original meme content. We’ve found success syndicating this product on TikTok and on Snapchat, where we have a Discover show, Cowbelly Memes. A Cowbelly game, Cowhop. A meme sharing service, which will launch in the next couple of months. A music channel, where we work with talented musicians and animators to create a novel take on Lofi music: @audios by cowbelly / Spotify: The rest of the Cowbelly ecosystem can be found on I’d like to send a massive amount of love to the people who have worked on these channels to create consistent content for this product. Thank you <3 I will see you all in the future, on bigger and better projects :) Love, Cowbelly"

On January 28, 2021, he privatised all the text-to-speech videos such as the Meme Awards and Daily Dose series on the Cowbelly Studios channel, leaving a farewell video explaining that he had shifted over to the Memes By Cowbelly channel.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Cowbelly's personal life. His birth date of April 16, 1998, is known solely due to a now-deleted Q&A celebrating a subscriber milestone tilted "HOW I GET THE CLUB PENGUIN VOICE". It is believed that Graham has lived in Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a younger sister, Ava Heavenrich, whom he follows on Instagram. She corroborates the theories that the Graham lived in Chicago and Pennsylvania, as her best friend lives in Chicago[1], and Ava attends a private school in Pennsylvania.[2]

Current Series

Daily Dose

On July 19, 2019, the Meme Awards series was rebranded as Daily Meme Dose or Daily Memes Dose. Unlike the Comment Awards/Meme Awards series, it does not feature a comment at the beginning of videos.

The parts are mostly numbered with Roman numerals, although there are also parts that do not have numbers at all and use titles such as "memes that make me commit small laugh" and "memes to help you procrastinate".

Starting on August 24, he started using his real voice for the videos instead of the text to speech voice. This has since been replaced by EmKay's voice on August 26. The robot voice was added back on September 1.


Tumblr Trophies

Tumblr Trophies, or Trophies of Tumblr, is a series on the Tumblr Reads channel. The series started on August 25, 2019. It does not have a playlist at the moment. It is the successor of the Tumblr Awards series.

Cowbelly's Clips

Cowbelly's Clips is a series on the Cowbelly channel and a revival of the Club Penguin Ruined series. The first episode was published on November 3, 2019. The videos in this series are in the same playlist as his Club Penguin Ruined series.

Past Series

Club Penguin Ruined

Club Penguin Ruined was a series uploaded on Cowbelly's original main channel (the other channels had not been created yet) from November 2015 to March 2017, the month Club Penguin was discontinued. Each episode of the series featured multiple scenes of Cowbelly doing things on Club Penguin, often involving swearing. It has two seasons with 10 episodes each, but episodes 2-5 of Season 2 are missing. He later privated all of the parts in the series except episodes 6-10 of Season 2.


Meme Awards

Meme Awards, previously known as Comment Awards, was the longest-running ongoing series Cowbelly had, with over 500 total episodes on both of his most subscribed channels as of July 2019. 100 episodes of the Comment Awards series were uploaded on the Cowbelly channel from late 2016 to April 2018. Nearly 500 episodes were posted on the Cowbelly Studios channel.

The videos on the Cowbelly Studios channel feature a comment at the beginning. Originally, no hashtags were included, but afterward, a requirement was added to have hashtags #MemeAwards and #FeatureMe to get featured.

In February 2019, the series started having a recurring meme. In this, a person called Michael contacts 7 News Australia informing him that he has a scoop. 7 News replies, asking for the details, to which Michael responds with a picture of an ice cream scoop. Episode 346, the 1 million subscriber special of Comment Awards, was this meme repeated for over nine minutes. After this special, the meme stopped being recurring.


15 Second Stories

15 Second Stories was a series uploaded on the Cowbelly channel in 2017. Each episode of it included multiple 15-second stories, each narrated by the text-to-speech voice. This series only has 5 episodes.


Meme Manía

Meme Manía was a series on the channel of the same name. It was the Spanish version of Meme Awards. It had daily episodes, from episode 0 to 49. However, it stopped getting new episodes on January 29, 2019.


4K Memes Compilation

4K Memes Compilation, previously known as Best Memes Awards, was uploaded on the Memeify channel. The series features video memes. It started on January 18, 2019, and has had a new episode almost every day until January 29. After that, the series has only had two new episodes, the latter of which was uploaded on February 11.


Who Would've Thunk?

This series was uploaded on the Comment Awards channel and features video clips that could be described as being unbelievable. The videos are narrated by Clyde. This series started on February 11, 2019, and has over 14 episodes at the moment. Since episode 6, videos of this series have been titled "World of Interesting" (although the playlist still refers to the series by its original title). It has not had any new episodes since March 14, 2019.


Reddit Awards

Reddit Awards was uploaded on the Reddit Reads (now Tumblr Reads) and Comment Awards channels. Unlike other series, it does not have numbered episodes, but rather titles that describe what type of content the video has (such as having the name of a specific Subreddit or Askreddit question featured in the video). As of May 2019, it has over 160 episodes on the Comment Awards and Reddit Reads channels combined. The series has not received any new videos since May 9 on the Reddit Reads channel and May 24 on the Comment Awards channels.


Tumblr Awards

Tumblr Awards is a series similar to Meme Awards but features content exclusively from Tumblr. This series is uploaded on the Comment Awards channel and started in July 2018. It has over 100 episodes as of May 2019.

Comment Awards

Memes By Cowbelly

On Sep 22, 2019, Cowbelly Studios and Freememeskids created the Youtube, FreeMemesStudios. The channel uploaded compilations of memes around the internet, with short clips of memes organized into a compilation. The channel has obtained as of August 20th, 2020, 146K subscribers. The channel name has been changed to Memes By Cowbelly, On the 21st/22nd of may 2021 the channel was temporarily terminated but the channel is back up now

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.


  • 1 million subscribers: July 8, 2018[3]

Cowbelly Studios

  • 1 million subscribers: February 17, 2019[4]

memes by cowbelly

  • 1 million subscribers: February 24, 2021



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