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Shannon Margaret Campbell (born: May 13, 1993 (1993-05-13) [age 27]), better known as CreepShow Art, is an American artist, YouTube commentator, and storytimer.


Shannon created her channel on April 4, 2016, and started uploading videos on March 20, 2018, starting out making storytime videos, and subsequently other miscellaneous content tours, "art rage" series, and then rants over her footage of drawing pieces of artwork. Her first video is titled "Addicted to Porn?! Storytime | CreepshowArt". Shannon shifted her content to make primarily commentaries on controversial people, circumstances and pop culture.

Shannon herself has been involved in a number of famous controversies such as Hopeless Peaches and Onision[1].

Shannon has been cited as an inspiration of several YouTubers such as Nawnii and Prison Mate Luke.

Personal Life

Shannon was born on May 13, 1993 in the United States.


Lying/spreading misinformation

Shannon accused British actress Jameela Jamil of disability faking. This came off as ableist to many, and her subscribers [2] called her out. Shannon also [3] lied about a drag queen spreading revenge CP and nudes, in a situation where victims were coming forward about her friends alleged sexual misconduct. In the video she talked about drag race drama, and when she showed the "proof", nowhere in it was any form of nudes or sexual content.

Tarrah Kristine Taylor's[4] video showed that Shannon also lied about several people such as Jaclyn Hill's father, and would use the "I'm just joking" excuse as justification, and it caused her subscribers to plummet from 500K to around 469K.

False racism/sexism accusations

Shannon accused Youtuber MangaKamen of being a sexist, because he didn't swear [5] in her presence. She took the fact that he didn't swear in front of her due to the fact that she was woman and he likely assumed she couldn't handle it. A lot of people thought Shannon was overreacting and petty. Another time she said Peaches was racist because she had an argument with Omnia, who happened to be black. Shannon said[6] Peaches was 'trying to make herself look like an innocent white girl', despite the fact that Peaches never even mentioned their race.

Hopeless Peaches situation

Creepshow Art reportedly[7] tweeted on Dec. 1, "Before I hit 100k, I was friends with another creator. This creator later spread lies about me, told people I was psychotic, and I screamed at her and basically poisoned potential friendships with other people in the art community." In another tweet, she called out Hopeless Peaches by name, writing, "This tweet was about Hopeless Peaches. Finding out that she had told multiple creators who she knew I admired that I screamed at her, and attacked her, when I viewed her as a little sister f--king sucked."[8]

After Shannon came out with her experiences with Prison Mate Luke, this encouraged multiple other people such as Omnia[9], Kai Weiss[10], Avrona[11] and Camila Cuevas[12] to make claims against Peaches. A lot of these claims have been debunked by several YouTubers, including HarleyTBS, Just Stop, Just a Robot, Mali-Malware and Hopeless Peaches.

Hopeless Peaches[13] responded to the allegations made against her by several YouTubers, including[14] what Creepshow Art tweeted. On March 18th, Hopeless Peaches made a second and final response to the accusations, which further debunked Shannon's claims that she was spreading about Peaches.

Hearing Peaches' side of the story changed a lot of things, like the fact that CSA's screenshots were doctored. Even Shannon's former friend who wrote the document exposing Peaches [15] called her out. Her [16] response to Tobi's video was also [17] criticized, as she never owned up to her past actions and is terrible at researching, often leaving out context and important information. Shannon also claimed Peaches leaked her phone number, but Just Stop proved her as a liar. Despite being outed as lying in this drama, she has been stubborn and has refused to acknowledge any wrong-doing, even going so far as to still defend Prison Mate Luke.


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