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Cooper (born: May 13, 1998 (1998-05-13) [age 21]), better known online as cscoop, is an American gaming YouTuber who collaborates with YouTubers such as CallMeCarson and Traves. He currently resides in California, and uploads games like CS:GO, Fortnite and Minecraft on his channel.

Gaming Videos


Cooper started uploading Twitch highlights of CounterStrike gameplay in January of 2019. He plays mostly with CallMeCarson, Traves, Pokay, and RaccoonEggs.


The oldest publicly available videos on the cscoop channel are Fortnite videos, though Cooper has stopped posting Fortnite videos and has moved onto other games such as CS:GO, Minecraft and Apex Legends.


Cooper uploaded a video called "My stream tortured me for 12 hours in Minecraft " where he played what would later be called "The Cscoop Challenge". The main goal is to kill the Ender Dragon in hardcore mode while your viewers try and sabotage you by donating for certain things to happen on stream.

Other Videos


In his second most popular video, Cooper, along with his friends Carson, Altrive, Racc, Kyle, Harvey, and Nick, visited Anaheim, California for VidCon 2018. In the video Racc eats a ghost pepper and cries into a pillow, and Harvey buys a Minecraft Lego set.


Best of cscoop

In this video, Cooper compiles parts of his videos, and parts of videos from his friends. He made this as a special for fifty thousand subscribers. In one of his later streams, he also gives this idea to his friend Traves.

CallMeCarson is the Worst Human

In this video, Cooper puts in clips of Carson torturing Cooper. This was compiled over months of Fortnite videos and CS:GO streams, as well as various other parts from his Twitch channel.

Other Channels

Cooper also posts on two other channels. 


On this channel, Cooper used to post Minecraft stream highlights, including SMPLive, Minecraft Mondays and the cscoop challenge. However, he now posts IRL content including stream highlights and vlogs.


On this channel Cooper posts skating videos and memes. The most viewed video on the channel is a vine compilation with 14 million views.

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