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Cut is an American YouTube channel and company based in Seattle, Washington. They own several brands, channels, and subsidiaries, including HiHo Kids, 100 Years of Beauty and Fear Pong.


Cut uploaded their first video "Celebrity Quotes About Cats " on October 29, 2014x the same day of the creation of the channel.[1] One week later, they uploaded "Wedding Proposal Obstacle Course ".  On November 20th, 2014, they began their "100 Years of Beauty" series, with "USA (Nina)".

Cut uploaded the first "Kids Try" episode, on February 10, 2015.[2]Over the next months they would upload many more Kids Try episodes. Due to their immense popularity, The Kids Try episodes have since moved to a new channel named HiHo Kids, featuring the same children performing the same activities, and many more, on their own.


HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids is the most popular brand of Cut. They began on February 10, 2015, on the Cut channel, under the name "Cut Kids". Due to increased popularity, they have since moved to their own channel.

HiHo has many series, including "Kids Try", "Kids First Time", "Kids Describe" and "Kids Meet".

This Matters

This Matters is a news-based brand owned by Cut, on Twitter and Facebook. The brand is focused on building awareness of news events through discussion, theorizing and aiding victims of unfortunate events.

100 Years of Beauty (100YOB)

100 Years of Beauty is a brand owned by Cut that focuses on Makeup, Fashion, and other Beauty-Related things through makeover montages. The brand started on November 20, 2014, on the Cut channel. The channel joined on February 23rd, 2017, and reuploaded several of the episodes from Cut, along with other episodes. The brand has been inactive since July 2017.

Fear Pong

Fear Pong is a game created by Cut. It is similar to classic game "Beer Pong", except every score a player must accept any dare.


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